Jonathan LevitHey, Jonathan Levit here. I wrote this blog to help you discover one of the best magic tricks YOU can perform using a phone. If you like this, you’ll LOVE my brand new trick THE STRANGER. Click here to learn more!  Okay… enjoy this article!


The greatest miracles start with ancient ideas.

And when you take an ancient idea and use it in a modern, unexpected way—you get the rare chance to make your audience feel something they’ve never imagined before.

You’re about to discover a PERFECT trick—along with a system I’ve spent years perfecting that makes it so easy-to-do, you’ll be able to perform it right away. This truly is one of THE best magic tricks on a phone.

You’ll also discover simple secrets I use to transform an ancient trick into a modern miracle that’s so amazing, impossible and so entertaining, I use it as it to ‘close’ my shows all the time. In fact, this miracle works just as well in front of a thousand people on stage as it does working close-up for a handful of people.

When the show is important, and I want to make sure the audience remembers a trick for as long as they live, I do The Perfect Trick.


best magic tricks on iphone


Imagine the Effect: The spectator thinks of any card and dials a RANDOM phone number created by the audience.

A stranger answers the phone—and tells your spectator the card they’re thinking of. And YOU never say a single word.  

If you’re an experienced magician, you may recognize this as a modern version of The Wizard. When I first saw The Wizard, the feeling was so powerful, it changed my life. In fact, this is the trick that made me want to become a magician!

If you know The Wizard, you already know what I discovered: even though this trick is astonishing, great magicians rarely perform it.

Here’s good news: I’ve been researching and performing versions of The Wizard for over 20 years. In that time, the effect has evolved into a practical miracle that’s more astonishing and practical than The Wizard ever was.

If you know The Wizard, read on. You’re about to discover a miracle that’s light years ahead of anything you’ve seen before.

There’s a lot of powerful information here. To make it easier to digest, I’m going to break this up into two separate posts.

In this first article I’m going to share with you:

* Exactly how the original Wizard works. Even if you think you know this trick—prepare to be fascinated.

* I’ll reveal the hidden challenges that arise when you perform the classic version. And the little issues that can ‘pop up’ when you find yourself performing this trick in front of an audience.

* Then, I’ll share the method I’ve developed over 20 years that makes this trick the most stress-free, astonishing miracle in my act.

I’ll show you how to transform this simple trick into an absolute miracle you can’t wait to perform every time. I actually use it to close my show at Hollywood’s famous private nightclub, The Magic Castle.  


One last thing before we get started…

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The Best Magic Trick on a Phone: The Wizard 1.0

First, let’s quickly go over what happens in the classic effect—and how it works:

A card is selected by a spectator (let’s say a spectator called Kasey picks the Four of Clubs) and the magician lets the audience be known that he has a friend—known only as “the Wizard”.

magic tricks on phone the Wizard (Wizard Hat)

The magician calls the Wizard. When the call is answered, the phone is passed to the spectator who then speaks with the Wizard. The Wizard says, “Hello. Your card is the Four of Clubs.”

So, how does it work?

The core method if the original trick is about how the magician communicates the card to the Wizard before handing over the phone. This is done through a simple code.

When the Wizard answers the phone, he or she immediately starts calling out the values of the cards, “Ace…Two…Three…Four….etc.” When the Wizard reaches the value of the selection, the magician interrupts and says, “Hi. Is The Wizard available?”.

The Wizard now knows the card is a Four.

The Wizard then proceeds to call out the suits, “Clubs…Hearts…Spades….”. When the suit is reached, the magician interrupts with, “Hi Wizard. Here’s Kasey”. The magician hands the phone to the spectator and the Wizard names the correct card.

best magic tricks on phone (four of clubs)

That’s how I performed The Wizard in high school. As I became a professional entertainer, I discovered some problems that made me stop performing the trick:

First, your Wizard has to be trained. They have to remember what to do and not mess up. What if your helper isn’t a magician, and you don’t talk about it with them for months? Are they going to remember what to do? You have to pre-arrange with them that they are available. What if you call and they don’t answer?

For any magician, those are potential problems.magic tricks on phone

For the audience, the problems are more subtle. During the trick, the magician talks to the Wizard—it’s not obvious, but that makes the trick less amazing than it would be otherwise. When the audience thinks back, though they may not guess the method—they may remember some ‘fuzziness’—room for  ‘shenanigans’.

Audiences are smart.  When something doesn’t pass the smell test, they notice.

