Thumb tip magic tricks are some of the most powerful magic tricks in the world, and thumb tips themselves are a CLASSIC prop of magic. But there’s loads of different thumb tip tricks, and it can be hard to know where to start.

In this blog post, I’m going to count down the top 3 thumb tip magic tricks out there, as well as where to learn them.


Best Thumb Tip Trick Pick No.3: The Salt Vanish

Salt ShakerThe Salt Vanish is one of our favorite tricks to do with a thumb tip because it can be done using an ordinary object almost everyone will have in their home…salt.

Imagine this…

You take a salt shaker from the table, and pour some salt into your fist. You then make a magical gesture over your fist, and open it – to reveal that the salt has completely disappeared.

Next, you make a magical gesture with the other hand and mimic a ‘pouring’ action with it. To the amazement of your audience, salt comes pouring out of your hand – even though they just saw that it was empty.

The salt vanish is a great move because it can be done ‘off the cuff’ in an impromptu style. You can just pick up a salt shaker from the table while eating, and perform the vanish.

For me, that makes this routine a ‘must-learn’ one.

How do I learn the salt vanish?

Well, this post IS all about the thumb tip, so you are going to need a thumb top if you want to perform the salt vanish. Thumb tips can be bought here:

Secondly, you’ll need training on the special ‘move’ required for the salt vanish.

We actually offer that exact training here at Conjuror Community Club, and members of the club can access this training here:

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Best Thumb Tip Trick Pick No.2: Silk Vanish and Reappearance

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but did you know it actually uses a thumb tip?

Imagine this…

The magician displays a silk handkerchief, and runs it through his hand. It looks like a totally ordinary silk. He even lets the audience examine it until they’re satisfied that there’s nothing suspect about it.

Then, the magician takes the silk and slowly stuffs it inside a closed fist. He does this super slow and lets the audience see the silk going in every step of the way.

Now that the silk is inside his closed fist, he makes a magical gesture over it. Opening his fist, the audience are astonished to see that the silk has completely VANISHED!

But that’s not the end of this trick…

Next, the magician closes his fist and uses the other hand to reach inside and pull out…the very same silk! He pulls it straight out of his fist, even though he’s clearly just shown us that his hand is empty.

But there’s still one more amazing moment yet to happen…

To end this trick, the magician once again slowly places the silk handkerchief into his closed fist, letting the audience watch it every step of the way.

The magician once again makes a magical gesture. But this time, he doesn’t display his hand empty. Instead, he reaches into his fist and slowly pulls out the silk handkerchief.

I know what you’re thinking – is that it? Surely that’s not impressive?

Well, here’s the big reveal – the silk handkerchief has CHANGED COLOR.

The audience go crazy, and the magician takes his applause and leaves the stage.

This is a great effect that works perfectly for stage shows since the silk is so colorful it can be seen clearly by the audience. I myself, as a young magician, saw this trick performed by a magician onstage in a show – and it totally blew my mind. It was one of the strongest effects I had ever. So let me tell you – from experience – that this trick ALWAYS gets great reactions when done correctly.

And all it requires is a simple thumb tip!

How do I learn the silk vanish?

First of all, you need a thumb tip.

Secondly, you need to learn the exact moves required for this routine. The move you use for the silk vanish is actually very similar to the move you use to change the color of the silk, so once you’ve learnt that you’re set up very nicely for a whole range of effects.

Luckily for you, we actually offer in-depth training on the silk vanish here at Conjuror Community Club.

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Best Thumb Tip Trick Pick No.1: $100 Bill Change

Everyone would love to know how to turn $1 into $100 without any effort.

Well, now you finally can.

Okay, you can’t ACTUALLY turn $1 into $100…but you can at least make it LOOK like you can.

Imagine this:

The magician displays a regular looking $1 bill. He takes it, and with a series of magical gestures, turns it into a $100 bill!

There’s not a look of describing to do, because it looks pretty much like what it sounds.

But don’t let that fool you – this trick is a VERY powerful effect that makes for a great opener. It’s fast and visual, which lets you grab the audience’s attention without doing a lot of talking.

Plus, all it needs is a simple thumb tip.

So, how do you learn this routine?

Well, like I just said, you’ll need a thumb tip. Grab that here:

Next, you need to learn the secret move required for the bill change. We actually offer that training for members of the CC Club using the link below. Not a member yet? Click here to join today!


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I hope you enjoyed this article on the best thump tip magic tricks. A simple thumb tip will unlock all three of the powerful routines above, all of which are GREAT effects.