Unlock Your Ultimate Card Magic Superpower in Just 5 Weeks...

…without lots of experience or hours of practice!

Aaron Fisher Presents

SpreadCraft Mastery

5 Weeks to Shuffled-Deck Spread Cull Miracles… and Beyond!

What Exactly Is SpreadCraft Mastery?

“Think of it as discovering a way of seeing cards in slow motion, where you're in control, and the only thing your audience is aware of is your MAGIC.”

-Aaron Fisher

SpreadCraft Mastery is a comprehensive step-by-step training program designed to empower you with skills previously thought to be out of reach. Through highly interactive sessions, personalized coaching, and the most supportive community in magic, you'll unlock the secret keys to jaw-dropping miracles any time YOU choose.

SpreadCraft starts by breaking down the legendary Spread Cull into bite-sized pieces that are easy-to-grasp and master. This journey begins with the Spread Cull, but goes beyond ‘moves’—into a new world of spontaneous magical possibilities.

With SpreadCraft, it’s not just a new way to move the cards around; it's about arming you with a complete system for transforming ANY real-world situation into your opportunity to create one-of-a-kind miracles.

Best of all, it's a way of thinking about and performing magic that anyone can quickly understand and master.

Meet Your Instructor

Aaron Fisher

Hi, I'm Aaron Fisher, co-founder of Conjuror Community, author of the Paper Engine, and creator of the 3M Training program. I’ve spent the last 30 years performing magic and sharing the lessons it’s taught me with passionate fellow magicians around the world.

I'm passionate about making the art of magic accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Let me invite you to join me, my team and the most supportive group of magicians anywhere for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s amazing how quickly we learn and grow when we actually have a team in our corner. Join us for SpreadCraft Mastery—and see for yourself.

Unlock Your Magical Potential Now

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How Does It Work?

SpreadCraft Mastery is our most accessible and complete training program yet, designed to fit into the busiest of schedules.

It all starts with 5 Highly Interactive LIVE 2+ Hour Sunday Afternoon Sessions—with plenty of hands-on coaching and the kind of meaningful support that CC Club is known for all over the world.

What We Will Cover:

As you’ll discover at our first Session, you don’t need knuckle busting sleights or crazy practice time to make spread-based miracles. Right off the bat, I’ll introduce you to the Gravity Hand-to-Hand Spread. You’ll see for yourself: with the right instruction, format and support—you can amaze yourself and your audiences with SpreadCraft Miracles.

If you have two hands and 10 minutes a day—you’ll be amazed by what you accomplish!

Session 1

Foundations of SpreadCraft

Immerse yourself in the Gravity Spread, the bedrock of all card miracles. This session lays the groundwork, showing that success relies on simplicity and ease—not ‘finger flinging’!

Session 2

Build Your Spread Skill Set

You’ll discover a series of easy-to-grasp concepts, and how to combine them to accomplish the kind of shuffled deck miracles most magicians only dream about.

Session 3

Creating Miracles

Now it’s time to start assembling your new tools to create real-world miracles. This session is about turning theory into practice, so you can combine your simple skills into an all encompassing strategy for creating shuffled-deck anytime miracles.

Session 4

Precautions, Challenges, and Miracle Outs!

This is a very special session. You and your fellow ‘Spreadheads’ begin using your new tools to create miracles on-demand. From now on, what used to be an ‘error’ becomes your perfect opportunity to create spontaneous miracles.

Session 5

Mastery & Beyond

This session is designed to fuel your ongoing growth, ensuring your spread miracles only grow over time. From refining your current skills to exploring new horizons, you’ll move forward equipped to keep the wonder growing in all your years to come.

Start Your Journey to Mastery Today

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The Most Effective, Fast and Fun Approach to Training Ever Created for Magicians

Engage in Five Interactive Sunday Sessions—Live or On-Demand

Participate in five 2-hour sessions with Aaron Fisher and a community of magicians, designed for live engagement or convenient on-demand learning. These sessions offer flexibility to fit your schedule, allowing for direct interaction or later access to recordings.

