Card packet tricks are not only some of the easiest effects you can learn, but also some of the most impressive! Today we’re going to look at a few of the best card packet tricks in all of magic…

Chances are, you already know a card packet trick or two. If you do, then you should also know just how powerful these tricks can be for your audiences. There’s something your spectators just love about watching you perform miracles with nothing more than three or four cards.

If you DON’T know any packet card tricks yet, now is the perfect time to learn some. In this post, we’re going to list our top five card packet tricks you should be using.

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Let’s get into it…

  1. Color Monte
  2. Three Card Monte
  3. Twisting the Aces
  4. The Asher Twist
  5. B’wave


Card packet tricks…No.1: Color Monte

The color monte might not be the easiest of all the card tricks, or even the most impressive, but there’s no denying that it is by far the most POPULAR packet trick with audiences across the world.

There are a few different versions of the trick, but the main one follows this pattern…

The magician shows you three cards—two of them are red, and one is blue. The magician tells you to follow the blue card—if you can keep your eye on it, you win a dollar. But if you don’t find it…you lose a dollar.

To start it nice and easy, he places the blue card on the top of the deck and then slowly puts it at the bottom.

The magician asks you where the blue card is. Obviously, you say ‘the bottom.’ To your surprise, when the magician shows you the bottom card—it’s actually the RED one! Well in that case, you say, the blue card must be on top. But when the magician turns over the top card…it’s red again!

If the top and bottom card are red, then the blue card MUST be in the middle. Right?

Wrong! The magician spreads the cards very slowly and picks out the middle card. Somehow, it is red too!

Surely, you think, the magician is cheating. How does he have three red cards?

Well, the magician explains, he doesn’t actually have three red cards. To prove it, he turns over the bottom card. It’s blue!

But he doesn’t stop there. He turns over the top card to show that it’s blue too. And just to top it off, he spreads the cards and turns over the middle one to show that even THAT one is blue.

Somehow the magician has just shown you three blue cards. But just a minute ago he showed you three RED cards. What is going on?

Well, the magician decides to finally lay it all out on the table. What happens next is nothing less than astonishing! Watch this video until the end to see the color monte in action and find out how it ends…

This is probably the very first card trick I saw that really blew my mind. I spent hours practicing and performing it, and it never failed to generate AWESOME reactions wherever I went.

We would highly recommend learning it!


Card Packet Tricks…Pick No.2: 3 Card Monte

Everyone has heard of the ‘three card monte’ before. While it has a reputation for being used by scammers and con-artists to make a quick buck, there’s nothing wrong with using it in a friendly and fun way in your magic.

card packet tricks three card monte money

Generally, within the ‘three card monte,’ the magician shows the audience two black cards and a red card, and tells them that all they need to do is keep their eye on the red. If they can follow the red card, they win money. If they can’t—they lose!

Remember, when you’re using the ‘three card monte,’ you don’t need to play with real money on the line. It’s much more fun when it’s done in a relaxed setting as a ‘demonstration’ rather than the real thing.

The magicians displays the red card for the whole audience to see, and then casually tosses it onto the table. He slowly mixes it around with the other cards, but not so fast that people can’t keep track. The audience believes they know EXACTLY where the red card is…but they’re wrong, everytime.

This packet card trick is a great way to show of your skills with a pack of cards and really engage your audience. Just make sure you don’t play for money, otherwise you’ll end up making some people very angry!


Card Packet Tricks…Pick No.3: Twisting The Aces

Twisting the Aces is a beautiful four card packet trick that requires much less sleight of hand than you might think. In fact, to accomplish this trick you only really need to be able to pull off a double lift and elmsley count…which you can learn right here at Conjuror Community.

Twisting the Aces is a packet trick that was first developed by Dai Vernon himself and continues to amaze people all over the world to this day.

The magician shows a packet of four regular aces, all of them turned face up. Doing nothing more than giving the cards a simple ‘twist’, he is able to make each ace turn over one at a time.

card packet tricks


We would definitely recommend learning this CLASSIC packet trick. You can take a look at some great training for Twisting the Aces right here!


Card Packet Tricks…Pick No.4: The Asher Twist

If you like the sound of Twisting the Aces, you’ll LOVE this trick…it’s basically an even more visual and astounding four ace packet trick.

The Asher Twist uses nothing more than the four aces create a visually stunning effect (that looks like REAL magic). It will probably take a little more skill than most of the other packet tricks to learn and pull off, but it’s definitely worth it to do so. When you show it to your audiences…they’ll swear it’s some kind of camera trick (even though you’re standing right in front of them!).

It’s hard to describe this effect, so why not just watch a video of this packet trick in action?

asher twist card packet trick


Card Packet Tricks…Pick No.5: B’Wave

If you ask a group of magicians to name their favorite packet tricks, there’s a pretty good chance that somebody is going to mention B’Wave sooner or later.

Created by Max Maven, B’Wave is a simple but hard hitting packet trick that looks like pure mind-reading. The reveal is a three-phase masterpiece that floors audiences, here’s what it looks like…

You hold four cards in your hand, and tell the spectator to think of any Queen they like—a completely free choice.

Once they name their Queen, you reveal that the ONE face up card in the pack is the exact Queen they named. Not only that, but it has a different colored back to the rest of the cards. And to top if all off, you turn over the other three cards to reveal that they are all BLANK! The spectator’s chosen card is not only the single face up card, but the only real card in the pack!

These are just five of our favorite card packet tricks. Do you have any more packet tricks you want to see mentioned? Feel free to leave us a comment with your selection!

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Do you have any questions about the packet tricks we discussed? Again, please do leave your query in the comment section and we will get back to you!