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Steve Barcellona

There are tons of marketing courses for magicians and entertainers, but where do you get marketing know-how and the ability to create commercial magic all in one package?

Steve takes his unique approach to magic, marketing and sales and turns it into a bookable act that has a big positive impression on audiences. Want to learn to make your magic marketable AND turn a maybe into a gig?

Starting today... you can learn these things from Steve Barcellona in a live, one-on-one, private mentoring session!

What Can You Learn With Steve?

How to make your magic streamlined and more engaging.
Choose the right effects and develop them into a solid act that you can do anywhere.
Perfect your magic and routines for real world situations while learning how to work a room for maximum impact.
Learn tactics for getting higher fees & bonus perks from your clients.
Power up your marketing with a professional look and message in NO TIME!
Discover and craft your perfect elevator speech that will get your unique message across in seconds.
Theme your show for an inspirational message and watch the repeat business come in.
Get your closing script...and watch as you book more shows than ever before.
Choose your market or discover if you are in the wrong one. Discover markets you never even thought you could work.
Many more topics are available... just ask!

Check out these Real Reviews from Conjuror Community Members

You have such a positive vibe about you, and that is exactly the type of thing that I try to emulate. You really know what you are doing, and I think your advice is worth its weight in gold.

Amory Hermetz

Conjuror Community Member

Steve Barcellona, thank you so much. The clear directions of the prep, the explanation of the theatrical aspect and the sheer humanity and personal touches to the performance contained so many lessons.

Jody Vick

Conjuror Community Member

Discounted Rates

After your initial session, you will have the ability to purchase ‘session packages’ at a great discount!

Money Back Guarantee

All of our sessions are covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you love your session or you get your money back.

Real Time Recordings

Having your session recorded means that you can go back and watch it time and time again. There is no additional fee for this service. It is included!

Working With You...

Whether you want to work in the family, school or corporate market, Steve will help you form your 'elevator pitch', figure out how to access your perfect market and guide you in developing a sales pitch that will sell your services the right way.

You will also learn to develop your phone skills, online marketing and customer service skills that will guarantee you to BOOK MORE GIGS.

Session Price: $97

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quick can I get a session?

You may be able to get in to see our Mentors in the same exact week that you book your session.  Our Mentors only have a certain block of time set aside for sessions... and the demand can be very high for time slots. If you book a session and cannot get in fast enough, you can always get your money refunded. We are very easy going like that...

What are the technical requirments?

All sessions are done via our Private Video Conferencing Platform. All you need is a computer, Ipad, or Mobile Phone with an internet connection. The Mentor can see and hear you… and vice-versa. You will want to have a quite environment to get the most from your session.

How long is a typical session?

There is no typical session but most sessions are 50 minutes long. Depending on a Mentor’s schedule or the nature of the work involved, some sessions may run longer. However, you can be guaranteed at least 50 minutes.

Can I accomplish what I want in only ONE session?

Chances are you can! Of course that all depends on your short term and long term goals. Our Mentors are specially selected because they work fast and are very experienced in their fields. You will be surprised at how much you can get answered in one session.

What is Steve's story?

Steve Barcellona spent more than 14 years at a large corporation… teaching and coaching “reluctant salespeople” how to guide the client to the ‘yes moment’. With his unique tactics and innovative approaches to “closing the deal”, Steve’s sales teams were always top of their companies’ regional charts and his people exceeded the corporate sales goals… month after month.

Next, Steve created a premier entertainment company based in the Mid-West. He used the same skills in sales and marketing… and applied them to booking a sensational ‘comedy magic’ show aimed at individuals, companies, organizations and private events all around the country. Companies and individuals that want to make a giant, positive impression on clients and employees call Steve.

Does Steve teach magic sessions as well?

As you can imagine after 20 years, Steve has developed a rock solid set of fundamental tricks and routines that deliver great comedy and magic. He has masterful routines in walk around and stage magic.

One could say he is “multi talented”!!

If your interest is in building an act that can be sold to corporations and private groups, Steve can teach you everything you need to know from his years of experience as one of the top performers in the US!

So, yes… Steve can teach you how to become an incredible magician!

Can I book more than one session?

After you have booked and completed your first session with a mentor, you may purchase a 5 session package of continued training. You will be eligible for a discount on your 5 session package. If you have already had your first lesson and you would like to book a package of 5 sessions, you may use this page to make your purchase.

If you have not completed your first session or you do not have explicit permission from a mentor to purchase a package, please do not use the above link to purchase.

Money Back Guarantee

Whichever of our Master Mentors you choose, your initial session is backed by our iron-clad money back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled by your first lesson, just tell your coach at the end of your session, and you’ll get your money back! Of course, we don’t think you’ll need it – but we want to make sure that you’ve got absolutely NO reason to wait.

Get a Master Mentorship Session For only $97

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