The Old Time Magic Shop was in part defined by a special, secret area that was never mentioned to ordinary customers. You’d never know it existed until you the day you were first invited to step inside.

“Hey kid...stop loitering already. Come back here through this door. It’s about time you met the boys.”

And once you met the boys, everything changed. Your choice of tricks, moves and routines began to transform. You became more amazing and wanted to share your magic more often. Whether you had secret dreams of turning pro, or you just wanted to share amazing magic with the people in your life, it all started coming together. It all became easy - once you met the boys in the back room. Whatever dreams you had, now you were hanging with people who’d actually done it. And the best part was, they were happy to tell you anything you wanted to know.

For my friends and I, and all the magicians that came before us, the back room is what made it all happen.

It’s where the whole gang met to talk about great new tricks, forgotten classics and secret methods that didn’t appear in any book or video.

It’s where your magic heroes would stop in unannounced while they were in town on a gig. A kid like me would sit in the corner talking with a cigar smoking gambler in hushed tones. We didn’t need to whisper, because the other guys didn’t care. They were getting mesmerized by an impromptu lesson on showmanship from a  magician with 50 years of stage experience. Denny was telling the boys how to walk onstage and light up the room. If you tuned in ten minutes later, he was telling them how to get more shows and better fees from cleints.

No matter what aspect or kind of magic excited you, the back room was the place passionate magicians could go to get the three things they needed to thrive:

  • Great, Reliable Material
  • Experienced Mentorship from Those Who’d Been There Already
  • A Magic Community to provide motivation, celebrate their victories and help them through challenges when they got stuck on the way.

My teachers were master magicians, but most important, they were my friends. They were older, wiser and had amazing amounts of skill and experience. They knew about the backroom - for they were first invited to enter decades before I was born. The relationships they forged in the backroom transformed their lives, and the lives of everyone their magic ever touched. They stayed to make sure that when it was time, people like me still had a backroom to discover.

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Everyone on the Conjurer.Community team has been a passionate magician for at least 20 years. We love what we do for a simple reason: we learn as much, or more, from our members as they do from us.

That’s one of magic’s biggest secrets. We don’t teach you. We all teach each other. We all help each other. That’s always been how it really works.

To make miracles happen in an online age, we need to take back our old backroom. We wanted a community that has all the best parts of the old back room - and a few new elements we wish we’d had in the old days.

So we decided to go ahead and make one.

This project is for you. This project is for us. It’s for anyone who’s passionate about magic and wants to thrive.

Welcome to Conjurer.Community.

So come on inside - It’s time you met the boys ?