This candid performance was taken from a CC Club Member Training where Adam Grace shared his amazing approach to the Classic Visual Coins Across Routine known commonly as 3 Fly. Adam uses the Transient 3 Fly Coin Set—made with silver dollar coins especially for Conjuror Community. 

Not only will you see the Transient 3 Fly Set in action, you’ll discover the biggest ‘open secret’ in coin magic…


As you watch the clip below, you’ll discover the ‘open secret’ we were recently surprised to discover most magicians do not know

Most magi believe that coin magic is easier to master and perform using smallish coins—like half dollars or quarters. In truth, using silver dollars—which are larger—gets much more effective, immediate and lasting results.

As you can see in the video below, many coin effects are substantially easier to perform with larger coins. First, silver dollars are easy to see, and each effect is more magical for an audience to experience. But that’s only half the story.

Large coins are easier to conceal—and your hand looks more natural when palming large coins.

In this training, Adam will shows how to use the Transient 3 Fly Set to perform the classic ‘fingertip coins across’. Pay careful attention to the large size of the coins. You’ll see how much easier this routine becomes when you use large coins. Best of all, this lesson applies to most, if not all, of the visual coin magic that today’s audiences—and magicians—love most to see! 

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Transient 3 Fly uses mechanical precision coins to create a visual appearances, vanishes and teleportations that magicians simply can’t do with sleight-of-hand. Best of all—the Transient 3 Fly Coin Set makes it all EASY TO DO.   

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