Emmy Winning Broadcaster & Master Magician Comes to CC for a Special Live Event

The Conjuror Community team anticipates our most exciting Live Event yet when Rolando Santos, world famous CNN Broadcaster – and Master Magician – joins us for a special presentation called Magic as a Universal Language.

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See Magic as a Universal Language with Rolando Santos LIVE on December 7th – or watch anytime after the event in the Conjuror Community Backroom.

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A little background on Rolando…

He’s been the CEO of CNN Chile, he’s launched FOUR 24-hour news networks, on four different continents, in three different languages and has received countless awards for his work in news.

Recently we spoke, and he told me that the News business shares something very important with our beloved art of magic.

From Rolando’s perspective, both magic and the news are the same – they’re about storytelling.

Biography Note:

Rolando knows as much about magic as he does about the news. Rolando has been an International President of the I.B.M. He’s a member of the Inner Magic Circle and he’s a been a 4F Performer at that Original Exclusive Close-up Convention.


From the time of the first cups and balls routine in Egypt, the audience was an active participant in the performance. 2000 years later, we are still looking for ways to ensure that the audience is fully engaged in our performances.”


-Rolando Santos


In this Special Live Event Rolando Santos is going to share his knowledge of communication and magic with you so that you can successfully communicate any message you choose no matter where you find yourself.  

He’ll also share secret methods on how to fully engage your audience – and keep them engaged throughout the show. Plus, he’s going to show you how to adjust your current routines so that you can make them play for any audience, anytime.

So mark your calendars and plan to join us for one of the most exciting live events we’ve ever hosted!

Day: December 7th, 2016

Time: 10pm EST