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30 Magic Books That Can Change Your Life: Your Ultimate List

Share UPDATED FOR 2022:  As a follow-up to our popular ‘Non-Magic Book’ post, we’re offering you this wonderful piece written by Jamy Ian Swiss; a list of entirely magic-related books anyone who aspires to be a great magician should read and more importantly… why. Jamy Ian Swiss is a top professional in magic – you…

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Peter Galinskas Discusses His Magic Secrets

Discover the secrets of Peter Galinskas in a conversation between Aaron Fisher and Baltimore magic legend Peter Galinskas.

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doc eason magic

Doc Eason Magic

Doc Eason Magic Doc Eason is one of the best loved magicians.  From his performances at the Magic Castle to the Tower Bar, Doc Eason Magic is a study in great routining and audience management.  In this video we look at some of the vert best of Doc Eason Magic.  Enjoy!   Doc Eason Magic…

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The Three Card Monte Magic Trick: Our Top 5 Versions for 2020

The three card monte magic trick is one of THE most famous card tricks in history. It’s definitely a trick that every magician should learn sooner or later. But there’s so many different versions of the three card monte that it’s hard to know where to begin. In this blog post, we’re going to share…

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How To Become A Mentalist: The ULTIMATE Guide In 2020

In this post you’re going to learn how to become a mentalist, even if you have ZERO experience in magic. Mentalism is seriously powerful. You can fool hundreds of people into believing you have crazy mental abilities with the simplest of tricks—and trust us, we have!   In this blog post we’re going to teach you…

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Our 3 Favorite Card Stacks: how to master them…EASILY!

  There are so many card stacks, it’s hard to know where to start. What are the BEST card stacks? And even more importantly…how do you even learn them??     That’s exactly what we’re going to reveal in this blog post… Card stacks are an advanced card magic technique that enable you to perform…

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Best Magic Tricks On Phone

A PERFECT Trick Part 2

Hey, Jonathan Levit here! Welcome to Part Two of The Perfect Trick. If you haven’t seen Part One, you’ll find the link here. In it, you’ll discover a system that takes an ancient trick known as The Wizard—and transforms it into a miracle that’s so strong, you can use it to astonish any audience in ANY…

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Juan tamariz magic

Juan Tamariz Magic…our top 5 favorite clips of El Maestro.

Juan Tamariz is undeniably one of THE greatest magicians of all time. His effortless charm and humour combined with his masterful use sleight of hand and misdirection make Juan Tamariz magic a joy to watch. In fact, most magicians will tell you that they could watch Juan Tamariz perform all day. There’s only one problem—there’s…

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collecting playing cards

Collecting Playing Cards: 4 Simple Tips That Save HOURS

Collecting Playing Cards Collecting playing cards is one of the most fun (and easiest) ways to supercharge your passion for magic! In this informative post, you’ll discover 4 Expert Solutions (and powerful tips) on how to start growing your own playing card collection—on a shoestring budget. That means you can experience the thrill and pride…

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Female Magicians: Why Aren’t There More?

Female Magicians: Why Aren’t There More? “Where are all the female magicians?”  Without a doubt, this is the question I’ve received most often throughout my career as a magician.  Since writing this for the Browser’s Bash Magic Convention, I’ve been asked if I’d ever release it to the public. And don’t you know – you’ve got…

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