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  • Aaron Fisher

    Co-Founder of Conjuror Community, Aaron Fisher, is known as the “most effective online coach in the world”.  From his hit tricks like Panic, to his best selling book, The Paper Engine, Aaron can help you develop your magic skills faster than anyone else.  After all, Aaron started the “online magic training” revolution.
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  • Adam Grace

    Conjuror Community Co-Founder, Adam Grace, has had huge successes in many branches of the entertainment industry. He leads the Magical Marketer side of CC and can help you find your OWN unique shortcuts to success! Are you ready to start your magic business? Want to learn how to “own” your local market? Get ready to make fast progress now!
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  • Seth Neustein

    When it comes to using our CC curriculum and to make astounding progress in every aspect of magic growth and development, we’ve never seen anyone come further, faster than Seth Neustein.
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  • Perseus Arkomanis

    Perseus uses expertise gathered through 12 years of writing and performing magic for all kinds of audiences to help YOU discover and express your own unique, entertaining approach to deeply memorable magic.
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  • Steve Barcellona

    Steve Barcellona performs his unique brand of magic at corporate, association and private events all around the country. Whether YOU want to work in the family, school or corporate market, Steve can help you succeed fast!
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  • Alexander Slemmer

    As head CC Coach and Advisor, Alexander Slemmer can mentor on any aspect of YOUR magic… from close-up to stage. Alexander leads ‘Finer Points’, a show dedicated to discovering the hidden paths in all kinds of magic. He can help you discover those paths too!
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  • Rosemary Reid

    Top professionals recommend having a director look at your magic for one reason: It Helps. Whether you’re working on a one minute presentation or a complete show, a session with Rosemary can improve your magic – and the reactions it receives – dramatically.
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  • Shawn Mullins

    Shawn combines a keen eye for powerful effects with years of teaching experience to help fellow magicians discover, and master, routines that play to their strengths – and experience surprising new levels of success when they perform.
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Money Back Guarantee

Whichever of our Master Mentors you choose, your initial session is backed by our iron-clad money back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled by your first lesson, just tell your coach at the end of your session, and you’ll get your money back! Of course, we don’t think you’ll need it  – but we want to make sure that you’ve got absolutely NO reason to wait.