Easy self working card tricks are some of our FAVORITE kind of card tricks. They’re simple to do, but are VERY fooling, which means you don’t need to worry about sleights or moves and can focus on your presentation and really astonishing your audience. But there’s a problem…

There are so many easy self working card tricks out there, how do you know which the best for you?

In this video, card magic experts Aaron Fisher, Adam Grace, Alexander Slemmer and Steve Barcellona show you FOUR stunning easy self working card tricks.

Check it out…


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Speaker 1: Hi

Speaker 2: Hey,

Speaker 1: I think that’s a good choice. I think. I think that’s a perfect choice. I can’t believe you guys are here Alex. So we are, we are live on YouTube at this point. We are not live on Facebook. Just so you know. Alright, well that’s absolutely perfect because our members can join us through the email that they got this morning, right? Which is the way we do it for all our regular meetings. Right. and we’re fascinated to see who’s going to join us. And watch from out there in the wider world today. I’m Aaron Fisher conjure community club. I’m joined today by Alexander slammer. Hello everybody. Exciting day. We’re all stuck at home. We’re going to talk magic and that is so exciting. Mr Adam. Grace is here behind the big board. Big board. It is man. Nice to be here. Yeah. And how, how are your controls going sir? It looks good man. Everything looks good and it looks like we are live on YouTube and live to the world, so with thousands of people watching, it’s pretty amazing. We have Steve Barcelona. I love, I love the way Adam is always like flying the Starship enterprise and nobody knows it, you know, he’s just always pushing all the buttons and making it work. I’m pretty excited, man. We’re going live to the world. So it was fun.

Speaker 1: I actually, it’s actually so exciting. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I can’t, I don’t know what to say. Shawn Mullins has broken out a beer and he is hanging out in Massachusetts raising a baby and drinking a beer. Say hi. What else is a man from Boston to do? I mean panic. Okay, so this is fun kids. What we’ve got is a little bit of a message from Michael Sproul who’s going to be hosting a jam session right after this saying having issues, starting to call, getting people asking me very interesting. Should be easy to join by just the joining the link from our member email, right? Yeah, I mean for the most of you to join by just the joining the lane from our member. Okay. So it’s like baby’s first livestream.

Speaker 1: That’s right. So so there’s a couple of ways people can participate by watching via the YouTube link or you can in fact one, why don’t I drop that in Facebook for the for the rest of the people to watch live on YouTube. How about that?

Speaker 1: I’m going to do it right now. What are you going to do?

Speaker 2: I’m going to drop this YouTube live link in our big Facebook group so everybody can watch.

Speaker 1: Okay. I like, Oh, he has the link. It says webinar will begin soon. Oh, that’s interesting. So you’ve switched it over now.

Speaker 2: [Inaudible]

Speaker 1: No, I forgot to broadcast. All right. There we are. We are now officially live. Wow.

Speaker 1: In, you know, Adam, we may have one of those situations where we’ll, we did one and then flip back to the other. The members may be having a hard time getting in. Right? I’m just going to get into Facebook and see if that’s happening or just going to have to learn. Others are having,

Speaker 1: There’s a, yeah, no, there’s 53, 54. Now we have people coming in right now. Everybody’s in. Everybody’s getting in the room. I had forgotten to broadcast on a, on our on our zoom

Speaker 1: Thing. So yeah, we’re holding, we’ll see. You see Michael Sprowl show up and see a bunch of folks there in the chat here. Oh, look at that. Everybody’s there. This is going to be interesting. We’re going to get something now over what happens. Okay, so it was just one little toggle, Adam. Yup. All right. Hey, everyone’s here. Everybody in the chat. Put a one in the chat if you’re excited for our huge, monumental ridiculously big live event tomorrow night. Oh, it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. We should just tell our members to come get a seat early. Oh yeah. We bet. We’ve got to make sure we do that. So all the members out there tomorrow night is going to be, honestly, probably one of the bigger things. Probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done and you guys are special cause you’re our members. So you need to show up on that call early because we are going to run out of resources at some point and some people will be locked out and we certainly don’t want that to be, we’re legitimately looking at you know, we decided that it was the right thing to do to invite our friends from around the world to join us and see how it is.

Speaker 1: We at CC club pass the day away in the Merry old land of Oz and have a great time together, even online. And we decided that who’s the charitable and correct thing to do to invite folks to join us. And we have been rather gobsmacked by the response. So we are really legitimately looking at the webinar of of the size and scope that will test the limits of technology,

Speaker 1: Epic proportions. You’re right, it’s going to test the actual limits of what the internet can do. Let’s break it could break the internet. I’m literally, I just have this image of this guy with like the server, like catching fire with like a little extinguisher going at it. That’s awesome. Damn. He’s like, damn, you conjure a community

Speaker 1: Well, to get a larger web, the platform to a certain extent. And then after that it becomes a larger it becomes the kind of thing Microsoft might do if they wanted to have a live event. But it’s a whole different scale. It’s a whole different scale. So I think we will, we will Mack that at a rather large number. But you know, you can’t actually have a 100,000 people on a webinar you know, at these, at these through that kind of system. Right? It’s not meant to be practical. So we just, that are suggesting that everyone pop in 30 to 15 minutes early and hang out, open your window and just be here. Just keeping into account all the potential oddness that happens whenever you have a new experience. You want to make sure that our members know. And we know if you’re here that you’re hearing it. So it’s very w why would Aaron Fisher perform at the Gregory Wilson lecture? Nancy, that would be like the, that would be an, that would be, I think that would be probably rude. Right? So let’s talk a little bit about what we’re going to do today. Today’s going to be our first ever watch party. We had a wonderful event. Adam, why did you pick this event? As I recall you, you, this is not only one of our favorite, easiest tricks in the universe, it really is. But we’ll talk about that as we watch the 20 minute show before we get into the conversation. And Adam picked this because not only is it one of our favorite tricks, but was it that day or the day before?

