In this video, the CC Panel watch and discuss Tony Slydini Magic… one of the greatest magicians of all time.

Slydini Magic

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slydini magic

Hey. All right. Welcome. Welcome everybody. This is afternoon astonishment here, conjure community. My name’s Adam grace. I’m here with, uh, Steve Barcelona and Alexander slimmer, and we’re all from conjure community. The world’s best magic club. So in today’s video, you are going to get a taste of what a great magic club can offer you. So do us a favor. If you like what you see today, make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to our channel, please. So you’ll be notified every time we go live with new video. So, um, Alex, will you, uh, roll it out? Tell us what we’re gonna, what we’re gonna look at today. Yeah, we’re gonna look at the magic of Slydini. Tony Slydini is, uh, one of the greats. He’s one of those guys that sort of reinvented what magic is in terms of what it was from his point of view.

I think as a child, he probably saw some magic, but, uh, from what I can tell, the guy invented all of his own moves and his own ways of doing things. And in doing that, he discovered some really deep secrets about what Tommy wander would say, his direction of attention, what others might call misdirection, but just being able to make the spectators look exactly where they need to look at every moment of a routine sliding. He was a master of this. And I think that these routines that we’re going to see today really are a reflection of that. So a buckle up. And if you haven’t seen this before, I think this is probably gonna blow your mind. I remember when I first saw this, that my world sort of changed. I was in magic for maybe four or five years and a friend had a videotape of what we’re about to see.

And I watched it and I, I just couldn’t believe it was possible that things could look the way it looked when this man performed magic. So, uh, if you haven’t seen him before, I envy you right now, uh, and if you have get ready to visit with an old friend and, uh, remember why Slydini magic is awesome. And it’s such a great way to put that visit with an old friend. That’s I would look at all these guys as uncles. Yeah, right? Like my old uncle, you know what I mean? We, you spend so much time with them, right. You’re reading their work or you’re looking at video of them or both. And you’re thinking about them and their work and where they were when they came up with this stuff and why they would even come up with it and you start to have like an intimate relationship with these people that you’ve never met before. And it’s yeah. It’s one of the cool things about magic, right? Yeah. Yeah. It is. It is. Okay. Let’s take a look at our first sliding eclipse. I think this is a, this is just marvelous. And uh, I think it’s going to full, full everybody. All right, here we go.

I never, I never buy cigarettes. I can see anytime I want a cigarette. I told her I had to do reach it, take a cigarette. Somebody asked me a cigarette, what I would do, but I used to break an a half and I give him a piece each. Yeah. If they don’t like it, I put a Becket again. Very slow. That’s marvelous. What should we do now? No, uh,

By the way, Jonathan Hogan and Steve acetylene who were sitting here, there they’re quite all right. They’ve never seen you.

You want to change? Yes. Would you like a lady for it? Did you see the look on that? Guy’s face just then?

Well, this is that, this is actually like the second trick and on this Dick Cavett appearance. So he’s been getting like hammered. These two guys have just been getting hit hard by slight beanies magic. Like, what is happening? How is this happening? Right. And they they’re just guys that you brought in as audience members on the Dick Cavett show. So they had no idea what they were in for. And, uh, yeah. It’s, it’s funny to watch these guys for sure. And the next spectator that they bring on for the, to be right next to Slydini magic Dick Cavett switches out here, just so you know, if you’re a magician, this is the face you want. You’re on your spectator. When you’re doing magic. Where’s this guy. Where’s he from? There’s a little bit of drool coming out of the left side. You just can’t see it. What’s actually happening is the synapses are firing, but nothing’s connecting any pauses here for like a good two seconds.

You want me to change anything? Yes. Would you like a lady for a trick? You have to do one trick for a lady watch.

It’s a lady by magic. Here she is.

Nah. Yeah. I have a cigarette. I want you to take a look, see if there’s anything wrong. Take your time. Look inside. See if there’s any major concern, nothing inside. Right? Watching my hand look nothing. May I have your hand this way? Okay. That’s it. I’m about to turn to the cigarette. I really tell them you won’t believe it. See? And I’m going to tell them all the way through just to make the, this I would see. Oh yeah. Now this is an empty paper you can see and hear fine. Now I want you to put it into the back of my hand and my hand, a wrap right now. What I want you to do? Take this paper. Yes. Mentioned into the ball. He pulled I’m a writer on the center. Pick your thing. If I can get another secret at TIAA, which is not true. Niccolo, small Michela, small smile. Put them in a sec. Take your time. That’s it right on the center. Nigeria. Did you ever see anything you saw

Every day?

I’m woo. What just happened?

That’s an amazing, that is just a beautiful slight of hand brother. He is really, really something else. I mean, the fact that he can do magic with a big loose load of tobacco and just a big pile of loose tobacco in his hand. And then that becomes a thing. Like, I felt like he was waiting for his moment there. You know, he’s kind of waiting for the moment she put the paper there and they said here, dude, smaller. Cause he didn’t get the moment he wanted. You know what I felt like happened. It felt like he didn’t have the cigarette ready. And he, he got one out of the pack and he very quickly got it into his lap is what it felt like in that long. Like, I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what it felt like to me. Like he didn’t have the cigarette he needed to make that effect happen. You know what I mean? See if you can put that moment up again at him. So he backed up. That’s exactly what happened. Yeah. You’re right now. It’s totally was doing exactly that. We’re going to watch it one more time. The bomb

He put I’m a writer. I’m the center. Pick your thought.

