Pop Haydn is one of the greatest magicians alive. In this video, we react to the best of Pop Haydn magic, as well as another of our favorite magicians of all time – Daryl. We watch both of their Ambitious Card performances and discuss how to make YOUR Ambitious Card incredible (using techniques and subtleties from these legendary magicians.)








Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hey everybody, Aaron Fisher here with conjure community. Uh, here we are at the CC club live here with our members streaming to you today. I’m joined by Mr. Adam Gray CC cofounder and dear old friend Alex slammer, part of the CC team for what is going to be a very exciting day. What are we going to do today, Adam?

Speaker 2 (00:17):

Well, today, uh, I thought that we would, I thought that we would look at a couple, you know, sort of a continuation in some ways of yesterday because, um, we, we looked at some really great, great footage yesterday and we were reacting to Tommy wonder. But today I thought it would be really cool if we could look at some of the other ambitious, uh, card routines that are out there and just get like our reactions to some of the phases, some of the moves, what you guys think about some of these real pros who are out there doing these massively awesome, ambitious card routines. So today is about the ambitious card. And if you’ve ever wanted to know about the ambitious card, this is the place to be.

Speaker 1 (01:01):

And while we love shin Lim, right? We love shin land. We love all the modern miracle workers. But today we’re going to be looking at some of the all time greats, right?

Speaker 2 (01:11):

Yeah, absolutely. Like a, I don’t know. Why don’t you put in chat, I’m interested to know if you type into chat who your all time favorite ambitious card artist is because we would like to see what your feedback is. And while we do that, we’re going to cut to and watch uh, our one of our top picks for the, one of the greater, uh, or greatest ambitious card routines that is existing today. And we’re lucky because this man is still out there trucking along and doing this. All right, here we go. Can we see it?

Speaker 1 (01:53):

Hey, it’s Wayne. Hey, one of my favorites. One of my buddies. You can see it. You can start, you know,

Speaker 3 (02:02):

you haven’t done a damn thing. All that Justine, Justine, take any car that you would like. Don’t let me influence anyone. Doesn’t matter to me. I found that right here. Go ahead. Take one. You like your one, your life. Excellent. Joyce of Jack of hearts. What I’d like you to do is take this pen and write your name on the face of the car. Now this Justine is the face. You’re not riding on the back just on the face because it’s considered cheating if you Mark them on the back and he’s just got this, it’s amazing how many times spectrum.

Speaker 3 (03:02):

No, that’s how I ended up with property in Vegas. One of the hotels is holding my luggage. I’m not kidding. Over a friendly game too and they’re not that damn friendly. Folks I was on, um, I was up in the suite up on the on 14th floor, one of those hotels in Los Vegas playing poker with the boys, you know, a friendly game. The house had nothing to do with it and there were some minor discrepancy over how many plane guards should actually be in a deck of playing cards. I laughed too, but they took it really serious. They weren’t, they were drawing knives and breaking beer bottles. It was the biggest brouhaha you ever saw. I had the door chair through the window just to escape with my button.

Speaker 3 (03:51):

Luckily it was the luck sore bumpier ride than you would think smooth from a distance. Now you’re go look at this, a smiley face and everything. Just seeing you recognize that if you see it again, right? I’m going to place it into the pack, right about here. Ooh, you see about when I went in, not on top though, right? He went in the middle top, however, boasted by tap the deck at a specific resonance that will cause the molecules of the chosen car to break up into that timing constituents fabric and reconstitute themselves on top of the pack. Like so. I’ll do it again.

Speaker 1 (04:46):

All right. Pop it right there while he’s at the bar. By the way, he’s at the bar at the basement. Magic castle, the old Hatton, a WC fields bar where we used to work all the time. Right? So there’s about three rows of people right in front of him. So they’re all drinking. They’re all close. They’re not socially distanced, right at Adam.

Speaker 2 (05:02):

That’s right. They’re definitely not socially distanced.

Speaker 1 (05:06):

Uh, one other thing to keep in mind about pot when he’s getting going here is that, uh, you know, pop Hayden is a, a accentuated version of how we always performed magic. He always had the same general who’s always a Southern gentleman. He was always kind of having you on, right? Uh, and if you ask a weird pop, he will tell you, put in the costume on and really embodying this character really allowed him to just amp it up to 11. So that’s another interesting thing to think about. Just getting going now, Adam, he seemed to be fascinated here by this depth illusion.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 



Speaker 2 (05:39):

Yeah, I was, I thought it was a really interesting choice for a very first phase of your ambitious and uh, you know, just he just knocks it out right at the beginning and gets rid of it. Some people are sort of a save that, save that for the second or third phase, you know, their ambitious card routine.

Speaker 1 (05:56):

Well, there’s two things, right? Not only he starts with tilt, then he shows the top card is not there, which a lot of people don’t do that in the first phase. Then he immediately does the magic move and goes right into the double lift for the very first phase. So yeah, the reasoning for that is of course, is that the heat will never get any lower, right. So not only has he got himself all, all set up for the next phase instantaneously, but he has actually done the double lift to display the card at the [inaudible] at a time when there will never be less suspicion.

Speaker 4 (06:30):

I wonder, Aaron, if you’ve ever had conversations with, with or with pop about that unique handling of the double lift. He’s definitely handling it in a different way than what we teach and what we normally see people do as a double turnover.

Speaker 1 (06:43):

I think it’s important to keep in mind with a wit or pop that, uh, he’s always been equally comfortable or more comfortable on stage than in close up. So, uh, I don’t know what he’ll say about this specifically, but I do know that that double was a real design to be highly visible, way up high. And of course in that room, if you’re down here, uh, you’re going to lose a lot, you know, but I can certainly imagine Witt who, who gave Adam and I street magic lessons when we were younger as well, uh, would know that that’s definitely, it was a lift, right? It was not a turnover. Yeah, it was a lift and it was definitely designed to be seen by everyone. Yeah. What will be interesting to see as he carries forward is when he, most people like to use that double lift to show the car, not there, you know, isn’t, that’s not your card. And then to get to that clean moment where the card is your card and then sort of move into the next phase from switching out from there. It’ll be very interesting to see the back and forth in Pop’s routine if he, if he favors that or if it comes back and uses this version again. Right.