Speaker 1: It was the day before. We, we literally, this was literally the black eye of magic, the black eye of magic. So Aaron you know, I don’t remember, it wasn’t my fault was that what happened that quickly?

Speaker 1: Technically because the racket ball is just a fair game. Everyone and neither of us really has enough control to know what the heck we were doing. But you certainly hit that racquet ball as hard as you’ve ever hit it. And it certainly hit me dead square in the eyeball and it knocked me to the ground like a sack of potatoes. And by the time we did this show, I had a literally looked like I’d been in a bar fight. Wouldn’t it have been great at that moment if you had one of those fake eyeballs in your pocket, you just throw it down on the ground. That’d be awesome. That had been so great. I guess paper ball with a piece of string attached to it, wiggling

Speaker 1: I that would be, that would’ve been really funny. But I was pretty mortified cause it hit him really hard. And I heard this, there was a sound when it hit his eyeball, it kinda sounded like, like, and I, so I, I was literally terrified because there, you know, you can look it up online, terrible racquetball, eyeball accidents, and they’re out there with the things hanging down. It’s, it’s really gruesome. I was afraid I damaged him for life

Speaker 1: And I had gotten him once or twice before that, but nothing quite like this. And when it actually happens, you know, your buddy hits the racket and all you see is a star. You know, you don’t see that thing common, right? It, you, he hits the ball and the next thing you know, you’re on the ground, you know, and you’re feeling dizzy. Let’s tell everybody what the tick tock is. So all of our members know what the plan is. Obviously we’re experimenting with this format, we’re learning about it. We are learning as much as you are about how it’s going to happen in real time. We’re going to be here till about five o’clock Eastern doing this watch party. We’re going to get into this, a trick, this wonderful trick that we all love and would love to see. Again, we’re gonna learn and share all the wonderful things that we get to do while we’re hanging out with you, watching it and learning it with you.

Speaker 1: So then we’re going to have this wonderful conversation about it. Then around 5:00 PM we are going to put a link in the chat and in Facebook and Michael Sproul is going to host a member jam session at which time you guys can get together club nights, style, cross pollinating. So the different club night groups can get together and jam. And what a great time to work on some of the things we’re gonna be talking about today that you’ll be able to well get right into and work on with each other in real time. So as we do it, we’re going to be looking to figure out, you know, what the best days are, what the best hours are to, to let all this stuff make the most possible use of our time and, and work on our magic together for the time when things get back to normal, which they will. So that’s why we’re going to take this time and have a great time doing some magic together. Make sense? Alrighty. Let’s go ahead and fire it up, shall we?


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 1: And I just so everyone knows, I did back the video up so that you could see Aaron’s black eye perfectly. All right, here we go. This is this is officially the old days

Speaker 4: When we go.

Speaker 5: Adam looks so young. Oh, wants what Aaron is taking. I will accept from at least three of you are doctors. So I will accept refills. I will accept refills. I think you really seriously could be concussed. I you guys, I am concussed.

Speaker 2: [Inaudible]

Speaker 5: And this is sleepy, but you know, well if you guys liked that, I bet you think that’s as far as we could go. Alex. Is that as far as we can go or it’s not. It’s not as far as we can go. In fact that I’m a card trick to show you all and it’s one of those rare card tricks that actually has a title.

Speaker 4: What?

Speaker 5: What’s it called? What do you call it? It’s called why? It’s called further than that. Shut the front door. I’ll show you why. I’ll show you why. I know you’re wondering why. In fact, I need some help. Aaron, you’re, you’re in such a good state tonight. I think we should have you just help out with this thing tonight. I agree. What what? Well,

Speaker 4: Normally I would have someone to reach in and just take out a card. Not tonight. This trick goes further than that. In fact, what I want you to do, Aaron, is I want you to think of a number, any number that you like between 10 and 20 name a number, 1313.

Speaker 5: I’m going to come out 13 cards here. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 1213. Now. Normally if you saw a magician do a card trick, they would say, Hey, here’s this’ll be your card. Not tonight. We’re going to go further than that. In fact, we’re going to take your numbers 13 it’s made up of two digits, right? One and a three. We put those two together. We have four. Let’s use that number to randomize even further. I’m going to count down for one, two, three, four, and in fact, I want you to just look at this car and I’m going to look away. Remember that card?

Speaker 4: Got it. Yup. I’m going to put it here and we’ll in fact bury it down in the middle. It’s gone. If you know this were a normal card trick, I would just maybe look in there and pull the card out and say, Hey, there’s your card, but not tonight. We’re going to go further than that. In fact, the deck is going to tell me what your card is. Listen, close. Listen. Yeah. Hey, yeah. ACE of spades.

Speaker 5: Yeah, yeah. If this were a normal car, take out it into right there. Right, but not tonight. We’re going to go further than that. In fact, we’re going to find your card.