Like I think he lost the cigarette or dropped it or something. Yeah. Yeah.



I put him in a sec. Take your thing

Now. Now he’s ready. And now he’s ready. Yeah.

Right then you said Nigeria. Did you ever see anything?

You know what? Yeah. That’s just beautiful, man. Just under the gun. That really what happened? That’s what happened. Yeah. That’s what it looks like anyway. You know, for sure technique. You would never know. You would never know. Yeah. Say it again. What would you, what do you love about Slydini magic Steve? Well, it’s off topic. Go ahead. I was going to say, this is what Neil just said too. Exactly. He forgot to laugh. He dumped another one. Yeah. So he real. Okay. Just think about this guys. Just think about this. All right. You’re on national TV here in the bright lights. You forget to have your actual prop where you need it. Okay. He did not miss a beat. He reaches down, picks up that pack of cigarettes casually and somehow gets one out of there. Yeah. And gets it into position and made it look like a flourish, like picking up the pack to set it down. Like that was just incredible, man. Play it again, man. Watch it again. Cause he got one cigarette out of that pack just by holding it up in a gesture. And then he, he comes to the edge of the table and he laps it to get ready because, so he can show his hand empty as he gesturing towards that pilot tobacco right here. All right. Just watching him. I’m sure. Sliding. And he wouldn’t mind if we,

And we’re students of magic, we’re analyzing this so that we can understand magic. Better education.

Yeah. I’m just saying he’s he’s the one magician you can watch and close up over and over again. And

It’s hard to see any right after, right? Yeah.

Alright. Hey, can you guys see it? I’m going to turn the volume off

So we can just watch good. All right. There it is. He just discovered it or an L on the floor, right? Or it fell out of where is it where he could get to it there. He dumps one out. He comes back and he lapped it right there. When that hand bounced on the table.

Wait, what? I’m I’m even having a hard time. It usually I can follow this stuff so easily, but I’m having a hard time following the moment. Alright.

Okay. So I’m going to tell you to pause Adam. I, and we’ll spell out each moment. Oh wait, pause it right there. He just loaded as a cigarette into his hand, right? So he’s got a cigarette secretly palmed in his right hand. And he’s going to set that cigarette pack again. Well, I think he’s got his fingers on the tip of the cigarette right now. That’s probably right. That’s probably right. Yeah. So when he puts it down posit again, immediately Adam, when he puts that cigarette pack down positive. Now watch, when that hand comes right down to the edge of the table, you’ll see him barely touch the edge of the table. And that’s when it, when it drops into the Palm or it’s the lab, sorry, we’re going to get in so much trouble for this. It’s okay. There it was. That was it. Yeah. He did it on the offbeat too, which is as his hand as his hand moved, he touched the edge of the table. Go back like two seconds. There you go. Play it again.

Yeah. This might be, there you go. Yep. This might be something we should probably just be talking about in CC, but we’ll we’ll test the limits today. We’ll see like really? Exactly. Glenn has a great comment, which I think I can’t see the whole comment, but he says it’s likely that that’s happened before. I can’t imagine not being prepared for any situation. He manages equally impressive as effect. Yeah, exactly. Just the way like he definitely has. He’s done this a million times and things like this have happened either in practice or in real life. And he’s had solutions that he’s used in the past. And so he just went to that solution, obviously, you know what I mean? He’s a master. So right. By this time he’s already been doing magic for like 50 years. Right. And this is an old man coming to say, I’m hiring and I give private lessons. I give him masterclasses in New York city. That was well, the two, two cool things about Slydini magic was like, you could go get a lesson. You know what I mean? He was just, anybody could write. And secondly, he talks like every, like my grandfather spoke exactly like that. You know what I mean? So it’s like every uncle they’re all like the broken yeah. You come in, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m broken. I have an extra affinity for him. Newell Newell says, Newell

Says that, uh, it’s called the revolve vanish in his left hand. And he studied it. Cause noodle noodle studied with a slight Dany. We have somebody in the chat who actually studied with slide 80 for a bit. And uh, so the revolve vantage boy, that looks good. So Lou says, but when does he go back to get it? Right? Right.

If you keep watching, you can, you can, you know, you can see where I don’t. I don’t,

This is what was messing me up two guys. Right. Because the question that I believe Lou is asking, it’s very perceptive of you, Lou. Okay. Because it’s the same question that I had. Right. Is can you guys see the video? All right. So if he, if he gets, I’m going to have to go in slow motion. If he gets, if he gets the cigarette here. Okay. And he pulls it up there. If he, then if he laps it there. Yes. Right? When does he go back to his lap?

Watch, watch the relaxation, watch the relaxation. You can see him go back in his chair. And when he goes back in his chair, his hand goes from the table to his lap. Hold on just a second. What, what I think he does is, uh, now he’s ready. And so it’s restart. Take the paper back, make it smaller. Yup. That’s what he does. So he just restarts watch. He moves out of the way here. Take it, make it go smaller. So it’s just a restart. There went down into the bombing

Splashing just a little bit too.