Speaker 3 (07:55):

And I know you weren’t ready. The Jack of hearts with Justine’s name written on it. So color plate goes into the pack down here. It cannot be on the top. When I tapped the deck, it will jump through all the other cars and land on top bike. So I will do it. So motion for those of you in the chief of [inaudible].

Speaker 1 (08:22):

Yeah, he went and did it exactly the same way again. Yup. He likes it. And this is something you find a lot of experts go in this direction. Tamar Reese likes this stuff too because I think you have to be pretty dang good at the double lift before you start. Uh, when you have no fear of the double lift ever again, then the idea of doing it for the actual revelation today, ah, is much less upsetting to you. And of course it always sets you up for the next phase already. So I think that’s why the like it that way.

Speaker 2 (08:56):

And he really knows his audience too. Like, like, like pop knows his audience, he knows what, what, how he needs to stand, what he needs to do. He really understands theater and the stage. It’s really, you can really tell with his body language like how, yeah, yeah,

Speaker 1 (09:15):

yeah. And most people in there are partying. They are drinking. It’s a good time room and you could see all that beautiful setup he did. I mean so much fun and banter and byplay. It really is a party room and he, he’s really making the most of it.

Speaker 3 (09:28):

Don’t take your eyes off my hands though. Cause I’ll cheat you in a sec. I can’t help it. It’s my nature like the scorpion, the scorpion in the back. Don’t take your eyes off my hands there. Here comes this slow motion. Jagger hearts go slow motion in the back down here and cannot be where basically impossible. You push it into the pack, you tapped it down, they will jump up through all the undercards and land on top.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 2 (10:13):

So yeah, so that’s killer. So he’s got the pacing on that is really beautiful and he’s got that lovely thing at the end. He just throws it on the table. I mean there’s just nothing to say there.

Speaker 1 (10:25):

Absolute uniformity too. Right? Absolute uniformity. He came there, he went there. Right. And I don’t need everybody. We got to here and then he was way up there and then he, you know, came all the way across and bam. But he definitely turned that double into a single that time. And it was on top. Right. Did he leave it out job before he, he did the cutting like that? Yes. Some like some like that. And you’ll notice he’s keeping Lorraine we were talking about yesterday the whole time. It most definitely is. And it’s the big secret of that one is it allows you, unlike a lot of other ambitious phases, the reason we like it so much is because you really get to see the card going in. So you’re using the double in a different way. Right? Normally after you do the double lift, you can’t show the face. So the question might be, is he really putting it in there while if you see it going in right. And I think it’s really good if you put that way up high and he had it near the top because if it’s really near the top, then you can justify, Oh wait, let’s put it way down low. Make sure it’s really buried in there. Right. So that’s a rare phase that lets you do that,

Speaker 2 (11:40):

right? Yeah. Yeah. All right, let’s keep going.

Speaker 1 (11:45):

No, didn’t always got his hands off the whole time like he’s doing the whole routine above his head. Essentially.

Speaker 3 (11:53):

Look, it actually goes face up in the pack so you can see it’s in the middle. I haven’t cheated yet. Okay. That’s stupid phase or lack of monument to arrested development. I’m not kidding. You know when I was like nine years old folks, I told my mother, I want to be a magician when I grow up. She said, nonsense. You can’t do both. Turns out she was right folks. You’re only young ones, but you can be immature practically your whole life. Watch closely. We turned the fab, his face base up, we covered that car and kept the deck. The Jack of hearts comes back to the top sales. So people think this is sign of or trickery to prove it’s not Justine. I’m going to take your card with your name written on it. I want you to pick up about half of the deck. Pick up half the cards, swear him out. Captain the deck lunch on the top. [inaudible] turn over to show it to everybody. Look at you that Bruce is not slight of hand by because you didn’t do any side of hand show. It has to be what? Magic. No could be trickery. Maybe I have more than one of those Jack of hearts with Justine’s name written on it and her.

Speaker 1 (13:34):

Oh, that’s interesting.

Speaker 3 (13:36):

For handwriting. I wouldn’t do that. I’m just saying if the possibility anywhere you pointed to Brittany, just a, I’ve

Speaker 1 (13:44):

never actually seen that in an ambitious secrets before. Have you? You know, that always strikes me, you know at its core Svengali deck demo is an ambitious sequence, right? And a good spend, a golly deck demo is designed as long as possible to make it feel like it’s an ordinary deck, right? So you don’t start blatantly showing a bunch of duplicates, right? So there comes that moment in this Bengali deck where you might choose to does say, you know, in fact they all look like the card, but that’s sort of like coming up toward a crescendo. What’s nice about doing this method is I think it really plays like it’s an illusion sorta like when you do cup through cup or the stick through cup. It’s like you’re winking at the audience and you’re saying, Hey, that’s just a little slight of hand. It’s fun, you know?


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 1 (14:32):

But you’re not asking them to believe, look, please. They’re all wild. Like the wild card or something. Right, right. Did you see where it had this wonderful cover for doing the past there? I don’t know if y’all thought that was as great as I did. I blew right by me. I didn’t see it being down there. Turn in it face up. Right. And then by coming all the way up here, back to his show position, like it doesn’t, you could see it or not see it. There’d be nothing to see. Right. It doesn’t matter what method you’re using. He’s down here. That’s happening. He’s getting a break. One above. And as he’s coming back up here,

Speaker 1 (15:12):

like it doesn’t even matter what method you do. Right before he, I thought it was also interesting, he didn’t do that as like a paintbrush change. He squared it up, snapped his fingers and plus it right off and it changed. So he’s really not laying on it like it’s meant to be visual card magic. He’s keeping the mystery at all times. And that time it was so much fun. He turned it over and then everyone was laughing and then he realized, Oh wait a minute, I didn’t get that clarity. I need, look, there’s your card, right? That’s your card. You cut off the top half of the deck, you know? And then he went in and then shifted it all down there. So that’s the major escalation. That’s like the plot point is where it’s bringing it from him. Now down into you

Speaker 3 (16:03):

just touch one Brittany, this type. Which one? This one. Which one? This one here. Okay. Is that the new ambitions? Divorce page?

