Everyone on the CC team has been friends with world-renowned card magician Pit Hartling for over 20 years, but it’s been FAR too long since we all caught up.

So, not too long ago, we set up a video-call with Pit where we sat down and ‘got real’ about everything from memorized decks to FISM.

It was a LOT of fun to record, and when you watch it you’ll find out:

  • How Pit’s love for magic drove his school friends crazy
  • Which card trick Pit would perform if he could pick only ONE (it’s pretty hard to argue with his selection)
  • Why Pit waited 15 years to release some of his memorized deck work
  • How a casual conversation between Pit and Dennis Behr changed memorized deck work for magicians all over the world
  • Pit’s big problem with ‘spelling’ effects
  • Why learning a memorized deck ISN’T enough (and exactly how to fix this)
  • And more…

Check it out:



One of the main topics of conversation in this video is Pit’s incredible contributions to magic: Card Fictions and In Order to Amaze

Card Fictions is Pit’s first book, and contains:

  • Seven of Pit’s best card effects with a shuffled deck (each one honed by years of performance)
  • The secret to a trick David Blaine immediately added to his TV special (and used to fool Orlando Bloom…aka Legolas)
  • Two additional chapters containing Pit’s expert secrets on influencing spectator’s perceptions and dealing with ‘challenges’ from your audience (worth the price of the book alone)





In Order to Amaze is one of the greatest books ever written on memorized deck magic, held in the same category as ‘Mnemonica’ by Tamariz and ‘Bound to Please’ by Aronson. 

You’ll discover:

  • NEW ways of using the memorized deck (that you won’t find in the other books)
  • Over 15 astonishing effects developed over a decade of innovation (that can be performed using ANY stack)
  • Secrets that will fool even veteran magicians (I know this one from experience)
  • 252 pages of detailed explanation with full-color photographs





We announced that these were available just two days ago—and the response was instant. Serious magicians understand that this is a RARE chance and aren’t holding back.

To make sure you aren’t left behind, CLICK HERE and secure your copies.

Remember, due to international shipping issues, once this run ends—we may not be able to get any more books from Pit.