He was dude. I thought he was that’s a shirt because I thought he was too. Just looking at a place that you shouldn’t be looking. So you’re seeing the shirt underneath his hand. Look at that. Look it above his hand. That’s the line of the shirt. And when his hand moves out of the way, you’ll see that same white. I thought it was a cigarette too for awhile.

And then the revolve vanish here. Oh gosh, that looks good.

So it’s so looks like nothing. Exactly. So good.


It’s like beautiful. Just beautifully sees. That’s a magic. It’s like beautifully seasoned magic. You know like he’s making a beautiful gravy, you know, from the backlog, but Milken confirmed this. I thought that was part of the lesson. He cooked you dinner. Right? You got spaghetti dinner. If you went an adolescent with Slydini magic you had dinner and then you talked about the magic, the magic. That sounds like a great freedom night to me. It totally sounds like a great that’s what? Every magic could come with a meal at two, you had pasta. There it is. Well let’s sounds so good. We should start another club where that’s what we do make spaghetti in new magic. We make spaghetti and we’ll teach you something. We don’t know. Conjure community club is over. We’re now in the conjure Cola of culinary club, culinary conjurers community and Eric condor.

Yes. Culinary conjures Academy. All right. So, all right. So if that was your first introduction to Slydini magic okay, then you have a big, you were like, this is a big day for you. Cause you’re about to discover a few things. Cause, cause we’ve picked some really good ones for you. Now our, our, our own Michael Grant off has been studying, uh, Slydini magic here recently for the last couple of years. And he has really come a long way with, with, with some of those, those routines. But there’s very little footage that you can watch of this stuff. I mean, um, I, it’s not easy to find this footage out there. In fact, this footage here is not even out there, right. Alex mean it’s really hard to think it’s out there. It’s just the it’s pretty grainy stuff. Um, I had this in my collection and I was able to edit it and chop it up and get out the specific, actual bits of meat that we want for this. And because of that, I have a couple of these, um, uh, appearances from the Dick Cavett show. So I do have some more slightly new stuff if you know, people like it today and we want to go do a deeper dive. We can look at other versions of some of these things just so we can get more insight into this man and his magic. So, uh, you know, if we get a good thumbs up on this, maybe we can do another one.

Well, well this is the kind of, I’m sorry. I was just going to say, this is kind of thing. Whenever we get into stuff like this, it just blows my mind. You know, because here is a dyed in the wool master, right. You know, who could really argue with, with that? And you know, this is what people’s impression of magic should be. You know, but most people have never seen the guy, never heard of the guy doesn’t know anything about him, but they still have an opinion on magic. You know what I mean? You know? And it’s just like, this drives me crazy. It’s like this guy has spent a lifetime on these 15 things.

But if you’re a layman, if you’re a layman, you have to do a magic trick for you to go out there. It was, I saw magic. And you know, in your picture of what the world is, you know, you have something that checks that box and it’s all fine. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. They just don’t know what they don’t know exactly.

You know, you sum it up beautifully.

All right. So this next one is, uh, AIDS. We’re going to get into some of the Slydini magic coin work. Alright. So I love, I love the cigarette magic. I’m always been a fan of cigarette magic, but you know, when you talk about Slydini magic, there’s a couple of things that stick out. One of them is always coins. You know, you can’t separate, Slydini magic in coins. So the idea is like silver dollars too, right? It’s not just coins. It’s silver. He’s he’s using big coins and he’s this little Italian guy using these big, giant coins. That’s the vision I have in my mind. Yeah. Alright, here we go. This is a, this is a new, this is a new piece. There we go.

So amazed by the coins different. Right? Okay. By the way, these are

Silver dollars. Normally I don’t like people to reach out and touch my coins without asking first. But, uh, you know, Dick Cavett was like, what the heck? I’m Dick Cavett. I’ll reach out and touch anything I want, I think so

42, nothing wrong with them. Right? How many cones I have is six, six right now. Very close. And I’m not going to do anything. Look okay. Three and three. Okay, miss. Right. So even saw you see, you see three, three repeat [inaudible] deletion and then great. Three, three. Yeah. Yeah. Do you think it’s possible? Just touch it right there. Look, just touch that I have sick. Uh I’m no, I don’t think it is. And be then knowing what I know now, I don’t care what you say in your mind. You think that either something maybe dead. No, I’m going to prove it to you. Look, I didn’t do anything. Do something very slow. Look, watch.