Speaker 1 (16:27):

Uh, I’m, yeah, so I’m a little unclear as to what actually just happened. Well, I think he may have, you know, remember he hadn’t had it signed, right? So he’s really either vamping, right? Which is possible doing one of his many sequences over the year. But this particular routine is not based on having the card signed. Right. So I think he may have just switched to having her. Now you take a car and if you think about it and how it thinks about card magic, if you take a look at his Chicago surprise, which is definitely a proponent of the effect of a trick being different than the plot. Right? So, so when he, I say, what’s the effect of your Chicago surprise? Which says that you can do anything with cars. He loves that trick so much and it changes affect two or three times on the way through.

Speaker 1 (17:10):

It’s all surprises, right? Card changes, color card, John. Another card jumps to your pocket. Then either you reveal a car to, they change places. So in this case, you know, it looks like he’s just had a card selected. It seemed for all like his Holy, like he messed up his control, did a duck, couldn’t it? Looked like he couldn’t find it and now he looks like he’s in the middle of either a preplanned or legitimate rescue. You see, when you press pause, the most perfect possible time. Look at that sweet right hand coming out of that deck. Mid side steel.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 5 (17:46):


Speaker 1 (17:47):

Right? Is that wrong of me to say? I don’t think so. No, but you can see that whole grip and if you want guys, the towel is that left thumb. Check it out. Someone’s got to hold onto those cards while you’re doing something while you’re, while you’re Shanana gating that hard. You know what I mean? That’s hardcore. Did good spot Aaron? Good, good. Hi. I feel like that’s not somehow, that might not even, no one’s watching this unless they’re really into magic. Like really? Oh yeah, totally.

Speaker 3 (18:16):

We’ll take it to that. I’m a genius. I was surprised. I was thinking we’re good. More than Jack of hearts. I guess what I have the one Jack of hearts over here in my wallet, maybe a sealed compartment of my wallet inside the sealed envelope. Notarize a little terror, take the card out, show it to everybody. Is that your handwriting? It is sealed, isn’t it? Yes or no? Take the card. Show it to everybody. Is that your handwriting? [inaudible]

Speaker 1 (19:06):

Oh, it was a signed card. I totally forgot. I couldn’t see it. He did have the card signed. Was that the original ambitious card? Yeah. Yeah. So what, what was going on with that second selection?

Speaker 6 (19:17):

I think it’s exactly what you said. I think he, I think he missed a beat and had to gamble and, and had to and had to steal it out there for Carto wallet.

Speaker 1 (19:25):

You know, it happens so often at the magic castle, you know, of all places you’re having a party with the people. You’re really in the moment. You either forget to do the slight or you forget the exact moment when you should do it or you forget something entirely. That was really important for later. You find that you’re about to reveal a folded up card, but you haven’t even gotten it from where it needs to be and folded it yet. Right. And you’re having so much fun with the people. Uh, it looks like I have no idea where that second selection came from, but I do know that in a situation where the crowd has given you so much love, it’s sometimes important to go with it and that’s when it really is convenient to be able to work with a slight of hand in real time. You know, like [inaudible]

Speaker 6 (20:08):

what do you think happened Alex? Do you think he, he, he missed it there somehow and he was just reading. Honestly it seems like to me he was using that moment to recall an effect that happened earlier. Which one did you pick before? Oh, you got the four, four clubs with four spades and I think it was just what you just said. Use that moment talking about previous trick to get himself ready, catch back up and get ready to Palm that card out so he could load the wallet. I think it’s what you’re saying, it’s just, I think he was just referring to a previous trick. Clive Clive Howard says there’s good reason to try and get a spectator to sign a low spot card.

Speaker 1 (20:43):

And building a poem was a big hand, a big fan of a low spot card and a spy card in general because you know, he told me when you’re doing the invisible deck on stage to make sure you asked a person to think of a car with spots on it so that he could ask how many spots were on it. Because all of the face cards look alike, uh, on stage. And I think wit is highly sensitive. I mean it really does feel more like a stage show in there than it should. It’s, it’s like he’s up on a rostrum busking or something, you know,

Speaker 4 (21:12):

and behind, if I recall correctly, behind that bar, there’s like a step up. So you’re, you’re above the people, right? I mean you, you are on a stage.

Speaker 1 (21:20):

You ought to be, because also the bars are up, like, you know, close up is down here just a little bit so you can work. But a bar is like not really super comfortable, at least for a guy. My height, Alex, you know, on the internet, friends Alex and I look like we’re the same height. Check it out. Say something, Alex. Hey, looks like we’re the same height, doesn’t it? That is another version.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 2 (21:45):

Hey, on our YouTube channel, uh, Paul, he says, a pop is an amazing magician. So fun to watch. His jokes are amazing too, and he loves his persona. And he was saying that that cover was coming up to the left. Only a magician would pick that out if they were really paying attention, it would fly right by the spectators. Uh, so that’s exactly right. Uh, Paul, uh, Aaron, Aaron spotted that w

Speaker 1 (22:09):

Yeah, there’s no, there was nothing any of us would even caught. The only reason even that we’re getting as far as we are is because it’s literally, we’re here on the task of watching, like off. Like we, I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been 20 years since I even watched magic that carefully. I, I enjoy going on the ride and wit. Of course. I can’t help it. I call him. He actually called DAS kalbi where a few days ago. Adam, uh, he’s very thoughtful fellow. Um, but there’s like no one more fun to watch and magic. He’s got so much love for his audience coming out of it. Every poor when he works. I’m just curious how many of our members that are here today got to actually see pop at the summit a couple of years ago at the CC summit at our intimate little convention couple of years ago. He was so cool, wasn’t he? [inaudible]

Speaker 4 (23:01):

he is so amazing and such a giving guy like he was willing to stop and talk with everybody and talk about anything and just a great, great human. I love it. He’s so good.