Speaker 4: Bye. Well, using name, I’m sure it was over a C. E the ACE, right? And it was spades. E, a, B, E, S, ACE of spades. ACE of spades. It’s the ACE.

Speaker 5: Oh wow. Now normally what does he do? That’d be the end of the trick right there. That would be the end of the trick, but not tonight. We’re going to go further than that. In fact, remember I spelled the ACE, right? Yeah. Check this out.

Speaker 4: That’s an ACE. That’s an ACE. That’s an ACE.

Speaker 5: I spelled the spade over here. Right? Spades. Remember, look,

Speaker 4: Seven, six, five, four, three, two. Look, all of those spades. The ACE of spades.

Speaker 5: That’s gotta be the end. That’s so beautiful. Morally, you would say that’s gotta be the end of the trick, but really this trick goes further than that. Not possible. In fact, if I were to use this ACE of spades and I was going to play a game, I would, well, one, we use it for poker and I would have a call, a poker hand, right? One, two, three, four cards that would make up a full poker hand. In fact, if I look at my poker hand, I could see that I have here a 10 a Jack, a queen, a King, and in fact, that’s a Royal straight flesh in spades and I don’t think you can go any further than that, Mo. All right, finally, the end of the miracle.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of self working card magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 5: Oh, that is awesome. I love that. It’s a good trick. What was it like to have to watch all this crazy nonsense knowing you had a real trick to perform? You had a lot of fun. Man, that quarter trick is awesome and I was already familiar with the first one, but I love that too. That Helmsley trick was awesome, man. I love, ah, it’s just mentalism. This was a real piece of card magic. You know, it’s the kind of thing that’s the Barstow and the dreams about at night. He thinks if I could, if I could just see another piece of card magic, if only why my wife feels so neglected.

Speaker 6: [Inaudible]

Speaker 5: What happened? We’re all, we’re all contemplating that thought, dude. I mean, that neglected. It must be painful. Did I? Did I go too far with that? Oh wow. Yeah. Awkward silence. Yeah. Lots of them tonight folks. Good nights. You went further. George says you went further. All right, well there it is. Thanks everyone. Can we learn it? Can we learn it? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. Of course. So yeah, don’t leave is hanging man. That was like leaving me high and dry. I want to know.

Speaker 4: Well that’s my time tip. Your waitstaff. Try the fish. All right, so this is, I hate to say it. I mean I like to say it but, but I hate to say this is basically a self working card trick. If you just go through the procedure of everything that went down. And in fact, I almost hijacked the very first part of this trick for the use the force a live event and in the AP because it’s just a really great card force, it starts the whole thing off. So you need a small setup. So if you’re following along at home, get out of your deck of cards and I encourage you to follow along in a home if you have a deck of cards handy because you’ll see that this is real easy and you’ll, you’ll have this by the end of tonight. Pull out the two, the three, the four, the five, the six and seven of spades, the four ACEs, all four races. And then those four cards that make up the rest of the Royal flush to the 10 that Jack, the queen, and the King of spades.

Speaker 4: And you could just as easily replace a, well, no you can’t. No you can’t. No, you can’t replace anything. It’s gotta be the way it is. Sorry, I was thinking you could, but there are no variables. It is what it is. You’re married to this setup. So two through seven of spades, the four ACEs, then the 10 Jack, queen and King of spades. You can finish out that Royal flesh in spades. So the setup is very simple. You’re going to put those spades on top in numerical order. That is the two is on top. Do three, four, five, six, seven that’s the top of the deck, right? The two is on top. Below this little spade slug, you’re going to put the next three ACEs, just regular three ACEs, and then below that will be the ACE of spades. So if you’re keeping track at home, the ACE of spades is now 10th from the top of the deck.

Speaker 4: And then you’re going to put these spades in order, 10 Jack, queen and King below everything there. And then this goes on top of the deck. And that’s the setup. Very simple. You could very easily bring this out and do a jog shuffle and keep things real fair before you go into the trick. Just as long as you keep that stack on top. You could also just as easily put a breather or a short card on the bottom of the deck. And that way you can cut this slug to the bottom. And when it’s time to do the trick you have, you can use all the rest of the deck before any other magic you want to do. And when it’s time you just cut to your break. And bring that slug back to the top so you can have it in the middle of a set if you like or you can do what I did and just have it set up in the box.

Speaker 4: And I just did a very simple Hindu shuffle. I just picked up less than half and just showed a bunch of different faces and apparently a shuffle, right? I just didn’t touch my stock that’s at the top of the deck. And then I flip it over, bringing my stock in to play and spread the cards and introduce the premise of this car. Chick has a title right for us. We know that all the card tricks have titles, but for layman, they don’t know the card tricks have titles. They don’t know how magicians think about magic and how they categorize magic. So this line gets the reaction when you say this trick actually has a title, it’s a world famous title and you’ll see why, right? And then you further than that. Yes sir. So, so I know you’re, you’re about to get into the working. Could you real quick, just show us from the top of the deck what the exact setup is.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of self working magic tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 4: One more time. It’s a two, two. It’s a, it’s a two, three, four, five, six, and then seven of spades, right? So just remember that that spade block is in order through seven on top, followed by the three ACEs that are not the spade, right? And then the 10th card down will be that ACE of spades. That’ll be the first card. And this is if you wanted to use this first part is just the force. I don’t see why you would though, because it’s goes so great with this trick. If you’re gonna use this force, do further than that. But you could easily dissect and take just that force out of this trick. And this is how you would do it. Just have your force card temps from the top. Great. And now we’re at 10 Jack, queen and King of spades for that real flush finish that comes at the end.