Right. That just slaps you right between the eyes right there. So good dude. It’s just so awesome, man. I know I’m with you William Williams. Like what Steve Forester says the Dick Cavett study with sliding. He, so it was okay to touch the coins. Yeah, I guess you’re right in that. And throughout this series, these, these shows that he does with them, he does make a point of mentioning that I am a student of Slydini magic and that one day, maybe I’ll show you my coin routine, but today we’re going to watch the master. You know, I just didn’t leave that in there. I didn’t think it would be entertaining, but it turns out it would have been right. And this, this whole routine is beautiful. Let’s keep trucking. [inaudible] I want to see, I couldn’t see. Well over there,

No matter where you stay, I fully get just the same. Now this one, when I say, give me your hands,

You know, I feel like it’s, it’s kind of important to point out that the first thing that Slydini magic always does is he, he, he has this perfect. He has this knowledge of geometry okay. In his head. And he understands where his body needs to be positioned in regards to the spectator or spectators. So it’s interesting to watch. Cause I noticed it, you know, it was, it was barely perceivable, but I noticed it here at the very, what he did when Dick Kevin sat down or was sitting down how he adjusted his body. But watch I’m just gonna, I’m just kind of pointed out red because he goes to the other side. You get to see him set up a geometry again. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s resetting the geometry. So watch this is, this is him resetting the geometry from Cabot’s move


Yeah. I want to see, I couldn’t see. Well over there

The way I fully adjusted now, this one, when I say, give me your hand and the bottom of the table, you give me a hand right away. No, wait. They know DNA. Okay. I’ve never seen this. No. Okay.

No, too far. I wonder if that was planned, do you think that was planned for kava to move from one side to the other? That didn’t feel like it was planned? I felt like to me, that felt like Dick Cavett got fried real hard and he’s like, Oh, wait a second. I’m going to be at the proper angle to see this stuff and see the full show. I can see what I can see that too. Because in the last show, uh, I don’t know if you remember, but in the cigarette presentation he was sitting in the spot, but he just moved to, and that was the spot he was in for the whole show and the first time. Right. The appearance. So, uh, yeah, I think he got fried. Awesome.

Um, some Trixie wanted a spectator on the right and some on the left. Some for women, some for men, it was absolutely planned. Steve Forester says, huh? Interesting. Uh, all right. Newell says that this, this trick was inspired by Vernon’s kangaroo coins. So Tony Slydini magic was embarrassed because, uh, Vernon it, sorry. He was embarrassed because he asked, he called coins at Vernon. Did it and then asked Tony if he could do that. And Tony was embarrassed and six months later, he come up with his own with nine versions. Oh, I, sorry. It took me so long to read that. Uh, okay, here we go. This is the continuation. And I’m going to try not to interrupt this routine. Cause it’s really beautiful. You guys see it? Yes.

Did we slope three and three and you can’t miss. Yeah. Okay. Not do you think God do something just by doing this way, this way, this way and this way we think I switched anything for you. It’s possible. I might not going to show the points anymore. The buddy gene, you should know how I having a right to hand. Just to listen. How many I hit? Three, three, three. Fine. Not here.

Three, no doubt. Three.

Want some water in my foot or you’re not a don’t bleed. I do really listen. How many years? So read three. Yes. Good done here. Still three. I give you a hand to the bottom of the table. Yeah. Too late, too late.


I know what to watch for. I’m going to show only one. Okay. Alright. We’ve got other thing to do. This is about the best. Alright. First, first, first through them. See it disappear. And no one knows where it is unless I take from here from Egon 10 [inaudible] but that’s it’s good.


I think I can take it from the day and I can put it here, but see I do it again. Look first. Yeah. See, I’m happy to hear it from me. Erase up, look on the bottom. It’s there. And there’s no way that you’re not supposed to fool me. Everything disappear at the snap of the feet. Very slow. And he’s [inaudible]


And disappear. No way to find out that he goes, he’s always here. You know, I can pass him it through the hand again through the hand and I can do one Simone, same thing.

[inaudible] that’s good. One, man. It’s a good one. It’s the grant off sequence actually has more in this sequence. He actually researched all this lighting stuff and yeah. He’s yeah. Michael Grant off for those that don’t know, you should seek out in the back room, watching Michael do his version of these Slydini magic routines with the coins. And uh, you’re in for a treat. He really is. He put in, put in the hard work and he built that thing from the ground up to work for him, which is a, that’s a difficult feat, right? Cause I beanie, he taught this stuff as him with the, you know, the Italian accent and all the gestures that are pretty wild for an American to do, you know, but he was able to sort of turn down the volume on those things and make them work for him. And he’s made it into a beautiful piece of magic that he’s going to do for the rest of his life. Man. It’s really something to behold. I encourage you all to go and check it out. It’s really great. If you know, what I love about Slydini is the choreography of the whole thing. You know,

It’s the, just the whole choreography. It’s not just a move that happens here. It’s like a whole, body’s using the whole space and uh, it’s just really great. You know, really,