Speaker 1 (23:13):

Is that the end of that particular clip, Adam? You know, I sorta sorta love about it that that was, I think to some degree an ad hoc ending and that Whit can basically just take any show where he showed up and you turn on a camera and it doesn’t have to be the version that’s in the book or in the notes or the video. You can get just what you get. It’s sort of like a master chef can just say, well I’ll feed you and then chop up some stuff that’s available in the kitchen and just bring it out to ya and you feel like, Whoa, no would ever prepare to feed me so well. So you know, we may have gotten an out, we may have gotten with just Oh to hell with it Carter while it ending, but there’d be no way to ever know.

Speaker 1 (23:59):

You feel like you got the whole beautiful thing. You know a master magician. Yeah. He, he really is a master magician and a man that appreciates the science deal and a good standup double lift, you know, just goes to show that if you don’t, if you’re not using the double turnover, if you’re not letting the cards sit, if you’re not putting them on the table, if you’re not really used in double turnover so that it really does what a double lift can do and you got the people up there, you’ll also notice, watch that thing again. Uniformity. Like weight has gone over to using this double turn, double lift display, but he’s using it pretty much everywhere. Right. The times when you varies from it are so small that it feels the same to the audience. So a met a lesson from a master in masterful magic boy,

Speaker 2 (24:54):

definitely. We’re so lucky. We live in a time where we can, where we have access to watch that anytime we want. Uh, so, uh, yeah. Yeah. William dry feels like we were on a road. We had so many choices arose. Travel be the lettuce, the one that was the most beautiful. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s an interesting thing to be. Uh, it would be an interesting thing to be inside with head to, to know what decisions he’s making on, on spur of the moment like that to know where to stop a routine, where, how far it should go, all this things,

Speaker 4 (25:21):

you know, I bet that there’s not much thinking involved there. I bet that at the moment it’s just happening. He’s just got so much in his mind that are the ways that it’s happened in the past that I think he just is in the moment and he just sees the road and goes down,

Speaker 1 (25:35):

which is one of those magicians, especially in closeup, but, but I think even on stage too, you know, there’s a lot of magicians that like to be the same way every time. Uh, for me that’s not the exciting thing. Uh, and you know, look, there is a long time ago I used to spend a lot of time with, uh, Eric Mead, uh, learning about bar magic and I really learned that if you can just be in with the audience and have the fun with the people and let it be what it is in that moment, that’s why you miss double lifts. That’s why you lose the card is you’re actually playing the people and the magic is a little part of it. You end up with endings that you hadn’t planned. You end up with the show not being what you expected, but you end up with a show that is so exhilarating and fun.

Speaker 1 (26:18):

Hopefully not just for you, but for everybody that if you’re watching this and you’re ever torn back and forth, I highly suggest you embrace the different show every time. Not that the material is different, but that because you’re really there with the people and you’re really playing with the people. The show has to be different every time, and as Eric would tell you, they’re not always great. They’re always great, they’re real great, and sometimes every now and again they don’t connect. But I would vote over that over a vanilla show that kind of works all the time. Right? I would rather have it be awesome 80% of the time and then 5% of the time it just crashes because you just fail to connect. It happens, you know?


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 5 (27:03):


Speaker 2 (27:04):

all right, well, you know, speaking of a really, really great ambitious carb routines, we’ve got another one to look at, and this one, you know, this one has just always stood the test of time. I do not know if this is the same, if he does this the same way every time or how this works because while he’s no longer with us, but um, I do remember, uh, you know, seeing this as a child and uh, just being thoroughly amazed. It is absolutely one of my favorites and our members, uh, mentioned that, uh, this is an absolute favorite of everyone. So we are going to take a look at probably one of the all time greatest ambitious card routines right now. We’re going to take a look at Darryl

Speaker 5 (27:55):


Speaker 7 (27:55):

Wow. I wish I had a better act. Well, right now I would like to explain to you how all card tricks are done. I can explain them in one word. One word is control. That’s all that happens. The magician controls the cards. Allow me to demonstrate. Would you help me with this one? What I need to do is to have one,

Speaker 2 (28:17):

sorry. I just want to say right off the bat notice, just notice the difference in persona. They’re like, just notice that the energy, the intensity, the difference of persona, like how they, the choices that those, these two acts have made to present this effect in. And it’s effective both ways. It’s just that, you know, they’ve both made very specific choices. Like you know what you’re expecting when you sit down to watch Daryl versus pop. You know, it’s just a different feeling about what kind of magician you’re, you’re about to spend your time with.

Speaker 7 (28:50):

One card that we will control any card and because I’m going to have you sign the front of the card, it might be a good idea to get something other than a picture card. A number card would be best. So name any card you’d like and that’s one we’ll use. It’s up to you. Ah, one of my personal favorites. There’s the two of hearts. And would you please in big, bold letters, sign your name, your first name on the front side of the card. That’ll be perfect. Excellent, nice and big. Now, the reason I have the card spread face upwards is so that you can see that that is the only two of hearts in the entire deck. Sometimes I demonstrate this mystery and people say, Oh, well obviously you have duplicate cards, but that’s the only one.

Speaker 2 (29:27):

Is it? Is it full screen? Can everybody see it full screen?

Speaker 1 (29:32):

I wonder if some people are on the tablet and that doesn’t, that that kills the dual display or something. You know, I don’t know. Like if happen to be watching on a tablet, you might just be getting one of us or, or just a screen of who we’re watching. Uh, I know on desktop, uh, we’re seeing a little box of us on the panel in the screen. I think on YouTube you just see one face. It’s in the big box.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 2 (29:59):

All right? Just making sure. I was making sure I didn’t mess anything up. Here we go,

Speaker 7 (30:02):

everyone, even if I did have a duplicate two of hearts, of course, that’s the only one with your name on the front. Okay. Now what happens is the magician says put the card back into the deck and that’s where he cheats. I’ll show you what I mean. It goes in. I’ll shuffle them up, man, you haven’t blinked once. That’s good. So it really is hopelessly lost. The card is not on the bottom where next to the bottom. I mean it could have been, but it would have been just coincidence or the top is not near the top. If I want your card, I just snap the fingers and it will rise to the top all by itself. That’s the mystery. Now in slow motion, it looks like this. The two of hearts goes into the center of the deck about halfway down. All I have to do is snap the fingers.