Speaker 4: Perfect. Thank you. Okay, continue. Please. So now I spread the cards down, introduce the premise of further than that and so forth. Right and I illustrate my first further than that by saying normally when you see someone do a card trick, they’ll have you reach out and take a card and this sort of hides this weakness of, I’m going to have you name a number for the selection of the of the card. It sort of masks that it’s a weakness and makes it into a strength. Normally I’d have you just take one out, but tonight we’re going to go further than that. In fact, I want you to think of any card between 10 and 20 right? And I just downplayed that 10 and 20 and they named name a number between 10 and 20 so Adam, just name any number between 15 let what happened with 15 perfect.

Speaker 4: Let’s do 15 so legitimately and everybody follow along at home. If you want to play, we’ll use 15 as our number. Just deal down 15 cards. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 set the rest of the pack aside. And now you’re going to mix things up and you say, now, normally this would be your card here, but tonight we’re going to go further than that and now you’re going to introduce the second concept, which is what makes the force work. 15 is your number, so we’re going to take the digits of 15 that’s a one and a five. Add those together to get one number. What’s that number, Adam? Six that’s right, and now we deal down six to further randomize the selection procedure. One, two, three, four, five and the six card will be that ACE of spades, which is a beautiful moment, right?

Speaker 4: You forced the card now, so you saying that works for any, any number? They name between 10 and 20 really? Yes. Wow, that’s beautiful. It’s just like I said, I wanted to include it in the force event, but this trick wants to be with this trick. Right? It’s tough to dissect it out of this trick because it works so great for all of this. Right? I haven’t ever seen that for us. I’m curious everybody out there and chat land. I put a one in chat if you’ve seen that force before, not not many people have. Wow. Okay. Okay, cool. Please continue. Very, very cool though. So now they, you count down six, you show the card, you look away, they see that card, right? And now you drop that card on top of the Delt down cards and drop everything on top. Pardon me? And as you pick up everything you say, it gets buried in the middle, right?

Speaker 4: So now it’s buried in the middle of the pack. Everyone’s seeing you cleanly put it in the middle of the deck. And now you say, now normally I’ll go through somehow, or your, you’d see a magician and go through somehow and pull out a card and they would say, that’s it. Not tonight. We’re going to go further than that, right? Continuing that tagline going, going further than that. And now I see the deck is actually going to tell me what your card is and I pick up the deck. It’s a force. I obviously know what it is. It’s a nice setup spot. I obviously know what it is, but now I just riffle this up next to my ear and I do this. When I reflect next to my ear, I give it a little blow like this. And what that does is it makes it click a little bit louder than if you didn’t do that right?


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 4: Just push a little bit and your finger against that sort of makes the deck into a sounding board so that people can hear it from at least a few feet away, right? When you do that. So it’s just a simple referral. Oh, okay. Yeah. ACE of spades. And you’d act a little bit like the deck is telling you what it is and it’s ACE of spades. And now because you reassembled everything, the ACE of spades is in the position so that you can just deal out ACE of spades. And notice that I’m dealing these in opposite positions for me so that it reads like a book for the spectators that are looking head on, right? So I start over here in DOL eight. A C E deck just told me it was the ACE of spades. Deal here. Spades, S P, a, D, E, S ACE of spades. Turn over the next card.

Speaker 4: ACE of spades. Wonderful moment. And that really does look like it’s the end of the trick, right? When you stop there and you say, and you, you do this, everyone applauds and you go, and if this was a normal trick, that would be the end. But tonight we’re going to go further than that, right? So, and they, they, when they start coming more and more, as you get closer to the end, they stay. They don’t see them coming. So it’s a, it’s a good moment. And you say, now these cards here, remember I spelled the ACE here, these cards, you flip them over and I, I create this, this picture, the cards are going to be in a V like this and then the Royal flush will be here in the middle. So keep that in mind as you’re laying the cards down on your table in front of you.

Speaker 4: And we’re going through this. So the ACEs, I pick them up an ideal down and show an ACE, an ACE and an ACE. Like I said, a V here and then I’m going to do the same here with the spades, so now I picked these up and I count these out. I say seven, six, five, four, three, two. Those are spades, ACE and a spays. The ACE of spades and again, totally looks like it’s the end of the trick. Bam, so now normally that would be the end of the trick, but tonight we’re going to go further than that and you do it again and now the trick is done, right? All you need to do is deal out the top four cards, the setup got you there. All we need to do is deal this ACE of spades onto the table and mentioned that if I was using this in a car game like poker, I would use this to attract four more cards to complete my poker hand.

Speaker 4: One, two, three, four. Set this off to the side because this is the, this is the action. All of this right here and those four cards that I attracted would be of course the 10 the Jack, the queen, the King. I dropped the ACE on the top and pick up the whole fan and saying, you can’t get, you can’t go much further than a Royal straight. Yeah. Nice. And then set it down again. So you have this beautiful picture. Yeah, that’s a, the Barcelona is going to do that trick, aren’t you? I’m already, that’s awesome right there. Yeah. I do have a question though. That force is amazing and get right half remembered. But let’s go through that. Let’s try a couple of numbers and see how well, you know, this gives us a good opportunity because if you look at this spread, if you were, if you were in a situation where you were maybe doing this a couple times in a night, check this out.

