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Commercial Card Magic: 5 tricks in 50 Seconds!

Commercial card magic you'll LOVE to perform. Off By A Lot is like an entire close-up act in under a minute!"

  • A Card Transforms, Both Front & Back...5 Times In Under a Minute!
  • No Difficult Sleight Of Hand
  • Use Any Deck & Start In Minutes
  • End Clean with Ease
  • Resets in Seconds...Perfect for Professional Close-Up
  • 20+ Minutes of Training, Tips and Practical Advice from Toronto's Top Close-Up Professional!

Meet Pro Magician Chris Westfall

Anyone who's seen Chris Westfall 'work a room' will tell you he's a true professional. In fact, he's Toronto's busiest professional magician.

Westfall knows how to entertain a crowd...of any size, and we've seen him do it. And every trick he performs is built with entertainment and practicality in mind.

When you get 'Off By A Lot', you're getting a piece of commercial magic from the repertoire of a true professional.

Just grab a sharpie and a deck...and let Chris Westfall take you on a wild ride to practical, professional, card magic!