Sometimes it can be tough to know whether or not the magic you’re sharing with the world is any good – and how you can improve it. So, just for you, we created this chart: 10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic.

We hope it will help magicians everywhere be able to tell whether or not they’re on the right path and how they can continue improving.

Let us know what you think in the comments below – and enjoy! 🙂

10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic

When you’re starting out in magic, it’s always a good idea to learn some effects that can fit in different places (openers, middles or closers) so that you’re always prepared for every situation.

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Here is a summary of the points above – don’t forget to scroll down and let us know what you think!

10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic

1. Pay Attention to Your Audience’s Responses.  

Take this measurement over the course of many performances. If you receive great reactions 90% of the time, you’re doing something (or more likely, many things), right!

2. Do You Always Have the Magic You Need?

If you are ready to perform at times when you want to perform it’s a good sign that you are giving thoughtful consideration to your magic in advance, which makes for better magic overall. If not, consider whether you need more material, practice or rehearsal so that you can feel comfortable performing when you’d like!

3. Are You Genuinely Excited to Share Your Magic?

If you are disinterested or unenthusiastic about your magic, your audience will be as well. It won’t matter how good your sleight of hand is if it’s not backed up by a genuine love of what you’re doing! Passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

4. Do You Use Presentations That Are As Unique As You Are?

If you find yourself copying other magicians or comedians or saying something random/offensive/weird that you don’t mean or believe in the heat of the moment, it’s a sign that you need to spend a little more time scripting your magic so that when you perform, you sound like YOU!

5. Are Your Nerves Before and During Performance Manageable?

Seasoned pros get nervous before taking the stage – it’s totally normal. However if you are so nervous that shaky hands impede your sleight of hand or you’re unable to communicate due to shortness of breath/general feelings of impending death, try some of these techniques to help calm your nerves. You’ll be amazed at how presenting a calm, confident persona to your audiences will elevate their perception of your magic.

6. Can You Warm Up Uninterested Audiences With Your Chosen Opener?

Whether you’re a pro or hobbyist, you’ll sometimes have to perform for Cold Audiences. If you’re able to successfully entertain and amaze an initially skeptical person/crowd, it’s a sign that your technique is coming together with your performance very well.

7. Do You Have Material Specifically Designed For Warm – Or Interested – Audiences? 

Warm audiences need material that Excites and Engages them. If you don’t deliver, you’ll lose your audience and it will be twice as hard to get them back. You’ll be able to feel the difference when you have tricks that you KNOW excite and engage your interested audience.

8. Do Your Closers Successfully Conclude Your Performance?

Your performance should culminate in such a way that your spectators are magically satiated and feel resolved. If you can tell that a feeling of closure is missing at the end of your show, it’s usually a sign that the closer was not as strong as the other effects in your set.

9. Does Your Closer Connect With Your Earlier Tricks?

Audiences love callbacks. A successful call back shows a higher level of preparation and consideration. Although direct callbacks in magic are not required, you will notice better audience reactions at the end of your show if your closer connects to the rest of the tricks you have presented.

10. Do You Have Closers that CONTRAST With Your Other Tricks?

Many great magicians have a contrasting effect/routine with which they can close their show. At the end of your magical ride, introducing something new will stimulate your audience’s senses, increase anticipation and excitement and allow your finale to POP, just like every good closer should. If your closer feels like ‘just another trick’, there’s room for improvement!


Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these tips and tricks in the comments below – or if you have any of your own!


-The C.C Team