Speaker 4: All I have to do is to reverse these spades to complete the picture, to have it be the same way every night, right? Or every, every performance. If you pick up these spades while they’re looking at this picture and appreciating it, you just reverse these two, three, four, five, six, seven, pick up the ACEs, put them on top. The ACE of spades goes there. These go on top and now I’m set up right? So having said that, you’ll watch this again and you’ll get that, the details on that, but let’s set it up again and we’ll go through the whole thing one more time. And from the top down we have the two, the three, four, five, six and seven of spades, right? That’s the top of the deck.

Speaker 4: Pardon me. And then right below that, the three ACEs followed by that ACE of spades. And again, if you’re keeping track, that is the 10th card in the slug. And then we have the 10 Jack, queen and King in order below that. So it’s a 14 card slug and that goes on top of the, and like I said, when I bring them out of the box, I can pick up and give them a quick Hindu shuffles. So they just see a bunch of faces and shuffled cards, right? Turn them down and mentioned that they could take one out. But I’m going to go further than that. I want you to just think of a number, any number between 10 and 20 they say a number between 10 and 20 let’s say that is 16 why not? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 1112 1314 1516 set the cards off to the side and now you take the two digits of that number.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 4: 16 that’s a one and that’s a six. I put them together. That makes seven, right? Because at this point you would say a, if this was a normal card trick, this would be your car, but we’re going to go further than that, right? So if we can take the digits of your name. Number 16 we added the one in the six together. That gives us seven. That’ll further randomize the selection here. So that’s go for seven one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Have a look at the card. They look at ACE of spades cause that’s the force, right? If you’re following at home, that goes on top of everything that’s been dealt down. You drop everything on top and now you say every and your car gets lost in the middle. You drop that there right now. Normally magician would then pick up the cards and look through and maybe find your card.

Speaker 4: Not tonight. Going to go further than that. In fact, I’m going to have the deck of cards. Tell me what the card is and again, I do that little make it make a loud noise and you know I listen to the old right? ACE of spades. Yeah, that was it. Now normally that would be the end of the trick, but tonight we’re going to go further than that. You said ACE of spades. Let’s find these of spades. A, C, E, ACE spades, S, P, a, D, E, S, ACE of spades. There it is. The ACE of spades. Set that down. Normally that’d be the end of the trick, but it’s never going to go further than that. Remember these cards I dealt out here for ACE? Look, those are the ACEs.

Speaker 4: Remember I dealt here for spades. Look, these cards, they’re all spades. There’s a seven. There’s a sixth, there’s a five, there’s a four, there’s a three. There’s a two all in the spades. But you picked the ACE of spades. Looks like the finish again, right? No, that’s not the end. We’re going to go further than that. Now. If I was playing poker, I would use that ACE of spades to call the perfect poker hand. And I need four more cards to complete it. Two, three, four cards. And of course these cards are the 10, the Jack, the queen, the King of spades, and a perfect Royal straight flush and spades. You can’t go much further than that. Yeah, man game the Manson one. That’s so cool. I love it. It is so cool. Hey, someone mentioned something

Speaker 7: In the a, in the chat about it that further than that is actually on YouTube that you can find it as that I don’t actually say further than that. I did it here because magicians, no further than that. We talked, I think we talked about it maybe in the after show. I D I say something completely different. I say this trick is better than that. So that there is no being able to search for it. And I play with that phrase, I have a couple of different phrases I’ve thrown out and I suggest that you do change the phrase when you do the thing for that reason. But I think better than that gets you there. You know? So

Speaker 8: How fun. The thing about like a steward James is further than that, right? Is that magicians have really latched on to the presentation premise as much as the trick itself. Yeah. Right. Because it’s, it had a hook to it which you know, is pretty rare thing and a magic trick. And I think for a lot of people, that presentation is such a lovely construct that it applies to so many tricks where things just keep getting better and better and better. So I think lots of times we’ve seen people say further than that, further than that, and they’re just doing different trick where it gets goes further than that, you know, so, so you’re suggesting that if we just change one word, we don’t bump into any of those search terms. Exactly, exactly. Right.


We hope you’re enjoying this self working card trick. It’s definitely one of the best self working card tricks we know. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 7: For what it’s worth. So you too can go further than that.

Speaker 1: Do you know, I, there was a couple of references you mentioned in the, in the video that I think are pretty important if you’re a conjurer community member that you should that you should know first of all in the back room we have the miracle force formula which has an entire, I mean it’s like the greatest work on forces. I mean it really has a tremendous amount of different kinds of force systems, cutting forces everything from riffle to spread to Hindu. It goes on and on and this has tons of videos and it’s, this is a great reference. Don’t forget that you guys have that in conjure community at your disposal. When I am often looking for a force to go to, I like to go in there and scan those and just try to remember what I’m forgetting. Because you know, the best force for a situation is usually the one you’re best at. But, but most of the time, some, some plots or some devices require a different type of handling or a different type of force maybe you know, a hands off approach or, or, or a particular kind of spread just because you have to do it that way. So anyway, that’s a great reference for conjure community members. Don’t forget that you have that in the back room.