For me, there was another, even bigger, problem. I felt that if I didn’t have to know the Wizard’s phone number—the trick would be much more amazing.

In fact – I came to believe the trick would be MUCH stronger if the audience could call a random person—and STILL get the same magical result.

If that sounds exciting, that’s good news.  Because that’s exactly the effect you’re about to discover (be sure to read on to the end for more information on this…)

The Perfect Easy Trick Perfected.

I wanted a way to make sure MY Wizard ALWAYS knows what to do, and can remember what to do, every time. I wanted a way to make sure my Wizard ALWAYS gets it right.

In real life, this can be a BIG issue. It’s so big – it stops 99% of people from ever even TRYING this trick. It’s huge. I spent years of my magic life on this ONE issue.

Now, I’m going to share with you the simple secret method that solves those problems.

The Best Magic Trick Gets Better: The Wordless Wizard

Now for the first time—I’m going to share the BIG secret that allows you to make a giant leap in the power and practicality of this trick.

The magician never speaks to the Wizard. Ever. That’s right. The spectator selects any card they want. They can change their mind as many times as they want. There is no force. The spectator calls the Wizard—and the Wizard reveals the card. Just think about that for a second. ANY card can be named, and it never needs to be spoken out loud by the spectator at any point.

And on your end—there is no code. You never send a signal or a cue. You never say a word.

This ONE element takes the trick to a higher level.

Best of all, the secret to this method is so incredibly simple, you simply won’t believe how easy and amazing it really is until I show you. *This idea was shared with me by Jim Steinmeyer and it was shown to Jim by Dean Dill over 20 years ago. The original source was unknown by Dean

As you’ll see, it makes this trick so simple and easy, you will be able to ask ANY friend or relative to be your Wizard. Best of all:

* Anyone you ask can master this instantly

* No practice is required

* No matter who you ask to help, they’ll be able to create a miracle ANYTIME without a moment’s hesitation.

So after years of searching, here’s the simple answer.

Imagine that you already know the spectator’s card. For the moment, imagine you’ve used a secret force.

Because the card is forced, it’s extremely easy to have the card that matches the force card on top of the deck. This would be the ‘mate’ to that card. If the chosen card was the four of clubs, the mate would be the four of spades.

Wondering what a ‘mate’ cards are? ‘Mates’ are two cards of the same value and color. Just like these…

best magic tricks on phone illustration card

Ask your spectator to remember the selection, and then place the card somewhere in the middle of the deck without showing it to anyone. Remember, the ‘mate’ of the selection is at the top of the pack. 

best magic tricks on phone illustration card in middle

Before the show, instruct your Wizard to ask your audience member to take the deck and deal the cards face-up onto the table and call out the names of each card, starting from the top of the deck.

The Wizard only needs to know that the selection is the MATE of the card on top of the deck, which is the FIRST card they here. The moment the spectator calls out the first card, from the method perspective, the work is DONE. 

Important: In real life, I don’t use a force card, and neither should you. I used it here because it makes the principle easy to understand. In this trick, one of the best parts, and something you should make sure the audience understands is that this is a free choice.

Then all YOU have to do is get the card that matches that FREE selection into position at the top of the deck.

There are MANY ways to do this, some of which use basic sleight-of-hand, and others that are COMPLETELY automatic.

Some of these methods are just too sneaky to share in a blog post. However, if you want my 5 favorite easy methods for performing the idea I just described—you can get them, and a whole lot more—for FREE right now.  Just click below I’ll send you The Perfect Trick Blueprint immediately, filled with over 30 illustrated pages and all my favorite methods.


Now that I had my dream version of the trick, I performed it happily for years. After a time, I began to suspect I could make it even more amazing. I started to think… “Why do they always have to call a phone number I choose?”

If I could solve that problem, the miracle would be so amazing, it wouldn’t even be The Wizard any more. It would be a miracle no magician had ever even DREAMED of.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in the explosive second half of this 2 part post (just a few days from now).

In that post, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to transform the ‘Wordless Wizard’ into a trick so astonishing, and so impossible, that whether you’re performing for 5 people or 500 people, you’ll want the trick I’m going to share to be your new ‘go-to’ closer.

There’s NOTHING that can top this—because it’s the single strongest, most astonishing magic trick your audience will ever experience. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had performing magic. And best of all, you can do this mind reading miracle using your phone! This truly is one of the best cell phone magic tricks out there. 

Big News and a Small Request

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