Speaker 7 (30:37):

That’s all it takes. The card will rise to the top position and it works every single time. Now in slow motion, it looks like this. It really goes in, but I’ll put it in from the front. Now obviously if I do not snap my fingers, it will not rise up to the top of the deck. In fact, it won’t even be next to the tub. It stays in the middle until I do the secret move. The secret move is nothing more than a snap of the finger and it’s up on the top once again. Now anybody can do this.

Speaker 2 (31:00):

Wow. So, so he is a God, you know, I haven’t really noticed this, but he is moving like, like Darryl moves with a trajectory here, doesn’t he? And he doesn’t give you a chance to say anything.

Speaker 1 (31:14):

Yeah. And it dictates the why he’s doing the double lift that way. Why is using that method for the double lift? He’s, he’s, I think he’s blowing past a triple there. Right? It’s the thing that would describe that speed he was going, I actually blinked for a minute. So if there was a setup between the first and second phases, I missed it, Alex, but it looked like he was going triple double. So it was, you know, he’s showed us, shows a triple on Trop and he’s moving. So he’s doing the dragon flip, no thumb action, none of that stuff. You know, he’s putting it in there and then he’s doing it again as fast as you possibly can. None of that thumb action again. Right. Then he did, uh, then not on top. He did the double lift to show it was now, no, he had a single on top. He did all the way through to a single map to that guard. Then what was it? Nine one nine.

Speaker 2 (32:04):

It’s hard to remember.

Speaker 1 (32:06):

Not there. Not there. And then he set himself up for that, for that next double or triple. But you’re right, Adam, he’s doing three, four phases. All I know is this, he’s a Vernon student and when you see a Vernon student adopt the drag and flip method, right? That’s a perfect example of a guy that’s moving so fast. You don’t have time to stop and say anything and you don’t, there’s not a lot of savoring going on. It’s all about half-life in your body. He’s plugging in so effects, right, that you are getting, you don’t come down from the first one. So after he does it three times, you’re already like ah, you know

Speaker 6 (32:48):

specifically to he he uses that thumb count that that thumb count devil quite a bit too. So he’s got, he’s got a couple of different variations of the devil that he’s relying on and uh, it’s interesting to see what when and where he chooses which one to do. You know, check out the only letting people speak when he actually finishes, when the card is there. That’s when there’s interaction right in between there’s nothing. No way anyone can say anything.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 1 (33:11):

So what you’re saying Alex, is that that every phase up until now has really been one phase.

Speaker 6 (33:16):

That’s right. Yeah. As far as technique goes, yes. Course. As far as

Speaker 1 (33:19):

the actual structure of the trick, right. Has been like comes to the top, comes to the top, comes to the top, not on the bop. It’s on the top and phase one.

Speaker 6 (33:27):

How about that? Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Right. Cool. All right, let’s move on. All right.

Speaker 1 (33:34):

Yeah. Adam, I just want to see how when you turn it back on, I just want to see what the time code is cause we might want to take a look when we’re done at that. It’s two Oh four right now, so we might remember that and pop back 30 seconds when we’re done. All right,

Speaker 7 (33:50):

there’s in fact, would you do me a small favor? Lift off about half of the pack. Perfect. Cover it up yourself. Put all those cards on top. Take the entire deck out of my hands. Just snap your fingers. Perfect. You’re a natural turn over the top card. If it worked bowtie or thunder

Speaker 8 (34:15):

[inaudible] what’s the card?

Speaker 7 (34:16):

Closely? Not yet. It goes into the middle, but to be even more fair, I will place it in the middle of all of these cards and all of these into the middle of all of these kinds of notes. Hopelessly lost until of course I snap the fingers. Then it jumps back up to the top. Once again. Cleverly disguising itself on the way. No, perhaps the deck didn’t hit.

Speaker 1 (34:35):

Yeah, yeah. There was uh Oh. What are we doing? I’d start again. There’s the, go ahead. You want to tell him about that and you want to make sure, cause we saw this yesterday, right? The guard comes to the top. [inaudible] giant applause. I’m going to take that card and stick it in the center. And everyone was like thinking ma, I go, no, I’m really, it’s going in the center. And you can always tell because you get an effect from that, right? Cause you don’t even have to go [inaudible] there it is. So it’s like, okay, the selection comes to the top. Tremendous applause, right? I’m going to take it and stick it in the center again. Really? So God forbid they were out to lunch, you never have to say anything. But if you hear all the audience go, Oh, it means that whatever that moment was, you know, you just fake it, right? You literally, the more you fake it, the better. Right? So if, uh, you’re, you’re here, right? Notice how I’m faking an old style one,

Speaker 8 (35:37):


Speaker 1 (35:38):

So you just literally don’t do nothing, right? Your card goes in that watch carefully and then you go in there and then he goes into the next phase. It’s just tremendous and you know, he’s moving so fast. Yeah, Alex,

Speaker 4 (35:54):

it’s really interesting because that’s sort of like a barometer, right? It’s a barometer to make sure they’re really with you. If they don’t react at that moment, you’re not doing your job right. If you do that big faint like that, they have to react or else, you know, you might as well stop doing the trick. Well, they’re really good. I love it.

Speaker 1 (36:10):

Did Darryl went by the name magicians, magician and he really did. He was a great magician for all audiences, but you know, his bread and butter was really dazzling magicians and I think you can see some of the style is affected by that, you know, because he, he at this point goes into the next phase. Right after that he did what, whether it was three or four phases all the way to the top. Then he did the first faint. Not yet, hasn’t really gone to the top. Then he brought it up to the top of nanny. Finally puts it in the spectators hands and that was the next phase where we were just at. Let’s see what happens next. I love it in the spectator hands. I think it’s so awesome that it takes so long to get that, that he puts that so late, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 7 (37:01):

Lost until of course I snap the fingers. Then it jumps back up to the top once again. Cleverly disguising itself on the way.