Speaker 8: It’s really interesting, you know, I mean just so everyone knows, Stuart James was the creator of this trick. Any created so much, not just with cards, with all kinds of things that the books, I don’t know, maybe Mark can tell us. Mark, how many volumes was that book and approximately how many pounds would you say those Stuart James books actually are? Because they’re like two of the biggest card books you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Three volumes. 87 pounds. It’s literally a joke. It’s like encyclopedia Galactica. It’s like a, what Isaac Asimov was talking about. And we used to go to a magic convention in Canada, but the guy that wrote those books, his name was Alan slate. And probably still is. And he worked on these books very, very hard for a very long time. But there was no one, you couldn’t even bring a book like that across the border. If he gave you one. Right? It’s like tonnage, right. So then the next year we went back and he went, look, we made a volume that that is more likely to be red. And he literally took 52 or so tricks out of those 87 pounds of the hits and put them in one book. So it finally was a version that a poor student such as myself would read. Now Alex, I noticed something cause I was looking this up today, you’re doing the handling a little bit different aren’t you?

Speaker 7: Yeah, yeah. For me it was about being able to have one deck that did the whole thing. Like I mentioned that the short card idea, I use that often, right? I just want to be able to use the deck of cards as their deck of cards and I just have a small slug. It’s only 14 cards that make that trick happen. Right. And you can control 14 cards and not have them get in the way as long as you’re not using specific cards for specific trick. Right. And for me it was just a way to have one deck have this, someone mentioned it in the chat to have this nice little Thunderbolt where I could just say, all right, one more. Everybody come over here, let’s do one more pressure’s off because the self working trick and I can just do this thing and just knock them down and do one more and be awesome magic guy with a gambling theme and put it away and thank you.

Speaker 7: Good night. You know? So for me it was, it was a device in that sense. But yeah, Mark was mentioning the idea that at the end you then produce all of the flushes and all the others, you know, you, you, you basically are using the rest of the deck for more revelations. And that was my trade off. Right? I traded that for being able to use the rest of the deck for other effects. But yes, if you look at the original steward jeans, a write up of this, you’ll see that it is a little bit different. You get a little bit more climax out of it. But I traded the climax for being able to use the deck as it does a regular day. So

Speaker 8: If you guys would like, while I can still remember it, I can run through the basic blocking so you can see more or less what it was. I think what Alex has done is far more theatrical, but it’s an interesting quick thing that can be shared. So same basic premise. I’ll just run through it. And I won’t go further than that. Name us a number between 10 and 2013. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, three plus one is four one, two, three, four. You look at that card, don’t tell anyone what it is. It kind of is such a wonderful thing. Every time I look at it, when I was looking at the trick and I, every time I see it, I’m amazed I had every time I turn it over go there. It is wonderful, wonderful.


We hope you’re enjoying these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 8: And so you put that back, you drop that down. So far so good. Then he says, I’m going to go further than that. I can tell ya it was an ACE and he does this, a C E and a spades, S P a D, E S and there’s your card. But then he goes further than that and he takes these cards and he turns them over. I think Alex is getting a lot more out of it because he’s making that extend that moment. And I think that’s a really wonderful thing. Right? And then, and then he goes further than that going into Alex’s, much wiser, certainly on Harry. Lorraine would not be pleased with the picture I’m making. That’s what he does. And then that leaves you with the eight and the nine. So Mark was saying that at that point he does a two card catch for eight and nine and you can produce the others. And in any way you want or move into an ending. I think Alex has got that ending really, really tight. One thing that occurred to me while watching you, Alex, was that it just as we were sitting here, it’s a pretty easy matter if you wanted to do something like this at the end you could say, but we’ll go further than that, right? Turn some face up, turn some face down. You can give them a little shuffle like so you can see the cards are well mixed, you can give them another shuffle.

Speaker 8: The cards are extremely well mixed. One more shuffle. And we could have face up cars based on cards. We could do this all day long. And then if you wanted, you could find all the rest. Great. Great. I love that. That’s a great way to do it. So, so the point is you have between four and six cards at the end that you can, you could do a multiple revelation, you can do anything you want and it’s a really great exercise looking at what to do with those cards and decide what pleases you. I personally was so excited by watching Alex’s solution after reading it this morning. I, you know, I may well just be sticking with Alex’s, but it’s a great exercise to play with cause you can go in a thousand different directions. Mark produces the two and then the rest in different way and of course carries on with the rest of the deck. And Stuart James even mentioned in the book in many of the ways that people released it based on his basic trick that one was released without credit shortly thereafter where the entire rest of the deck was blank. Hmm. So, huh. So there’s opportunities there, right, for you to play with that in any way that you want. 

Speaker 7: Hey Aaron, we had a, Don Tuttle asked a good question here. He says, what, what you talk about if they say 20, how do you handle if they say 20 or 10? In this you want to make sure that you say between 10 and 20. When you ask for that number there’s a reason for it because presentational, it’ll still work. It’ll still work. If they say 10 or 20 right. It’ll still work. It’s just, it’s two plus zero or one plus zero and you know, it’s just not as exciting. So it’s better to say, you know, between 10 and 20 or the option that I use, I just, I just act like they misheard me and I just go to someone else. They say 10 and 2020 we go, you say one between 10 and 20 and I’ll just go to someone else so I’m not stepping on it and I don’t have to feel like I’m, you know, reprimanding anyone or smacking their hand with, with a ruler or anything. I just move on, just move, you know, give me,

Speaker 8: Well no, to beat him up a little smack. I think you were saying you carry the ruler. I do. While I use a wand, obviously, obviously if you clear with the people and you say, I want you to name any number between 10 and 20 and you can see that they’re not so drunk when they look at your eyes that they hear you, the, it tends not to come up.