It’s funny that you mentioned that Steve, because I think that, uh, Tamaris is one of the few guys that are really isolated with sliding. He was trying to teach and he was able to put into language, a lot of the things that, that slightly, and he was talking about because like the double crossing, the gaze Tamaris gets the credit for that, but it’s really, that’s, that’s all over the place and Slydini his work, but Slydini magic when he would talk about it the way he would talk about it, he would say what someone would say, what is that, that you’re doing there? And you say it’s a better than a sight of hand. And that was like as much language as he could give to that. And tanneries tears it down in the magic way. He rips apart, the double crossing the gays and says that it’s like he needs work and puts into language what Slydini is doing so that you can understand the concept and actually apply it to your work and use the move. But Slydini could only say so much about it. And it was, you had to do all the things like Slydini so you could have that technology in there. And uh, yeah, it’s, it’s real elusive, but five points of magic. That’s what that’s all about. Right? Using the feet, using your head, using your voice, all of the things it’s like make it all work. I think Tamaris was just probably one of the most hard lightening these students that ever was. Right? Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, it’s just so great. You don’t see that. I don’t think from a lot of closeup magicians, I don’t think we see a lot of people seated anymore either. Do we? No, I love this quote. It’s sliding. He said most magicians move, like truck drivers. I’ve heard, I’ve heard that before, but you’re right. Alex. You’re you’re entirely right. I had never occurred to me before that the five points is a direct it’s it’s directly looking. I mean, it’s looking at what’s how it’s sliding. He lives in breeds magic and you’re right. [inaudible] was able to put that into words, but Slydini magic was living and breathing that stuff long before. Um, and this and the magic way you’re, you’re exactly right. That that’s us, that’s kind of a huge thing that I’ve never thought about or realized until now, like where the source of that came from.

I was fortunate that I had a lesson, uh, with Aaron actually with, uh, dr. Jean Matsuura, uh, in San Francisco, we actually came and saw you right after we came and saw your, your band truth and salvage company play after the lesson in San Francisco. Uh, but we went and saw Jean and we had a day long lesson with him because he was a slightly new student and he has like sliding artifacts. Like he has that embroidered suit, the Spanish suit that’s hanging in his magic collection, right? Like, like we, we, we studied with this man and he told us the stuff that he was able to distill from his many lessons with Slydini magic to give us sort of a taste of it. And that was one of the things that really stuck with me was what Adam just said, the idea of, you know, how basically this is slightly unique technology that, that Tamaris had given to the world when he wrote his books. And, uh, he was able to sort of trace the path a little bit more and make it so that it was really easy to see that, you know, we’re, we’re all links in a chain, man.

You know, what else to do you think it’s true that I guess Slydini magic is really at his peak in the sixties, right? That’s right. You know,

In the fifties, early sixties. Yeah.

It’s not like it is now. We’re like everybody writes a magic book. That’s right. You know, it wasn’t, you know, uh, magic was a real handed down from him, from person to person skills, as more than I think it is now, now it’s like, everybody writes their book and you can go get this guy’s thinking or that guy’s thinking,

Well, all of the old world things are gone, right. We don’t have the magic gathering place that was like the magic store or, you know, all of these things that used to be these relics of this old way of doing things. They’ve transmuted, they’ve morphed into things like this on the internet. And the information is just being disseminated in a different way. And because of that, you don’t have the same sort of like Guild or apprenticeship that was going on with these old world magicians. You know what I mean?

Can I, can we just jump off right here and talk about last night?

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, it’s like what you just said, there just rang that bell for me. It’s like, it’s, it, it shocks me always when members get up and perform like they did last night, you know? And you’re just like, you can see how, uh, how much work they’ve put into it and how much and how much care they have. You know what I mean? Like it’s just really inspiring. And then when they say nice things about us, it’s just like, you gotta be kidding me. Right.

It’s like a mirror, right? It’s like holding up a mirror. I’m just watching these guys that are doing the things that aren’t, they’re all just clearly all communing with each other. They’re all jamming on magic, hard trying to find the best way to do all the things that they’re doing and then going and doing the work. Right. Doing the mirror, work, doing the camera work and getting these things like kicked into shape so that they can be confident enough to come and show the group. Hey man, show and tell time, I’m going to show you that the work I did here, I want to show I’m proud of it and I want to show it. And it’s, you know, it, it shows man, it’s really,

I don’t want to get too weird, but I always get too weird, but what’s really beautiful. I think about a person is when they show you their passion, you know, when they show you what they’re passionate about, and you could just see that in everybody, from like Ethan Ross to, uh, you know, the Southern sheet. What’s, what’s that guy that charm, I can’t think of his name. Apperson, his name Edmund. Yeah. I mean, you see how much care and how much time and effort and passion they put into it. And it’s just,

Oh, I was doing it watching, filing too. Like when I was watching Wayne, I saw him doing the twisting the ACEs. It’s like, wow, I remember with that as a pattern line or playing with that. And you know, because there’s, there’s so many things that you can play with with these different ideas. And you know, you start jamming on these ideas with friends. You go, what if this, well, what if you said this? Or what if you did this to present it? You know? And like those ideas, like, you gotta try it. You got to find out what sticks. You throw it at the wall and see what sticks. Right. And then once you find that one thing you go, that’s it. I do that. And I feel right when I’m doing it and no one’s questioning anything I’m doing now. You’re now you’re able to just fly right now. You have that, that foundation. You can go, let me get you

Everybody up real quick. Just so if you’re watching this, you don’t know what we’re talking about. Yeah. That’s what I was going to say. Yeah. It conjure community. We have, we have member masterminds that we do every month and talk about the art of apprenticeship. Uh, you know, George or sorry, Kendall says we’ve lost the apprenticeships and actually we haven’t lost them. They have changed into what this is. So our member masterminds are nights where our members get to come on and show us what they’re working on. And then we get to, we get to give them feedback and praise and just point them in different directions and, and help. And in general, lately, our members have been coming on and just killing it on our member masterminds. So we had one of those last night and it was an amazing night. If you are a magician and you’re out there and you’re watching this and you haven’t found your place, if you haven’t found your place in this world, you should try conjure community club because it is, it’s possibly the club for you. It’s a club where we’ve got a lot going on. It’s thriving. We have members who are passionate about magicians and passionate about magic and growing their magic and communing together and keeping that apprenticeship alive. So a shameless plug right there for our club, but it really is a, it really is a great, great club. David Lil says, best value ever. Thank you,

