The Automatic Magic Machine for building amazing routines with any coins and absolutely no difficult sleight-of-hand!

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Our plan has been tested in the trenches and it just flat out works.

Now that you have my cherished strategy for building an easy to do, practical coin vanish, I want to show you how to put this resource to good use.

Specifically, I want to give you my 4 step formula for using one simple ‘move’ to create an astonishing miracle. In fact, I’ll show you how to create a 1, 2 or even 3 trick routine that’s so amazing, you’ll want to perform it all the time. In fact, it’s so good, I use it myself in professional performances all over the world...and the whole thing still only requires that one simple ‘move’.

This is the exact same plan my coaching clients use to start amazing everyone they meet in just one week or less.

And it can work for you too, even if you have zero experience with coin magic!

So... Why 4 Steps?

It’s simple... something truly amazing happens to your magic the first time you combine the 4 elements of the ‘No Fail’ Magic Machine.

Simple Technique - Misdirection - Structure - Presentation

For one, getting the four elements combined in a single trick is your first real milestone as a close-up miracle maker. That’s the first time you experience the feeling of knowing the next trick you do will be absolutely ‘bulletproof’.

After all, it’s fairly easy to do an easy trick that amazes some people, some of the time.

Anyone can do that. But it won’t help you build miracles that astound every single time without fail.

Identifying and combining the 4 key components of all amazing magic in a single trick is one of the biggest hurdles you will face. It’s not easy (unless you’ve done it before).

That’s why I want to share my experience and help you make it happen for your magic. AND I want to show you how to do it in less than a week!

The best part is once you know how to combine each of the 4 ‘engines’ that power all great magic, you’ll be able to do it over and over again with any effect or routine you want.

Our 4-step process applies not just to coin magic, but to all magic, because it’s just about finding what works and doing more of it.

That’s why 4 is such a magical number. Once you can ‘connect four’ you know you have a strategy for building incredible routines that works every time.

So, here’s how we’ll get you the amazing tricks and routines that you, and your audiences, deserve.

The Ultimate Magician's Cheat Sheet

Module 1 - The Essentials

Mastering your Toboggan Drop in everyday life plus the power move!

Module 2 - Attention Jacking

Learn about the secret techniquie of attention jacking abd how you become a misdirection master.

Module 3 - Modular Routine Building

Now that you have some of the fundamental pieces, learn how it all goes together.

Module 4 - Create Your First Miracle

Lets focus only on presentation and embrace your inner David Blaine.  

Module 5 - Choose Your Upgrades

Thumb Clips, Thumb Palms, and more.  We cover when to use what and how to make them bad ass.

Module 6 - Autopilot

How to move forward into future routines from this one sacred spot.  The future is yours and it's bright.

Like I said, this is a 4-step plan… actually, it’s more like a 9-part Video Training ON STEROIDS!

First we’ll introduce you to the four parts, or ‘gears’ in the no-fail magic machine - so you have the complete lay of the land before you get started.

Then, in step one we’ll cover:

*How to quickly find your own personal finger palm position, build just for no one will see you coming.

*How to apply the little known strategy known as ‘uniformity of action’ so that no one ever suspects you of trickery.

*Exactly what coins to use for immediate success. This information will shock you...and make it much easier to make astonishing magic.

*The two secrets 99% of all professional magicians don’t know about how to make all of your technique easy to do and incredibly deceptive.

*Steps 2-4 are all about making your magic easy to assemble, invulnerable to detection - and utterly amazing:

*How to use our Unique Misdirection Strategies and Tactics to make sure your audience always looks where you want them to...and never even even suspects you of ‘fast fingers’

*How to combine a simple move and misdirection with the 3rd element, known to only a handful of elite magicians - to create methods and effects that simply never fail.

*The secret to using ‘presentation’ that transforms a good trick into a miracle. And believe it or not, you do not have to be a ‘gifted’ story teller to apply our strategy. It’s much easier than that, because the secret is built right into the magic itself!

*How to stack and scope your magic so you can start performing amazing magic almost immediately - and know with confidence how to grow your new magic into a complete professional routine in record time.

Again, this is the same 4-step plan we use each and every time we build new routines for our audiences and coaching clients.

And it’s not like we’re a one trick pony…

I’ve been inventing hit tricks like Panic, writing modern magic classics like The Paper Engine, performing for corporate and celebrity clients... and most important, coaching fellow magicians to astonishing results for over 30 years.

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt to learn a single new move or trick without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow.

I mean it!

DO NOT pick up another trick until you see this plan!

Have you ever heard the expression…

“The problem with following the herd is you wind up stepping in the crap that got left behind?”

That’s what’s wrong with the magic world!

It’s truly the blind leading the blind and everyone is stepping in their CRAP…

That’s because most of the so-called inventors and ‘teachers’ showing you how to do magic have never performed magic for professionally in their life.

But at Conjuror Community, we have an advantage over everyone else.


Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes and stepped in plenty of you-know-what along the way, too.

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS in simple, easy-to-follow Amazement Plans so that everyone on the Conjuror Community team can get the same powerful results for their audiences and our clients around the world...

In the past, these Amazement Plans were for internal use only but now we’re making a select few available to the public.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Normally these Amazement Plans sell for $30 - $50 each, but for a very limited time you can access this plan for only $7.

The 'No Fail' Coin Magic Machine


Only $7

one time payment - full INSTANT access

Save time and money with your magic right now.

Avoid rookie mistakes right from the start.

Astonish anyone and be the life of any party with these miracles.

Best of all you will know how to create astonishing magic that always works!

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"After purchasing this course I finally understood why coin magic is so powerful and mesmerizing.  It pulls people into me.."

Chris Harrop

The choice is yours.
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