From Magic Genius David Regal... Introducing the Hands-Free Hummer
Astounding. Impossible. Automatic. And this’s ABSOLUTELY FREE.

What IS a Hands-Free 'Hummer'?

A 3 Stage Self-Working Show Stopper you can use RIGHT NOW!

Aaron Fisher

This trick is so good—David really shouldn’t be giving it away. How often do you find three stage self-working tricks where the participant REALLY does EVERYTHING? I’ve been using it every day.

Imagine this: your spectator mixes ANY cards face-up and face-down while YOUR back is turned. Then:

Miracle 1: You KNOW how many cards are reversed. Impossible!
Miracle 2: You CAUSE the red cards to separate from the black!
Miracle 3: You ASK the spectator to THINK of a ANY card…
and what happens next is 100% impossible!

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