Slather. One more thing on top. I think the members are getting so great because of the members led sessions. You know, the jams that happen, you know, because they get in there, they all work it out together before they come to the mastermind and everyone’s helping everybody, which is not what you see happen in magic a lot, you know? And it’s just a beautiful thing, man. I just, I’m so proud to be a part of

Dude. It’s truly a case of the rising tide lifting all the boats, right? It’s like everybody’s working together and the energy is charged up so high that everybody’s just getting better by hanging out and being in the environment. Right. It’s really, it’s like the dream. And it’s like, what? I always hope magic gatherings would be. And now this is it’s really doing it. It’s really, uh, it’s, it’s awesome to be hauled. And like Steve said a minute ago, it’s just very inspiring. It makes me want to keep on practicing and getting better at everything I do. So, uh, yeah. It’s, it’s awesome. Yeah, that was cool. As a magic club can be that’s right. It is as cool as the magic club can be. Thank you for this

To, uh, William, um, says, uh, we’re passionate about making each other better. And George Madrid’s has, CC is awesome. And Kendall says outside of CC, there isn’t much going on in magic. You know what? You’re right. It’s, it’s scattered. It’s really scattered in magic. Conjure community club has figured out a way to actually bring magicians back together again. And I think that’s, what’s really the key thing. If you’re looking for a place to commune it’s it’s the place. Um, I don’t want to spend all of this show talking about how great our, our company, our club is. Um, so let’s watch some more, um, Slydini magic magic footage. We’ve got, um, helicopter card coming up and this is, uh, this is another crazy good, uh, piece that I’m so glad Alex, that you, uh, that you picked for us. So like a fuller man. I mean, not that they aren’t all coolers, but this one is it’s just, well, he does a cartridge, right? Like this is the card trick the guy does. And I think there’s a reason. This is the only one Tony. I’m going to explain something. Now this is a card trick. There are millions of card tricks. You’ll only see this man do this one. He’s offered to teach it to magicians and still no one else does it, but Tony Slydini, I’m going to ask a stranger to step up here. Sure. Right there. And uh, Oh, I’m sorry. We haven’t even stranger here.

Yes, sir. I need you. You are a stranger. Very strange. It says very strange. You are a stranger. Yes. Very strange. Go, go push the button on his back.

[inaudible] I don’t care.

Once more. We have, we only have certain amount of time.

Okay. Now I’m going to take care for the day. And I had probably the spit on a pillow or mixed up thing. Hey, I make a thing, a little thing right now. I want you to take one practice. You like any car? Uh, I knew you. Wasn’t going to take that car. Not to take this car. Yes, I knew, but don’t smile. Anyway. You remember the car? Shutter the camera. Okay. Now I’m going to pour the cat inside the thing I can look at it. It doesn’t mean anything. You follow this car to where to go right now. No, they’re kind of silly here. Don’t worry about the first word. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry. He said the Crump somewhere in there, then that’s the only physical. It can be another place JMP here. No, they got this in a top here on the top. Nothing about it. If he had any doubt, just take a look, put it back all in the top one. The top. You just look [inaudible] the Kathy’s here. If there’s an attack, take a look. It’s another one that does this. Go ahead to tell you look all the one, the top. Nothing about it is not there, right? Nope.

Did you see it? No. You remember that? You want to see the scar that they gave it for? The cat is he got to be there, right? Right. So let me go to a different, uh, what’s the name of this street? The helicopter card. Look, look, see right there. Yeah. It’s there. I told you look [inaudible]

[inaudible] kills me every time I watch it. [inaudible] Slydini Magic

But the car to kind of be here, take another one. Anyone. Okay. So they can, okay. Now we’re going to put them up all the way in now. You know, the category could be about, about, just about where you’re not here. Not here. No, he’s done. I’ve already shown that. I can’t look very well. This one here. What’s the name of the trip? The helicopter card. Nope. Nope.

[inaudible] Slydini Magic

This time I do really slow, not take another one. Anyone to help me. That kind of reminds me of

And Renee Lavonne. I do it again.

Okay. Now it’s time. You won’t believe at school. Am I going to do now? It could be about why it’s in your hand. You’re blushing. I had the vision out here. No. Alright. Let me do this. Now you can look. Anyone, anyone that’s make a difference. You forget that. They know there’s a couple here. What’s the name of this?

I can’t stand it. The helicopter. Slydini Magic!

