Mike Gallo Magic of a True Master

Coin magic is a fascinating art form that has captivated audiences for centuries. From the earliest days of street magic to the modern-day performances of world-class magicians, the world’s greatest coin magicians and creators continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with sleight-of-hand it’s an exciting time to be a fan of coin…

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juan tamariz - jamy

30 Magic Books That Can Change Your Life: Your Ultimate List

Share UPDATED FOR 2022:  As a follow-up to our popular ‘Non-Magic Book’ post, we’re offering you this wonderful piece written by Jamy Ian Swiss; a list of entirely magic-related books anyone who aspires to be a great magician should read and more importantly… why. Jamy Ian Swiss is a top professional in magic – you…

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Peter Galinskas Discusses His Magic Secrets

Discover the secrets of Peter Galinskas in a conversation between Aaron Fisher and Baltimore magic legend Peter Galinskas.

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Bill Goodwin Magician

Bill Goodwin is a performer, international lecturer, publisher, and the Magic Castle Librarian. He founded Penumbra in 2002 with Gordon Bean. He is best known for sleight of hand magic with a distinctive visual look. Some of his magic has been published in magazines, lecture notes, books, and videos. He has won the following awards: 1983 AMA Junior Achievement Award.…

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doc eason magic

Doc Eason Magic

Doc Eason Magic Doc Eason is one of the best loved magicians.  From his performances at the Magic Castle to the Tower Bar, Doc Eason Magic is a study in great routining and audience management.  In this video we look at some of the vert best of Doc Eason Magic.  Enjoy!   Doc Eason Magic…

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The World’s Greatest Cups & Balls Routines

In this video, the CC Panel watch and discuss at 4 of the greatest Cups and Balls routines of all time. You’ll discover: The ‘classic’ version, the ‘hardest’ version, and the most unique version we’ve ever seen! A masterclass on thinking ‘outside the box’ with the Cups and Balls How Tommy Wonder turns the traditional…

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making tricks into magic

Nate Staniforth is Making Tricks Into Magic

Video #1 (Watch this video first) Learn about Nate’s new electrifying NEW course (with over $50 in bonuses from Conjuror Community) …   Video #2   Learn about Nate’s new electrifying NEW course (with over $50 in bonuses from Conjuror Community) …

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Slydini Magic

In this video, the CC Panel watch and discuss Tony Slydini Magic… one of the greatest magicians of all time. Slydini Magic Here’s a transcript of today’s show on Slydini Magic… Hey. All right. Welcome. Welcome everybody. This is afternoon astonishment here, conjure community. My name’s Adam grace. I’m here with, uh, Steve Barcelona and…

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The Best of Penn and Teller

In this video, Aaron Fisher and friends react to the best of Penn and Teller, the legendary magic duo who’ve been lighting up Las Vegas for nearly 20 years.     Speaker 1 (00:00): Hey everybody. I’m Erin Fisher. I’m here today with Adam graze, Alex slammer and Steve Barcelona from Chondra community, the world’s…

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CC Reacts to David Copperfield, Doc Eason and David Williamson

    DISCLAIMER: These masters all have one thing in common. They know that a force is, pound for pound, the strongest ‘reaction machine’ in a magician’s arsenal. But here’s the problem: most magicians fail to choose and use forces that work.  We don’t want that to be you. Which is why we just opened up access…

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