In this video, the CC Panel watch and discuss at 4 of the greatest Cups and Balls routines of all time.

You’ll discover:

  • The ‘classic’ version, the ‘hardest’ version, and the most unique version we’ve ever seen!
  • A masterclass on thinking ‘outside the box’ with the Cups and Balls
  • How Tommy Wonder turns the traditional methods upside down to fool audiences and magicians alike
  • How CC Panelist Alex Slemmer was fooled by Tommy Wonder in person (even though he knew the EXACT method in use!)
  • How René Lavand gets away with breaking the ‘Number 1 Rule of Magic’ in his iconic Cups and Balls sequence
  • Which Cups and Balls routine YOU should focus on as a beginner (if you don’t do this part right, it’ll be hard to get your routine ‘off the ground’)
  • Why you should use two cups instead of three (not everyone will agree with this one)

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