That’s about it with you. [inaudible]

Just bludgeoning that man. Right? What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter with you? Slydini Magic. Oh my gosh. There’s nothing to say. It’s just a fun thing to watch. It’s a fun thing to watch, right? It’s probably not a fun thing to be a participant for. Right. But it’s a fun thing to watch. I don’t want to say, you know, he’s definitely challenging that man, very hard the whole time. And it’s a lot, there’s a lot of tension, but that tension is what makes it so interesting to watch. Right? So it’s, you know, it’s another one of those without getting too far into it. It’s another one of those times and stop me if I’m wrong, Alex. But I believe you were just using the same method over and over. It. That’s exactly right. You’re just picking your spot. Yeah. That was unsure about that. I thought the last, I don’t know, the last one was different, but those two were were, but in the sense they’re all the same. Slydini Magic.

Right? They are, they are all the same thing. It’s just that, that where that card starts from is a different spot each time. Right. But, but in terms of putting it onto the table, that’s the same, every time. Right? The timing is different, but it’s the same technique of just, just putting it there. No, no motion. And the motion is different too different, but it’s the same. It’s the same, it’s same idea. Same idea throughout. So you will send it, we see it once. If you understand how he does it, once you understand how he does it all those times, right?

Yeah. It’s sorry. I’m answering a chat right now. I’m somebody was asking about the club nights and uh, yeah. So we do, we do a club night jams. If you’re in conjure community, you can, you can, uh, sign up and not, not sign up. You can just choose your club night and you can go. You can pretty much jam with magicians on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Now Saturday is for Europe, I believe, right? Yeah. Yeah. Saturday is for Europe. I’m going to put the link in chat for you, Randy, go there. That’s where you need to do. That’s where you need to go to find out. So right. We’re going to watch one last sliding eclipse we’ve saved really the best or most classic for last right, Alex. I mean, this is right. This is essential. And this one is the one that was our lesson, mostly focused on when Erin and I had our lesson with dr.

Jean Mazzara, uh, it was mostly this routine. We definitely discussed several routines, including the helicopter card. We did spend a lot of time talking about it, but in terms of actual technique and trying to do all the blocking, we, we worked this routine for probably a few hours and it was a very, uh, very enlightening. I don’t think I would’ve learned a lot of the things I learned about Slydini magic without that session with, uh, with dr. Mazzara, who was really wonderful. And he’s a, he’s a wonderful guy and you know, very knowledgeable. If you guys ever have a chance to talk to gene about anything, I highly recommend it. He’s so cool when we were there, I got to see an artifact that I thought I would never get to see. I got to hold Vernon’s actual copy of Erdnase. In my hand, he has, um, like I saw pictures of it in genie magazine and it’s like crumbling the papers like falling apart.

But I actually got the flip through Vernon’s copy of Erdnase the expert at the card table. It was amazing. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go off the rails there, but you know, Jean is really cool and he really helped us to see how awesome Slydini magic really is. You know, I had a pretty good general idea and I have the books and so forth, but to really go in deep with him and then see the connections to tanneries that like opened up like Adam, that earlier just opened up a whole new Avenue for me, just being able to see that link between those two guys, it was like, Oh, of course, how else this is this clip here that we’re about to watch? I would say is one of the most copied routines and magic tasks easily. And I’ll, I will admit that I, myself, as a teenager, performing magic, saw this and copied it.

I didn’t see, I didn’t need to you to me know that I never, I lost the thread on this trick. Like the way I performed it after doing it my way for like years, I will, I watched Slydini magic again and realized that I was doing it so wrong. Like this is, this is the way it’s done. So check this out. This is the piece de resistance. The one that everybody always talks about with, um, with Slydini magic and it is a master lesson in attention management, misdirection and entertainment. All right, here we go. It is paper balls.

Okay. The head. Not a great time. How about to middle of the hand?


Alright. I don’t have to ask you. I think you’ve got a good site. Very good. A hundred percent, right? It’s good. The fact test your eyes. See if it’s right. You don’t mind. Okay. Not he, I have few papers for kids. Some are going to open up the stage. We’ll put him on the left. We’ve got plenty. Okay. Now ladies and gentlemen, and I’m going to do it. I’m quite sure. Call it mr. Misdirection. You see that, mr. [inaudible].

He said he’s not moving.

In other words, they magician it in front of thousands of people. It can pull it back personally. Same thing. Now you only see what I do. You see anything you really want to cannot see? So please don’t say anything. It’s on point because you spoil everything little bit, find out themselves and you try to catch, you try to catch me. Right? You try the best I try. Unless you know. Right. Okay. Now I hope we’re not dumping. Check your son yet. No, no. Don’t stand up just now you see this piece in Epic in your seat right now. The [inaudible].

Now you see the ball here, right? [inaudible] all right. I don’t want to take it a ball. I’m not going to plead side of the hand, this weight. And I close to that. Squeeze. When hope with the hand you see the ball completely deceptive. [inaudible] okay. Nothing here. Nothing here did anything about it. You can see right. You know why I did to face, but this time I do slow, really slow. Now I tell you why you didn’t see. I sprint you see, before I pulled the ball this way you prove hit the ball, right? Why you’re hiding. You’re clever. Right? But this time I might not going to put it this way. You’re going to put discipline. [inaudible]


See the second time. Third time. It’s not so good. Now this time I do so small, you have no idea. I go very slow. Why not put in some little pickup? [inaudible] how to show you. How do you want to see? Look, I didn’t show you this this way. Then I did this way. This [inaudible] I’m going to make the bigger one. [inaudible] you got a chance. The only chance you don’t see Nadia, you’ll never see anymore. I’m going to pull the boat this way. Right now you will know the bullies there, right? You’re sure one. Okay. Not that you would give big. Probably not, but now you know why this Bobby don’t disappear. Why you didn’t disappear? Why he doesn’t disappear? You know why you want me to tell you what [inaudible]

Wow. Wow. The sequence that nobody does. Cause it’s too hard. It’s too hard. That’s the sequence. Everyone leaves out the good part. All that stuff with the jacket pocket. Yeah. No one does that because it’s too hard. Yeah. Yeah. It takes a lot of courage. It takes a lie. You gotta really put it out there.

