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Published by Adam Grace from Conjuror Community

Dear Creative Dynamo,

As a self-employed entertainer, you're no stranger to the high-wire act of juggling performances with the behind-the-scenes hustle. Marketing, paperwork, rehearsals, gigs—not to mention life's encore: family and relaxation. It's a non-stop show where the curtain never drops!

Ever feel like you're stage-managing a production that's one cue away from chaos? Dream of a day when you can shed the 'business' hat and wear only the 'show' spotlight?

Do you wish someone else could do all the 'business'  and let you to focus on the 'show'?

Introducing Gig Machine: Your Backstage Hero

Imagine an all-in-one system tailored to master the art of your business, so you can get back to the art of your performance. With Gig Machine, you're orchestrating success, not managing madness.

Get Ready to Autopilot Your Entire Business....
Seize the Spotlight—Effortlessly

Gig Machine is the virtuoso of automation that tunes your customer interactions to perfection, ensuring you're the first act in the spotlight, winning gigs before the competition even warms up.

Automate Your Leads and Gigs

Gig Machine will revolutionize and automate your customer funnel to efficiently respond to every lead FAST.  Now, you will beat your competitors to the punch and get the most from every opportunity!

Your 24/7 Personal Assistant

Gig Machine is your personal assistant who never takes a day off, never sleeps, and is always selling you, following up, and helping you book shows when you can't or don't want to.

Manage Your Business On the Go

Imagine not having to wait until you arrive at your next stop, hotel, or home to respond to a lead. Gig Machine allows you to respond to leads with a click of a button from your phone, tablet or computer. 

Click, Connect, Captivate

Your new 24/7 virtual impresario doesn't miss a beat.  Whether you're between acts or on a cross-country tour, Gig Machine is there—turning leads into applause with just a click from any device, anywhere.

Performance Perfection, Without the Production Fuss

Instant lead capture and follow-up? Check.

* Engaging potential clients with tailored quotes? Encore!

* Booking gigs on cruise control? Curtain up!

* Seamless contract and payment processing? Like clockwork.

* Post-show reviews that sing your praises? Standing ovation!

* Gig Machine isn't just a time-saver. It's your all-access pass to a standing ovation in the business of show, without the hassle.

Discover the Magic of Gig Machine

Basic Overview of Gig Machine

Marketing & Automation Overview

Compare Gig Machine to the Competition

There are 3 other companies that provide marketing solutions to entertainers.  We won't name them by name... but they will either be too expensive or too outdated.  We created Gig Machine to solve all those issues and have the perfect solution that is actually affordable.

The Competition

Huge set-up fees ($1000 +) just to get started.
Expensive monthly rates. Anywhere from $100 to $500 per month.
Outdated technology.
Long term contracts. They want you to sign on for a full year up front. (Or even more)

Gig Machine

No set-up fee. Jump right in with no cost.
Inexpensive monthly rates. Start for only $15 per month.
Updated technology. Always improving.
No contracts. Cancel anytime. You can try it out for almost nothing and cancel a month later if you want.

Ready to take the leap from overwhelmed to overbooked?

Gig Machine
Comes Complete with:

Unlimited Email Sending.
All the features you need to run your business on autopilot.
25 + Email Templates
Unlimited Automations and workflows.
And much much more!.

For a Limited Time

Start for only $15 /Month

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Why is the price so low?

While Gig Machine is in Beta mode, we are allowing the first 100 people to get in at the lowest possible price of only $15 per month for our starter "Lite" plan.  

Purchase now and lock in this price forever.  Once we are out of beta, the price to purchase will increase. 

Buy now and get the best price on the best marketing software for entertainers.

Step into the Spotlight with Gig Machine—
Your Encore Awaits.

Email and Marketing Automations Plans- Made specifically for individual magicians/performers and small teams.

Gig Machine 'Lite Plan'


Charged monthly

500 Contacts Included (Can add more)
Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
Inline Forms
Unlimited Email Sending.
Unlimited Automations and workflows.
All the features you need to run your business on autopilot.
Site & Event Tracking
25 + Email Templates
API & Webhooks
And much much more!.
Compare All Features

Package available for a limited time

Gig Machine 'Plus Plan'


Charged monthly - Includes Everything in the 'Lite Plan' +

1000 Contacts Included (Can add more)
Email Marketing & Marketing Automation
Inline, Pop up and Modal Forms
Landing Pages - Use as a website
Facebook Custom Audiences & Lead Ads
Site & Event Tracking
API & Webhooks
WooCommerce, Shopify & BigCommerce Integrations
Email Content Generation using the AI !  (BRAND NEW)
Compare All Features

Package available for a limited time

Gig Machine 'Pro Plan'


Charged monthly - Includes Everything in the 'Plus Plan' +

2500 Contacts Included (Can add more)
Predictive Sending using the AI
Split Automations
Salesforce Integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration
Site Messages
Attribution Reporting
Compare All Features

Package available for a limited time

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...where magic and intellect intertwine to create unforgettable experiences. With a wand in one hand and a book of wonders in the other, Adam has enchanted audiences globally for three decades. His repertoire spans the illustrious stages of television, the hallowed halls of the Magic Castle, and the storied spotlights of Broadway.

As the visionary Co-Founder of Conjuror Community, Adam has been the architect of innovation, crafting marketing solutions and educational treasures that empower magicians at every level. 

Now, with the advent of Gig Machine, Adam unveils the latest spell in his grimoire—a tool designed to liberate performers from the mundane, allowing artists to live in the moment of awe they create. Gig Machine is not just a tool; it's the embodiment of Adam's lifelong passion for both the spectacle and the business of magic.

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