• How to Create Your Facebook Business Page!

    Facebook provides an powerful, easy-to-use Business Platform that any magician can use to reach a wider audience and book more paid shows. This Amazement Plan shows you how to set up your first Facebook Page for business – and use it to create a non-stop promotion machine for your magic.

    Follow the simple steps below and you’ll go from zero to a 1,000 fans in a matter of weeks!

This Plan Was Last Updated On March 30, 2023

1 - Start Here

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Welcome to Your Marketing Plan

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Here's how to get the most out of the content in this Amazement Plan.

  1. Watch the entire AP once - Look through this entire AP and watch the videos. Don't execute on the steps until you have finished watching the entire AP.  This will help you "scope" the plan, understand the progression of the steps, and put them into context.
  2. Complete the steps - This Amazement Plan is a checklist.  Each step builds upon the next.  Complete each step in order and follow along with the tutorials while you build your own Facebook Business Page.

How To Use Your Marketing Plan

  1. Course Sections - An Amazement Plan is a series of steps that lead to a completion of milestones and achievements.When you finish with a Course Section, you will have acquired new skills and you will be ready to move to the next section.
  2. Course Steps - Each course section contains multiple steps.
  3. The Plus Buttons - Use the Plus Buttons to open and close the Course Steps in the Amazement Plan.
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2 - Set Up Your Facebook Page

Create Your Facebook Page (Click to Open) +
Add a Cover Picture (Click to Open) +
Create Your Status Updates (Click to Open) +

Look at the picture below.  Here is where you will add your status updates. Simply type your message into the box and click "post".  If you want to use a picture, first click on the "Photo/Video" tab right above the box.

3 - Get Your First 1000 Likes!

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Set Up Your First Ad Campaign (Click to Open) +
Define Your Customer Profile (Click to Open) +
Ad Building: Choose Your Targeting & Budget (Click to Open) +
Ad Building: Choose Your Images (Click to Open) +
Ad Building: Write Your Headline (Click to Open) +
Ad Building: Write Your Ad Text (Click to Open) +
Ad Building: Preview & Place Order (Click to Open) +

4 - See Your Results

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