I just, every time I watched that, I, I think to myself, I kind of like, I will never be that good. You know? Like it’s, it’s really hard. That is a high bar right there. It really is. I mean, I guess that’s why we have master pianists and master tennis players. I mean, yeah. I’m never going to play tennis, like, uh, like some of the masters and I’m never going to be as good at this, at that, but slide Dany, uh, that, that whole construct, that whole routine and every, every move and phase of that is just so it’s like, it’s like ballet, my friends. It really is. Jeff says that Daniel, Arlene does the whole routine.

Good for him. I would love to see that. That’s really great to hear. Yeah. I would say any Danny’s agreement. Addition. I bet he kills it. That’s really sky too. I’m so happy to hear that because it’s, it’s that thing shouldn’t die with. Slydini magic you know what I mean? Like that things should live on, that’s a beautiful piece of magic. So fooling as well, just watching that, like every time I watch it, it feels timeless to me. Like, that’s just like, that’s magic. Like that represents like what magic is. Like, whatever magic is, whatever that energy is like, that thing evokes it. You know what I mean? Like watch that. You’re like, I think I know what magic is. It’s that? Yeah.

When I was doing this routine as a teenager, I would always get that there’s couple of things. Like the way I was always doing it wrong, I always would get the spectator. I would stand. I would always stand, let the spectator just sit with his backup. I would stand too close to the spectator slide. Deni, just a little note here, but Slydini magic makes the spectator bend in and asks for it. Slydini magic puts distance between himself and the spectator and finds the exact right angle where he can get away with just the edge of his vision, where you can get away with that. And, um, the other thing that I, I just, every time I watch it, I see something else, the little about, you know, this routine that I didn’t notice before. But, um, the other thing is that, is that, you know, I, when I used to do this routine, I would count, I would say, okay, I’m going to do, I’m going to put it in my hand, on the count of three, one, two, three, you know, that’s wrong? Like, like the way Slydini magic is handling, he’s not counting. It’s like, he’s just talking. He’s rude. He’s he’s, he’s got the attention. He relaxes. He he’s able to, he, he did this, he does the throw too. It’s not a throw. It’s a stop. He goes up and stops his hand and back, you know, there’s so many, just little ballet moves there. That,

And the other thing is that it’s about, I’m going to make it easier for you to see how this is happening, right? Like that’s the spirit of that thing. The whole time is I’m going to, I’m going to make this easy. I want you to see this because it’s so beautiful. You’re going to get it this time, this time you’re going to get it. And he’s using that fact that the guys in the chair that he’s back like this, or he’s like this, and he’s creating that distance there. That’s how he’s setting up that pocket. Right. He’s setting up that tension and making that guy lean in so that when he touches him on the chest to push them back a little bit, it doesn’t feel awkward after he does that a couple times and he can touch him and actually load that ball. Right.

It’s like all, like you said, it’s like a ballet, all of it’s just happening, little steps at a time getting right to these places where these magic moments can just unfold right in front of you, it’s working on master work of a master, just so happy that we have access to this footage, you know, because think about like, what we, what would we do if we could actually see footage of like Nate Leipzig really do the stuff that we love from the books. Right. If we could really see maximally do the stuff that we love from those books, you know, what, how, how would that influence us as magicians? You know what I mean? If we had access to that and you know, for that, I could just consider us fortunate that we can even see Slydini magic do the stuff that he did. And it’s not just stories or something that’s in a book, you know, we could actually see the timing and see how masterful the guy is. You know, what a great, what a great gift. Yeah,

Truly, truly a great gift. I’m sorry. I was just leaving a comment in our YouTube stream. Um, well this has been a really enjoyable show for me. I have to say the, the, the, the, the ability to sit and just study a master like this and pick it apart and just talk about all the little levels and all that. I mean, this is the kind of thing that’s going on over at CC all the time and when we’re always dissecting magic and we’re always, uh, really just trying to just find the best parts of everything. So, um, listen, I do want to say that if you’re, uh, if you’re enjoying these, these, uh, afternoon, astonishments, uh, you should think about joining CC. We do, uh, we do these live member jams every week, and it’s a proper magic club. I will say that. So I hope you had fun today. Do us a favor, guys hit the like button on this video that tells YouTube that we’re doing a really good job. And while you’re at it and hit the subscribe button, that way you’ll be, uh, you’ll be notified when we go live next time. So guys, thank you for joining us on our YouTube stream. We appreciate it. And we will see you next time on afternoon, astonished. Slydini Magic