The Ultimate Easy Coin Vanish

Looking for the easiest way to make any coin vanish without a trace? Simply use my battle tested Toboggan Vanish...and kickstart your coin magic momentum in minutes!

  • My never before revealed Toboggan Vanish, designed & perfected over decades, makes "real magic" with coins easier than ever!
  • Quickly find your own "personal palm position", built just for you, so you can palm any coin with absolute certainty of success!
  • How to apply the little known strategy known as ‘uniformity of action’ so that no one ever suspects you of trickery.
  • The two secrets 99% of all professional magicians don’t know about how to make all of your technique easy to do and incredibly deceptive.

When I introduced this training method to my coaching clients after years of testing in the field - the vote was unanimous. This is the easiest way to vanish a coin you’ll ever see!

Aaron Fisher Aaron Fisher