Maximum Results with Minimal Practice

Unlock our ‘10-minute workout practice exercises’ after each live session to lock -in your new learning any time on the go. These concise practice sessions make every minute count—and ensure you get the most from every live session.

Receive Personalized Live Coaching with Aaron

From the second session on, sign-up for on-screen instruction from Aaron during each live session. Our participants will all tell you: you will learn so much, so quickly, just by watching these coaching sessions with your peers—this aspect of the training fuels the amazing results our participants experience.

Access Exclusive SpreadCraft Alpha Miracles

Dive into Aaron Fisher’s exclusive miracles, designed not only to amaze but also because we learn best and fastest when we work with tricks that make learning easier.

Utilize Short, Focused Practice Videos

Follow each session with 2-4 minute practice videos, crafted for fun and efficient skill-building. These videos ensure productive practice sessions, fitting SpreadCraft Mastery seamlessly into your daily life.

Experience Support and Community 24/7

Stay connected with the most supportive magic community available any time. This course grants you access to a private online group exclusively for SpreadCraft Mastery participants. Experience continuous learning and engagement, with lifetime access to foster long-term connections and growth.

Gain Lifetime Access to a Magical Learning Journey

Embark on a lifelong adventure with SpreadCraft Mastery, offering perpetual access to all course materials and your new SpreadCraft Community. This journey supports your evolving mastery, ensuring lasting growth and skill development.

Your Success Guaranteed

I believe so strongly in the power of SpreadCraft Mastery and its ability to elevate your magic, I offer a full money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your progress within the first 30 days of the course, simply reach out for a full refund. It's that simple. Your journey to mastery is backed by my commitment to your success, ensuring you can embark on this adventure with complete confidence.

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Here's What Others Are Saying

Alex Rivera

Aspiring Magician

"As someone who's always been passionate about card magic but struggled with the finesse of spread controls, Aaron's guidance was a game-changer for me. The step-by-step instructions and practical exercises transformed my approach to card magic, making complex techniques feel accessible and fun. It's not just a course; it's a journey to mastering the art of magic."

Jordan Lee

Professional Magician

"I've been performing card magic professionally for years, but always felt my spread controls lacked that 'wow' factor. Aaron's teaching not only refined my technique but also introduced me to innovative methods that have significantly elevated my performances. It's the best investment I've made in my career."

Morgan Kim


"I picked up card magic as a hobby during lockdown, and Aaron Fisher was recommended by a friend. I was amazed by how interactive and engaging the sessions were, making learning complex techniques feel like a breeze. Now, I confidently perform tricks that I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting before."

Chris Taylor

Card Magic Enthusiast

"I was skeptical about online magic courses, but this changed my mind. The clarity of instruction, depth of knowledge shared, and the supportive community have been incredible. I've seen a remarkable improvement in my overall magic skills."

Sam Patel


"Living in a place with no access to magic shops or local communities, Aaron's online teaching was a blessing. It brought world-class magic instruction right into my home. The course is thorough, with attention to detail that caters to both beginners and experienced magicians. My card magic has improved immensely."

Evelyn Martinez

Card Magic Hobbyist and Enthusiastic Learner

"Five years into my magic journey, I found myself grappling with card handling, a crucial skill that remained elusive, particularly because I started later in life. Enter Aaron Fisher and a course that was a turning point for me. It wasn't just about tricks; it was about mastering control in ways I hadn't even imagined were possible. One of the highlights for me was when I flawlessly executed a complex sequence during a performance, a feat I attribute entirely to this course. Aaron's insightful teachings and personal guidance, coupled with the supportive community, transformed my approach to magic. My confidence has soared, and my skills have reached new heights. Aaron didn't just improve my card magic; he redefined what I believed was possible, making the impossible now within my reach."

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