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Home for the Holidays | Part 1 & 2

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Where do I watch the livestream?

You will get the link as soon as you purchase.  You'll also get a username and password.  You can login to our site for access to all on-demand shows.

Can i watch a livestream after the live show has ended?

Many of our livestreams will become available to watch on-demand after the live show has ended. However, it is at the artist’s discretion if they want to offer on-demand replay. For information on replay expiration dates and times, please check the event details.

Can I purchase a ticket for a previous livestream?

If the livestream is still available to watch on-demand, you can purchase a ticket and watch the show. For information on replay expiration dates and times, please check the event details.

How do I watch the livestream?

To access livestreams, you will receive an email with a link and your login information.  At the time of the event, you'll click the link and enter your login details.  That's all there is to it.

My account doesn’t show the livesteam I purchased anymore, where did it go?

If the livestream you purchased is no longer available in your account, the on-demand time period has expired.

Can I gift a friend a stream or transfer my purchase?

If you’d like to gift a livestream, please reach out to and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Aaron Fisher


Aaron Fisher isn't merely a master of sleight of hand; he is a sorcerer of the deck, a force of nature, and a card magic sage whose works, notably "The Paper Engine," craft miracles from mere playing cards, leaving his audience spellbound and clamoring for more. Beyond the marvels of his performances, Aaron's influence extends into the co-creation of a worldwide fellowship of magicians via the Conjuror Community. In this club, novices learn to refine their art, while the experienced impart their knowledge. Find out why magicians call him "the most effective teacher of card magic" and unravel the mysteries of his technique in the celebrated two-part Magic Master Confidential Living Room Lecture.

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