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C.C. Expert Shawn Mullins Reveals His Secrets for Success as a Pro Magician

Shawn Mullins has been performing professionally for over a decade, and is a well-loved member and teacher on our Expert Panel at Conjuror.Community.

In this 20 minute video interview, Shawn shares his tried and tested methods for developing a great set, tells us the 3 items he would include in his Magic Survival Kit and let’s the cat out of the bag on the real way to find your comedic voice in magic.

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Take a small break, relax and enjoy. And if you have any more questions for Shawn, please leave them in the comments below!


About the Author:
Shawn Mullins ProReviews has quickly become a favorite staple of our Online Events for Conjuror Community members. In each episode, Shawn leads you step-by-step through everything you need to tackle a great piece of magic. 

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  • Shawn Mullins

    August 26, 2016


    To be honest, Adam is releasing all the secrets in Conjuror.Community so just take a peek there. A big part of my early success was just performing anywhere I could and making contacts. The more people who saw me perform and understood that I do it for money… The better.

    I took 2 years off of performing and marketing anything and relied on repeat bookings. I stayed busy enough and when I was ready to jump back in, some people were glad to hear I got back in the game.

    My formula is simple:
    -Get people to see what you do
    -Make sure they know you do this for a living
    -Get their contact information (Don’t rely on yours)
    -Stay in contact
    -Sell them a show

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