We hope you’re enjoying these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 7: It really doesn’t come up. I’m mentioning it because it came up in the chat. The reality is, is that it’s like, you know, one in like 20, someone will say, I want 20 I want 10. And you just, you know, you just have to push them in the right direction because, you know, people want to help. They want to see the trick be successful. Generally people like to help magicians. And in my experience, they aren’t looking to screw me up in my experience. So I think they genuinely are just trying to work with you. And they, when the, when they say 10 or 20, I think they genuinely just misheard you or they glossed over it and they didn’t hear between, right. So I don’t think people are trying to mess with you when they’re doing it. You just have to sort of push me.

Speaker 8: I think one of the fun challenges of the trick, that’s a little one, not a big one, right? But there’s a little challenge also in making sure to sell that force so that it feels like a, a good random thing. You, you have to sell that. Right.

Speaker 7: And there’s one other thing about that you might feel the temptation to linger on that card, that they’re seeing it and move quickly past that because they might mention, Ooh, that’s a good one, or whatever. And then someone might later say, well, he gave you a clue. He told you where it was. So just once they see the, you say, you got it good, let’s put it back. Let’s put everything away. Good, let’s move on. Just so they don’t have time to linger on the fact that it is an ACE of spades. Cause that’s a pretty, that’s a pretty prominent force card. If you’re having someone select a card, you know, there might be suspicion if you allow it to grow.

Speaker 8: Absolutely. I think we should handle Tom’s idea there. But there’s one thing before I forget. Why don’t we put a link to the recent slight night in, in the chat because what we did very recently is we talked about our three, not three. We did a bunch, right? But the, we were thinking the one thing that takes this kind of beautiful self working trick and makes it really is powerful and beautiful as it can be, is having a nice way to mix the cards so that that top stock doesn’t, so the cards are really shuffle if the cards are really shuffled and no one ever gives it any thought before you do this trick, you really do have a miracle on your hands. Right? And so the secret, and I will say this, it’s a really important, is not to put a lot of attention on it, not to be a look, as I admit to all the cards.

Speaker 8: Can you see how good the illusion of the cards being mixed really is? You want to be doing a little presentation. You want to be talking to the people and just casually mixing the cards. But if you can do that while you maintain the top stock, you actually have a beautiful miracle on your hands. So we wanted to share that link because we know you’re all in about 10 minutes. Have the opportunity to go have a jam session. With that Michael Sproul is going to be hosting. We’ll put a link in in a few minutes and maybe if you’d like, we can do a quick demonstration of our favorite different easy ways to do that. Right. Alex had a new one he was looking at today as well. I’ll show you my easiest, quickest one, which many of you know, and it’s a wonderful thing to work on for a few minutes cause it’s easy to do.

Speaker 8: It’s actually the easiest move I think in the entire expert at the card table is this old thing. It’s while you’re talking to the folks, you just give these cards a mix. It looks like, as I like to say, grandma’s shuffle, right? And those cards, that there’s enough tension in it that it really looks like the cards are being pushed together. Right. And it looks really, really good. You saw the then, right. I love that so much. And just to show everybody what it is, you undercut the cards you put this half. And the reason we put the length there is cause we did a full in depth teach on the ones we’re demonstrating now and and more in that episode. So it’s a great way to jam either in this particular jam session that’s coming up or in any of the impromptu jam sessions that we hope you’re engaging in while you have some time to hang out with each other, you move these a little bit forward.


We hope you’re enjoying these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 8: So the back packet, the upper packet goes a little bit forward of the front packet and abuts it. And then your left thumb touches there as you let the cards fall down in a screening. If you asked me, this is really the move that the Xero shuffles based on, you push those cards forward and you saw back and forth. But look at what it looks like from the front by you’re talking to the people you’re sawing back and forth. And then you do that one little Leonard green move where you just push it the back. So as you’re doing it, it really looks like those cards are going into the cards. Right. And if you just do that twice in a row while you tap backward, the whole thing brings the cards right back into position. So for me that’s a great choice because it doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself and you don’t have to really get into demonstration mode, which almost makes the people start to think maybe you’re trying to prove something. Right. So that’s one thing I would suggest. Alex, you had one that I think is super exciting and fun to play with. The overhand one. Yeah. Yeah. And then you have of course your, your great granddaddy of them all. I think you should try it cause they’re about to go into a session. They should have grist for the mill.

Speaker 7: Right? Right. They should be able to talk about it. So the overhand one, well I’ll just do it once. It’s, it’s sort of a a cool thing. Yeah, that’s it. It’s just a pickup shuffle. And this is a Steve 40 thing. I don’t know if any of you guys end up getting the Steve 40 books and going crazy about them like I did, but there’s some cool ideas in there. And this was actually one that you had on his DVDs before the book came out and the idea was simple as that. You pull a top stock and when you come down to do another chop of the shuffle, you’re basically just picking that up between the thumb and the third finger just like this behind that block. So once again, as I come down for that chop, I just come down and pick up like that, right?