Speaker 8 (37:08):


Speaker 7 (37:08):

perhaps the deck didn’t hear me here. Let me start again. There’s the 10 if I snap it like this and give it a little squeeze, it turns into the two of hearts. Are there any questions up to this point? I’m just making it up as I go along. Yeah, that’s right and she knows cause you tried to injure, you felt it. You didn’t look. I’ll tell you what I’ll do this time. I will push the card forward about halfway. I won’t use the whole deck. I’ll just cover it with a few cards. Just a few like that. I’ll push it in, give a little snap. It jumps to the top. But actually this is not the top of the Dexy. This is considered the top of the bottom half. The top of the deck would be this part over here. So

Speaker 8 (37:51):


Speaker 1 (37:52):

when did he put that deck down? It’s, you know, I’ve never seen a routine where have you literally blank. You will miss an element of the construction. Right. Did he have the topic? He, he, he showed the card. Right? He said he was going to push it forward. Then he said he was gonna [inaudible]

Speaker 4 (38:07):

put some more on top. Right. So he took that part and put it on the table.

Speaker 1 (38:11):

Right. So what did he say when he, that led me thinking that

Speaker 4 (38:15):

then he took the, the single card and put that into the middle of the, the, the packet that you’re holding as if he was going to do the same effect again.

Speaker 1 (38:22):

So what did he actually say when you remove those guards? Oh, let’s watch it again. Let me back it up. It’s, it’s, it’s tremendous. And, and bamboozle re, right.

Speaker 7 (38:36):

But actually this is not the top of the deck. Hang on. I’m just making it up as I go along. That’s true. Yeah, that’s right. And she knows, cause you tried didn’t and you felt it. You didn’t look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will push the cart forward about halfway. I won’t use the whole deck.

Speaker 1 (38:54):

Yeah, you see he did tilt and let me just turned over the car and you put that card in from the back and just turned it over. Yeah, he totally just did tilt, brought it to the top without [inaudible] up to this point without the effect at all. So he literally just said, I’ll push that one forward. I’ll remove these over here and do the cards. Yeah.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 7 (39:12):

Yeah. See I’m just making it up as I go along. Yeah, that’s right. And she knows, cause you tried didn’t do it. You felt it like you just did tilt. You didn’t even look. I’ll tell you what I’ll do this time. I will push the card forward about halfway. I won’t use the whole deck. I’ll just cover it with a few cards. Just a few lines.

Speaker 1 (39:32):

[inaudible] from the bottom. There we go. Yeah. He says he’s going to take that card, he’s going to push it forward. We’re just going to use a few cards on top of it. Right. But that’s not the top of the top. So, Oh, that’s not the top of thought. That’s the top of the middle. That’s the top at the top. And of course there it is. Awesome sauce. Yeah. Awesome. He really is Alex working the omnibus. He’s B that Alex just called it by the time Daryl said, here, I’ll show you what I’m going to do. By the time that moment happens, right. Darryl is definitely relying upon the fact that he’s done 10 of X and that you are overwhelmed to do more or less whatever sequences are pleasing to him, whatever it takes. I have never seen a magician do tilt as a get ready for our next phase.

Speaker 1 (40:27):

So he did it on the offbeat. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just flubbed and he just corrected himself. Right. Like that was just the way to catch himself in the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised by that for a second and maybe true. You’re willing to have time. He was in it. He was working, there’s a camera on. If he’d had the time, he would’ve done a reverse like that. Or he would have said, look, you know that if I can put it in there, I snap my fingers, it comes back to the top. But if I use less cards, you know, it’ll be easier to follow, you know, so he could have done any one of those things and no, it was all of them. You know, I’ve, but I think in the moment he’s just trucking, you know. I mean, honestly, how many of you out there have done the ambitious card on autopilot?

Speaker 1 (41:15):

You know, at some point in your career you’re doing the ambitious card enough. Like who among you has not just done the tilt and sort of glossed over a phase because you needed to get ahead for the phase, make it about doing, you know what Eckhart, just this, this is tricky, but Eckhart just actually just, I think he just, uh, just nailed it. He actually didn’t do the tilt. He actually do have to have the card second from the top Adam? No, he has to have it on top. Second from the top for that move to happen to be Adam. Oh, okay. Many pushes it forward. Oh, okay. You’re right. You’re right. No Eckhart says it is on top. Go ahead and watch it again because I’m not sure how that doesn’t work. If it’s on top, you have to have it second from the top so you can do that. Lorraine move. All right, let’s, let’s run it back. Let me know

Speaker 7 (42:05):

a little snap. It jumps to the top.

Speaker 1 (42:08):

All right, so it is Eckhart. We’re so happy to be wrong. It happens every day. It’s going to be about right. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (42:19):

[inaudible] watch the cards

Speaker 7 (42:20):

closely. Oh, this is ways back. It goes into the middle, but to be even more fair.

Speaker 1 (42:26):

Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.

Speaker 8 (42:29):


Speaker 7 (42:29):

perhaps the deck didn’t hear me. Here. Let me start again. There’s the 10. If I snap it like this and give it a little squeeze, it turns into the two of hearts. Are there any questions up to this?

Speaker 1 (42:38):

That’s probably about right. Okay.

Speaker 7 (42:42):

That’s right. And she knows, cause you tried to injure, you felt it. You didn’t eat. Look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do this time. I will put the card forward about halfway. I won’t use the whole day.

Speaker 1 (42:51):

Yeah. So it was the tail of Eckhart cards there. That card is there and he’s getting ready to drop it on the top of the deck. That’s off the, you know what though? I’ll tell you what I think what he was actually doing, if you want to give him the benefit is he was actually pretending to stick it on top from here and then turning the card over. I mean I think the effect on the audience is equally unremarked on in either case. That’s right. Because once you turn it over, it’s there. It doesn’t matter how it got there. Right? Yes. So when I used to have to do something like that, I’d say, you know, you know, I, we know it can come to the top when you stick it in, but maybe if we, you know, and so I would cover that moment but I think just as easily he could have been pretending to be sliding it on top of the deck. Like Alex says and turning it over. You wouldn’t, the amount of attention we get from the audience was very much the same. Right. That’s right. Is it is. No it’s not on top. It was second from the, it was definitely a, it was definitely sticking it second from the top, doing the double pushing it forward saying we’ll bury it under just a few cards. And then there it was.

