Successful Magicians: The Three Pillars of Magic Growth

Are you one of the successful magicians out there? Or do you wonder why other people are having more success and growth in magic than you are right now?

After looking at dozens of case studies of successful magicians, we have found three things that most successful magicians have in common. We call them the Three Pillars of Magic Growth.

Pillar #1: Perfect Material for YOU.

Pillar 1 of the Three Pillars of Magic Growth starts with finding the perfect material for you and your current skill set.

If you choose material that is too advanced or challenging, you will be easily discouraged and likely not move forward at all.

It’s not that you shouldn’t set your sights high and practice, practice, practice. But if you want to be a successful magician, you need to have material so you can begin performing now.

That way you can develop your presentation skills along with your technique to achieve the well-rounded professional polish you desire.

Some tricks and presentations will fit your performance style and some won’t. Some may suit you better later on and some may have looked better on you a year ago.
Some effects may look amazing, but the methods are too advanced for you to use with confidence right now.

Your best choice is material that feels very comfortable to you in both presentation and technique.

It’s the perfect mix of ‘amazing’ and easy-to-do… for YOU… right now.

Find those few tricks that fit the description and you can make your magic more astonishing right now. That’s Pillar One.

Of course, finding the perfect material is easier said than done - if you don’t know where to look. The easiest, most effective (and least expensive!) way to start learning which exact tricks are good for you right now is with a little help from your friends.

Pillar #2: Network Authentically

Knowing how to make great friends in magic is essential. It’s awesome if your friends are wonderful magicians too, but ultimately, they have to be great friends first.

Without a tight group to share your victories and help with your challenges, you’ll have a very limited ‘information flow’. Plus, it’s lonely!

For many of us magicians, this is the most challenging Pillar. We chose an art that can be researched, practiced and rehearsed entirely alone. And sometimes without the support of fellow performers, we never even make it in front of an audience!

You have to become a member of a real magic community.

Connect with like-minded magicians and your magic will grow and develop in exciting new ways. You’ll feel more confident in yourself, and it will show in your performances.

A strong magic community is filled with experienced magicians who love to share their knowledge with others.

I'm speaking of magicians who are willing to pay forward the lessons they’ve learned and who love to watch OTHERS improve.

Most of us don’t know about these communities, and even if you find one where you live - that’s not a sure sign it’s a Strong Community.

Off the web and online, find magic communities that really thrive.

That’s an important factor for your success in ANY area of life - but in magic, it’s downright essential. Exchanging ideas helps everyone get smarter.

Plus, once you’re using material perfectly suited for you, and you are part of a vibrant magic community, you’ll only be a stone’s throw away from completing the Third Pillar of Magic Growth…

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Pillar #3: Become A True Student of Magic

With great material and an awesome community, you’re nearly there.

The last Pillar of Magic Growth is to open yourself up to help and guidance from professional successful magicians.

Some folks call it teaching, or mentoring or coaching.

Whatever you call the people who share their experience with you… ensure they want to continue helping you with one fool-proof method:

Be a good friend.

Do that, and you’ll find it’s easy to get the help you need from experts in all areas of magic.

Two Toronto-based magicians, Jonah Babins and Tyler Williams, are great students of magic and wonderful friends to Conjuror.Community. We first met these guys at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp.

Aaron and I recently participated in their exciting new podcast series Discourse in Magic, where we talk about the most important strategies we’ve found to helping your magic get better, faster.

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With material that is

  • suited to where you are in your development right now
  • a supportive community you can turn to for help and
  • encouraging mentors you can look up to

you’ll have all 3 Pillars of Magic Growth in line.

And you’ll see the results fast.

Your audiences will be more amazed by your magic than ever before and you’ll have way more fun performing it!

We’d love to hear where you are right now in your Magic Growth - are you already using these 3 Pillars? Or have you found other essential pieces necessary for you? Comment below!

adam head shot newAbout the Author:
Adam Grace is the creator of the Magical Marketer and the host of the live show Sell Out, a show for magicians who want to book more shows, get bigger clients, and more performance opportunities.  You can get instant access to all of Adam's training inside Conjuror Community.