Speaker 7: And then those fingers shield everything from the side so that I can come down and pick up and then shuffle off everything that’s in front of that block until I get to that block and then throw on top. But really quick, it’s a nice little just chop shuffle. It just looks like you’re doing nothing and everything looks like it should. You’re just shuffling the cards and it’s a great, great little move that obviously applies to many other places. But here it’s a wonderful thing to throw into this trick. And then of course, the one that we talked about in slight night the other night was the the full deck riffle shuffle. It looks like really shuffle the cards and scram together and give them a cut, but it’s a full back false shuffle. And this is that one when we were talking about it where you’re basically pushing on diagonal corners when you can do the regular shuffle here and you can get everything to sort of mix evenly. If I push on this upper corner and I push on this lower corner here at the same time, so here and here, what happens is that when they call last, when I make that waterfall, half of the cards shoot back, right? So when half of the cards shoot back,

Speaker 4: It allows me to get control over them. Let me show you what I mean. I do the, make them shoot to the back like this. With that move. Now my hand comes straight down on this packet. That side jogged. I come straight down and I grip everything in almost like a vice grip and that thumb squares everything up. But not really. All I’m doing is I’m squaring that owl jog enough so that I have a clear packet here on the side that can be stripped out right so that I can grip this end here and strip out that packet there. But from the front it just looks like I’m giving them a cut and it goes to the top right and do it a couple more times here. And of course if you go back and watch that slight night, you’re going to have much more fun because I have a closeup camera overhead that’s looking down and I really get into the details of the whole thing.


We hope you’re enjoying these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 4: So I highly recommend it. If you are interested in the shuffle, you go watch light 90 cause you’re going to get much more detail there than I can possibly give here in the few minutes that we have to discuss this thing. But I’ll do it a couple more times here just so you can see the thing in action and hopefully it’ll be enough to inspire you to go and check it out because it is a cool shuffle. I highly recommend you check it out and I, I loved that. I lost a couple there, but that’s okay. One more time and then we’ll let this thing go. Try to keep this thing elevated. This is not the position I normally perform this thing in. I’m just trying to get close to the camera so you can get a little bit of detail. One more time should do it here. A little shuffle. She goes to the back. My hand comes flat. I square everything up. I strip out that packet. It comes right to the top and it looks as though the deck has been shuffled so awesome. Awesome.

Speaker 8: Yeah, I was just thinking about Steve. Steve’s Mahatma shovel. Alex is this beautiful thing. I literally love to watch you do it all the time. It was just occurred to me that Steve’s Mahatma shuffle is kind of designed for an insertion. Right. But if you wanted something super easy, you could just be shuffled him in face up. And then when you get into the time where it’s time to stop, you just throw them on the back and you’re done.

Speaker 4: That’s perfect. Perfect. I want to saved myself a lot of years of work if I just would have went with that.

Speaker 8: Well you know, I made some poor decisions in our teens and we doubled down and continued. Here we are that decisions and here we are. So let’s see. Brazil, I just wanted to share this idea cause I have a feeling these ideas are going to be percolating and we should probably get that link ready. Cause I know Michael’s going to be getting ready to host a club meeting here for proper proper jam. Sessioning in the next a few minutes, Tom says, could you produce the eight and nine by doing a food Texas Hold’em poker deal at the end? DLD A’s to face down, then burn one, one face down, burn one face down and burn. And the cards are eight and nine. I think you could actually do that beautifully. I think if that’s, I think that’s a lovely, lovely thing. And in fact, considering what I saw from people working on 10 card poker deals with hold them and stuff many years ago, it was making the rounds. That to me is, it sounds like almost the ideal Texas Hold’em demonstration.


We hope you’re enjoying these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 4: Yeah, I agree. That’s, I mean that’s what’s topical. That’s the way people really play poker now is hold them. It’s what’s on television. I think anytime you can do that sort of thing and mix it in with magic stuff, it makes it look more legitimate. And I say, go for it. That sounds like a great idea to meet.

Speaker 8: Huh. You could probably take these cards and create maybe the eight, nine, maybe one of them is not needed. Pull out those same ACEs and go right into the Lorraine poker deal, the Martin Gardner Lorraine poker deal, which is super easy to do as well. And so really just depends on if the people that you’re with are like real poker players or they’re like me. And just like to see the pretty cards all in a row, which if you think about it, is exactly how Alex played it, right? I mean, that’s exactly what we got in the very first, I think most beautiful answer of anything we’ve talked about here. So Alex, congratulations for cracking the nut right the first time and blowing me away. Making me jealous of your shuffle. Right on. Let’s have someones, if you think you’re going to go play with this. Yes, I’m so good. And now this is another important question. How many of our members give us a one? If you’re going to be going over and joining the club session that’s going to be starting right now and actually working on stuff, that’s good.

Speaker 4: If you guys are where I was going to say, if you guys are watching this on YouTube right now I want to let you know, this is what we do here at conjure community. We get together and jam like this all the time. We have live events and shows every week. And well, right now we’re all at home. So if you’d think about joining conjure community, we’d love to have you. It is the world’s best magic club. We’ll put a link in the description down below in YouTube and you can,

Speaker 8: Yeah, give it a shot, Aaron. Well, friends, I think that’s it for right now. We’ll give it up for Adam and Steve and Sean and Alex. I’m Aaron Fisher. This has been our first condo community afternoon, astonishment of the year one. We will see you tomorrow night. Members and friends for RA, our Gregory Wilson living room lecture.



We hope you enjoyed these easy self working card tricks. Remember, you can watch the video above to see what we’re talking about.