Speaker 7 (43:57):

Oh that’s right. And she knows, cause you tried, do you felt it? You didn’t look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do this time. I will push the card forward about halfway. I won’t use the whole deck. I’ll just cover it with a few cards. Just a few like that. I’ll push it in and give a little snap. It jumps to the top, but actually this is not the top of the deck. See, this is considered the top of the bottom half. The top of the deck would be this part over here, so,

Speaker 8 (44:20):

and you’ll see it every single time. Well,

Speaker 1 (44:27):

I’ll say it though. I say it. I don’t know what you’re about. Let’s just carry on magic. I’ve actually never noticed it before until watching it. Right. They’re super close. While we are putting Darryl under a microscope, to be fair and to be fair, I guess we can point that no matter how much he’s vamping, that phase is probably always there. Sure. We’ll discuss in a few moments. All right. Yeah. Good.

Speaker 7 (44:56):

I have an idea to make this easier to follow. I will eliminate half of the pack. I won’t even use those. Just half of the deck. In fact, would you take this yourself? All I’m going to do is riffle down the corner. Anytime you’d like to say stop, I will stop and I’ll let you put the card in yourself. Okay? Yeah. Are you ready? Face down anytime. Stop. Perfect. Face down like that. Watch. No moves. No tricks, no manipulations. It is not on the bottom. It is not on the top. It stays in the middle until I snap the fingers. Then it jumps up to the top. Once again, I’m going to push it in with one finger cause I really want you to see it goes in the middle. That’s about halfway down with one finger. I’ll push it in watch. So you do a little snap. It jumps up to the top once again.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 1 (45:39):

Really good. That was really good. Which what part, what do you which, which part were you watching? Real set on top. Any up? Jogged it as if it was still in the middle of the deck and then I was okay. That’s what you show me. Let’s see it again. We find a 10 seconds for me cause it was very fast and subtle. That’s right. That way you could see, unless you’re looking, unless you have it under a microscope like we do, how could you even see it?

Speaker 7 (46:08):

Just see it goes in the middle. That’s about halfway down with one finger. I’ll push it in.

Speaker 1 (46:13):

Ah, you that that’s not right. That is one more time. One more time. It’s a great phase.

Speaker 7 (46:23):

No manipulations. It is not on the bottom. It is not on the top. It stays in the middle until I snap the fingers. Then it jumps up to the top. Once again, I’m going to push it in with one finger cause I really want you to see it goes in the middle. That’s about halfway down with one finger. I’ll push it in till you do a little snap. It jumps up to the top once again. Now let me do this again. It goes in the middle.

Speaker 1 (46:42):

Oh my. You push it flush. All right guys. He really pushes it flush and then he comes up and just lifts. I think it’s just that pink. He’s lifting it up. Yeah, but does he push there and then it’s actually that’s it. But that’s it. So he’s actually pushing it flush. Is he pushing it flesh, uh, as he’s coming up? Or is it beforehand? So the question is, is he doing okay

Speaker 9 (47:08):

that and that [inaudible]

Speaker 1 (47:12):

or is he literally somehow I think it’s that. I think it’s that. It’s as he comes up. So it’s as if it’s the card is out. Job is the one he’s showing. Let’s watch one more time just to see when that first finger pushes in. If it pushes in on the way up or beforehand. And that’s all I want to say.

Speaker 5 (47:34):

There it is.

Speaker 7 (47:36):

I’m going to push it in with one finger cause I really want you to see it goes in the middle. That’s about halfway down with one finger. I’ll push it in till you do a little snap. It jumps up to the top once again. Now let me do this again. It goes in the middle. I will turn this face up. That way you can see it’s not on the top yet. Not until I do the secret move. So here’s the secret. Move a little tap on a snap and it’s back on top. Now when you do this, you can do it in slow motion. Just place it on the table, cover it with all of these cards. Snap. It still jumps up to the top of the deck. It’s always on the top. But I have an idea to make this even easier to follow. Tell you what I’m going to do. I will eliminate a few more cards.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 7 (48:18):

I will eliminate, eliminate all of these. That’s all I can do now that’s as few as I can use and still be able to place the card into the middle of the deck. Now it’s a very thin deck, but the principle is the same goes in the middle. It’s sandwiched in from above and below until I push it like this, snap the fingers that jumps to the tongue. I’ll do this again. There’s the card, it goes in the middle between the other two cards until I snap the fingers and then of course it jumps to the top position. Now sometimes when I do this, I cheat. Once I did this and I did cheat by accident, I didn’t place it in the middle. Instead I actually put it on the bottom of the packet. That’s okay. I snapped. It still jumps up to the top. It just had to go through two cards and this works in anybody’s hands. In fact, would you put your hand out like this? Like a table? Watch closely. There is the card base down off the top into your hand. I will cover it with these cards. I’ll even spread them out. All you have to do is snap your fingers. Perfect. That’s good. Turn over the top card. Let everybody see we have another winner.

Speaker 1 (49:17):

So tell him what he just did there. I mean he just went into the classic routine. Yeah. And you did a multiple lifts sequence, right? I mean read cards. So that turned into the old, uh, you know, the $14 trick. What’s a color Monte? And then the devil goes to the bottom and then that comes like that. And then this one goes on your hand and then these two are spread out like that. Know that I was going to say. So he took that. So he eliminates all the cards. He makes it very clear and very easy for the audience to understand. But he just, he just took, eliminates all the cards. Yeah. So he just took, he just did color Monty in the middle of an ambitious routine. And it made it very, very clear and very magical. That’s finished with all the cards, right, Alex, and it makes it look like he’s trying to help the spectators. I’m going to help you understand this a little bit easier. We’ll use fewer cards. How many cards? Oh my gosh. Oh, he’s actually really, we are a little over, but he’s really, you know, what he’s doing is he’s putting as much of the book as possible into one routine, so I think we can assume that rather than be that a working routine, this is sort of Darrow’s

Speaker 6 (50:29):

Darryl’s total clearing house routine for all of his favorite stuff. It’s the whole ambitious card omnibus book and a wonder routine. Pretty much the winners, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 5 (50:52):


