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Hey there, we're Adam Grace & Aaron Fisher

With a combined 50+ years performing, creating and teaching magicians all around the world, we’ve been fortunate to help thousands of dedicated magicians all around the world reach new levels of success in virtually every aspect of their magic.

From close-up magic to stage magic and mind reading - we’ve spent decades helping magicians achieve astonishing results in everything from developing their to building their routines and shows - to using modern online methods to  create real income from performing the magic they love.

Today, through Conjuror Community and our online training programs like the Miracle Man Method, Pathways Training System and our popular Conjuror Community Club, we focus on helping passionate magicians just like you discover the most effective, rewarding ways to create astonishing magic and build successful careers as performing magicians.

I'm Aaron Fisher

I first discovered my passion for helping other magicians over 15 years ago when my first book, The Paper Engine: Tension, Focus and Design in Card Magic showed thousands of magicians around the world easier ways to perform amazing magic with an ordinary deck.

I was hooked. I spent the next ten years performing magic at Hollywood Parties and Corporate Events. And whenever I wasn’t performing, you could find me creating original magic and sharing it with fellow magicians all over the world.

Though I’m known for having strong opinions, my first goal is to help our program participants and CC Club Members discover and develop their own unique approach to creating incredible magic.

After all, it can be confusing to navigate the sometimes crazy, but lovable world of magic. And I love that we get to help people make it fun and easy!

I'm Adam Grace

I started in magic at age five! As a teenager, I had a full time job touring around the South with my magic show, appearing under the name Adam "Amazing" Grace. In my twenties, I worked regularly as a commercial actor in Hollywood, and I loved appearing regularly at the Magic Castle and releasing my original tricks through Ellusionist. Then, my rock-and-roll band signed a major record deal, and I went on tour with the Black Crowes.

These days, my driving passion is in helping other passionate magicians discover how to use today’s modern marketing methods to promote their magic, and either start, or develop, their own businesses performing magic.

For Aaron and I, founding Conjuror Community was the easiest decision we’ve ever made. We’ve been best friends for 15 years - and that spirit of trust and friendship drives everything we do at Conjuror Community.

5 Fun Facts


Aaron and Ellen

Ellen Degeneres invites Aaron to perform at her birthday parties. She loves magic!

Adam's Cameo

Adam made an appearance as the character "Chip" in the magic/gambling themed movie Shade.

Color Blind

Adam is color blind!  So don't ask him what shirt you should wear...

Aaron Speaks

Aaron speaks 4 languages NOT including Pig Latin!


The year Aaron & Adam became friends. Conjuror Community is 20 years in the making...

Lets Answer Some


Do I need to be a member of Conjuror Community Club to get your great content?

Nope! There are tons of free resources, articles, and downloads on our blog... and you can click around and find enough to keep you going for a long time.  Conjuror Community Club is for passionate magicians who want a 'safe place' to learn, grow and make life-long friends in magic.

Would I be able to arrange a consultation call to get some advice?

The best place (and most cost effective way) to get access to us is inside the Conjuror Community Club. If you would like to have private mentoring, you should check our Mentorship page here.

If I want to be a professional magician (or part time pro) can you guys help me get going?

In our Conjuror Community Club, we curate the most astonishing professional grade material you’ll find anywhere. And if you’re looking to grow your own business performing the magic you love, than you’ll be thrilled to discover the world’s first marketing and sales training designed specifically for magicians.  

In the “Magical Marketer” section of Conjuror Community Club, you’ll discover step-by-step training that shows you everything you need to use modern online marketing methods to find new clients - without spending an arm and a leg on advertising.

Find out about Conjuror Community Club here.

Can I interview you for my podcast, blog or publication, or have you appear at my magic convention?

We're always open to invitations for us to talk about all things magic related, and will happily consider any interview requests. Simply email us at supprt@conjuror.community with a sentence or two about your show/blog etc and we'll get back to you.

If I have been in magic for years... do you guys have material for me?

Absolutely! Inside the Conjuror Community Club we have over 200 Video Training Plans and Workshops devoted to cutting-edge training for magicians of every experience level.

Whether you’re interesting in unlocking your full potential with close-up or stand-up magic, we have more than enough professional grade magic with cards, coins, everyday objects, and mentalism to keep your magic thriving for years.

As you’ll discover, Conjuror Community combines expert curated magic with today’s most advanced training technology to offer you the fastest path to astonishment... ever devised!

I'm just starting out in magic.  Where should I start?

Our site is packed with the best free content in magic. You’ll find articles, videos and astonishing tricks you can use to jumpstart your rapid magic development right away. Our Conjuror Community Club has hand-picked miracles, training, and support that help hundreds of aspiring magicians, like you,  start making miracles every month!

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