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Published in July, 2020 by Adam Grace

Dear Fellow Entertainer,

As a self-employed entertainer, it can be tough to balance work and life.  Between marketing, paperwork, contracts, perfecting your craft, performing, friends, hobbies, rest, and most importantly family... there are not enough hours in a day for everything!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of 'tasks' and 'jobs' you must do to be in show-business? 

Do you wish someone else could do all the 'business'  and let you to focus on the 'show'?

What if I told you there was a system that could help you save time, save money,  increase your fees and bookings in a simple new modern way?

Get Ready to Autopilot Your Entire Business....

Gig Machine is a simple system that handles your customers, clients, bookings, contracts, followups, and everything you need to stay organized. 

Automate Your Leads and Gigs

Gig Machine will revolutionize and automate your customer funnel to efficiently respond to every lead FAST.  Now, you will beat your competitors to the punch and get the most from every opportunity!

Your 24/7 Personal Assistant

Gig Machine is your personal assistant who never takes a day off, never sleeps, and is always selling you, following up, and helping you book shows when you can't or don't want to.

Manage Your Business On the Go

Imagine not having to wait until you arrive at your next stop, hotel, or home to respond to a lead. Gig Machine allows you to respond to leads with a click of a button from your phone, tablet or computer. 

Stop the Grind...  
Start focusing on your performances!

* Gig Machine collects your leads and follows up right away.  

* Gig Machine gages their interest.

* Gig Machine sends them a quote. (If you want)

* Imagine booking a show on autopilot! 

* Gig Machine follows up with your client every step of the way. 

* Gig Machine makes sure they have all the contracts and details.

* Gig Machine can even collect your deposit.

* After your show, Gig Machine reaches out and collects reviews.

* All of this happens with the push of a button... and saves you SO MUCH TIME and EFFORT!

Discover the Magic of Gig Machine

Compare Gig Machine to the Competition

There are 3 other companies that provide marketing solutions to entertainers.  We won't name them by name... but they will either be too expensive or too outdated.  We created Gig Machine to solve all those issues and have the perfect solution that is actually affordable.

The Competition

Huge set-up fees ($1000 +) just to get started.
Expensive monthly rates. Anywhere from $100 to $500 per month.
Outdated technology.
Long term contracts. They want you to sign on for a full year up front.

Gig Machine

No set-up fee. Jump right in with no cost.
Inexpensive monthly rates. Start for only $15 per month.
Updated technology.
No contracts. Cancel anytime. You can try it out for almost nothing.

Get Started Today with

Gig Machine

Comes Complete with:

Unlimited Email Sending.
All the features you need to run your business on autopilot.
25 + Email Templates
Unlimited Automations and workflows.
And much much more!.

For a Limited Time

Start for only $15 /Month


Need to upgrade or more features? Compare all  plans and features? Click here >

Why is the price so low?

While Gig Machine is in Beta mode, we are allowing the first 100 people to get in at the lowest possible price of only $15 per month for our starter "Lite" plan.  

Purchase now and lock in this price forever.  Once we are out of beta, the price to purchase will increase. 

Buy now and get the best price on the best marketing software for entertainers.

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