Speaker 7 (50:52):

there may be some suspicious folks out there. Quite honestly. There’s only two ways that this can be done, or two categories of methods. One is it could be slight of hand. Another is, it could be a trick. That is to say maybe before the show I had you sign a duplicate two of hearts. That’s not the case. So just to make this card extra unique, ah, perhaps you’d care to help out. Would you put your initials or your signature on the front of the card as well? What we’re going to do is have several people sign the card. That way we know there’s no possible chance of having a duplicate and to make sure that I’m not using any slight of hand. What I’m going to do is wrap the deck with real. Please do watch very closely. I am going to slight of hand proof the pack and the best way to do that is to wrap it up with rope.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 7 (51:40):

Now there’s no way to perform slight of hand with the deck that has been wrapped with rope. I know because I’ve tried. It just cannot be done. So many have tried and several were seriously injured in the attempt. Look at that at puppies all tied up. Now that’s slight of hand proofed. Is there a card out there? So no, please, please enjoy, relax and just for fun, would you sign the card as well and sign it on the back on the back just in case. That’s good. Any kind of identifying Mark will be fine and let’s have that back. Oh look at that. There’s no way I could have a duplicate of that puppy. So the deck has been sleight of hand proofed with the rope and the card has been signed by what? 2030 people. And to make it even more unique, let’s tear off a corner.

Speaker 7 (52:34):

How bout like that? I think that should be pretty convincing. That is the only one. The deck has been sleight of hand proofed. The card that’s been signed by 20 or 30 people goes into the center of the deck and that really is the middle, isn’t it? It really is. I haven’t cheated yet, but it’s coming up. I’d like to see this one myself. That is the middle of the deck. It does go in. Is that still in the middle still? The signed card? Yup. Watch inside all the way. Not yet. It hasn’t gone through yet. Watch two of hearts all the way in. All I have to do is snap the fingers. Yes, I felt it. You’ll have to take my word for it, but I did. I felt it. One card rises to the top. When you take a little peek under there, that is definitely the top card. It is signed on the front. It is signed on the back. And just for those who are extra suspicious, it has the missing corner. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the mystery.

Speaker 5 (53:44):


Speaker 4 (53:45):

I don’t know. That ending is pretty tough to beat. I really like the the card to impossible location but that impossible coming to the top, that rope thing is really something I haven’t thought about it for a few years. It might be worth doing again.

Speaker 1 (53:58):

Well you know Alex, we were just talking about that phase that is important where we stick that double an and people can see its face. That’s really important. And the only thing that could make it more important is if it were plain as day at that was the signed card and it could be touched and felt in just the way you could feel it happening. You know? I mean he was really getting maximum poop out of that. Right. And that’s really the thing and the thing that makes it so I think the thing that really ties it together that we really saw here is how that entire routine is built to create that moment. So that, that, that the modus operandi of Darryl’s ambitious card climax, which is now back on the market, right?

Speaker 4 (54:50):

That’s right. Yeah, you can, you can buy them again. They make them in red and blue and it’s so, it’s great. Right. I remember making it because it was in the book cause at the time I made it, it wasn’t, they were, there was no such thing as a commercially available version of it and I had to make the thing. But you know, as you guys know, I’m a DIY freak. I love making magic tricks. So it was not that big of a deal for me. But to have one professionally made, I mean I, I’m honestly thinking about buying it again cause I want one in red and one in blue. I’m that guy that likes to pick the night. I’m doing a show, you know, which color am I going to choose and to have a gaffer, either one. That’s, that’s a pretty cool thing. You know, I’m, I’m a, I haven’t thought about this for a lot of years and I really think I might start playing with this tied up deck again, thing I really forgot how, how much impact it really has. It’s such a good thing. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (55:36):

Alex, does it work with a stranger card

Speaker 4 (55:42):

if it was like a different, are different back design you mean?

Speaker 1 (55:45):

Yeah. Say that I have my deck is my deck and I’ve got like a purple card in here and I was doing it. Would you get to that moment and have it work or would it be a little lifting?

Speaker 4 (55:55):

It could be iffy, but I could also see that you might be able to block it, that it wouldn’t be a big deal. You know, as long as you keep that top of the deck tilted towards you until the moment of truth, you probably could get away with it probably, but it would be a stretch. I don’t think it will be a stretch. I think you just have to block it. I think you just have to think about it knowing that that’s, you know, what that end result that you’re going for is like that. Yeah, exactly.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Pop Haydn magic. Remember, you can watch the video above to visually see what we’re talking about. 


Speaker 1 (56:16):

So the thing is y’all, he, when he goes into that packet, phase, that packet phase him to take the rest of the cards and play some with the deck and then complete it. And then to finish, he does one more phase with the whole deck. And I think that’s part of, I think when you’re looking, I think what we just saw was a good deal of part of Darryl schism act, one of Darryl’s Fiza max, isn’t it? It would have to be, and there is an architecture in there which is so deceptive and fooling so that by the time he gets to that ending, there’s absolutely nothing. I mean, they’re all knew how to do magic for magician

Speaker 2 (56:56):

[inaudible] cards. Too many cards. Let’s put some away. It’s perfect, right?

Speaker 1 (57:00):

No many phases stack up so that you are, you’re being full of one. Some, uh, that when you’re not being flowed, you’re being mesmerized by the pace. And the energy and the sheer, uh, density of it. But then you’re really being, uh, diverted with your blinders on so that at the big finish you’re just taken down. So beautiful.

Speaker 2 (57:24):

That’s such a great routine. Daryl was just, you know, what a lovely guy and what a master magician just like pop. He was a master magician. He’s as good as you can beat. Yeah. I love Darryl. It’s wonderful that he left all these artifacts for us to learn from. Right.

Speaker 1 (57:38):

I mean, what a great thing we missed. They’re all, you know, he was a friend. He was a teacher when I got the party with him when I was moved out to Las Vegas when I was 20 years old and Darryl came over to hang out at Leanne’s apartment in the afternoon. It was like, I felt like one of my lifetime dreams was coming true. He was a dear friend and a losing him was a real tragedy. Uh, and it’s, it’s bittersweet, but really a good thing that is best magic is being rereleased now.

Speaker 2 (58:11):

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