Jonathan Levit is coming to this magic conventionHey, Jonathan Levit here! Welcome to Part Two of The Perfect Trick. If you haven’t seen Part One, you’ll find the link here. In it, you’ll discover a system that takes an ancient trick known as The Wizard—and transforms it into a miracle that’s so strong, you can use it to astonish any audience in ANY situation.

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A brief recap:

In part one, you discovered an easy way to have a spectator FREELY name—or merely think of—any card.  

* You hand your spectator a phone number, and they dial it.

* The phone is answered by The Wizard, who tells your spectator the name of the card their thinking of.

It’s an amazing trick. And the reason it’s amazing is this: You—the magician—never say a word to the Wizard!

If you make sure to draw the audience’s attention to the fact that they can name ANY card—and you make it clear that you’ll never say a word to the Wizard—this trick is hard to beat. This is the effect and method I shared in Part One—and it’s so good, I performed it that way for years.

It’s a VERY strong trick. It’s impossible. It’s almost PERFECT.


Not Quite Perfect?

Then one day while I was on stage…something strange happened.  

I was performing at The Magic Castle nightclub, and performing The Perfect Trick as I just described. On this particular night, something new happened. After the trick ended, a guy in the front row said to me, “Hey Jonathan, I bet that guy on the phone was a FRIEND of yours!”

At that moment, I saw clearly—maybe for the first time—that my ‘perfect’ trick…was not as perfect as I had thought.


The Perfect Trick is Born

Later that night, I had a dream about a trick. I not only dreamed about a trick—I dreamed about this trick. I saw the improvement I needed and I couldn’t wait to start working on it.

In my dream, I was in The Magic Castle performing in a theater. I was performing the NEW version of this trick—and the effect was in a whole new league:

* A spectator named any card—in the dream, it was the Jack of Diamonds.

* I pulled the phone number out of my pocket and showed it to the audience as I had a thousand times before. But this time, I did something different. As the audience watched on, I threw the number away.

* Instead, I told the audience that I wanted THEM to choose a person—any person in Los Angeles—and ask THAT PERSON to do the magic.

* Next I asked 6 people in the front row to give me a truly random phone number.

* Then, the spectator dialed the random phone number, and the trick proceeded as I shared in part one, namely:

Without ME ever saying a word—or communicating in any way—the person on the phone said, ‘The Jack of Diamonds’.

Jack Of Diamonds

Think about that.

ANY person names ANY card. And the audience calls ANY person—and without talking or communicating with that random person—a stranger—they reveal the card.

When I awoke, I knew I’d found a PERFECT trick. Truly, the perfect trick.


So here it is…

Now, I’m going to share the secret—and give you everything you need to do this miracle yourself.

First, I’m going to share the method I used the very next night. It’s so simple, you can start using it right away. Best of all, you only need a pen and a few business cards or a spiral bound notebook to use this method.

This method is so simple and effective—it made the trick 10 times stronger…overnight.

The Secret:

The secret is to secretly ‘force’ a seven-digit number on the audience. There are many ways to do this, but here’s a simple method you can begin using it in no time.

The method I used is called a ‘Forcing Pad’—or an ‘Add-a-number’ pad.

You can either buy one of these pads or simply make one yourself at home! To make your own, buy a simple handheld memo pad with a spiral at the top. Open the pad in the middle, and flip the top half around onto the back of the pad, so the pad looks the same on both sides.

Before the show, prepare the pad this way:

* First, on a piece of scratch paper, write down 7 different numbers: a 2 digit number, a 3 digit number, a 4 digit, 5 digit,  6 digit and finally a 7 digit number. These numbers should add up to the 7 digit phone number of the person you want to call.

Then transfer those numbers to one side of the pad, like this: 


This is how the force works in performance:

Imagine you’ve asked a spectator to join you on stage and they’ve picked or named a card.

Now tell the audience you want 6 people to create a phone number that’s truly random.

Pass the notebook out to the front row with the BLANK side face-up—and ask the first spectator to write down a 2 digit number. Then ask them to pass the notebook to the person next to them. Now ask the new ‘pad-holder’ to write down a 3 digit number below the first one and pass it on to another person. They enter a 4 digit number, then it is passed to someone who writes a 5 digit number and then to a person who writes a 6 digit number. Finally, the pad is passed to the 5th person who writes down a 7 digit number.

Their side of the pad might look like this…



Take the pad back, and as you return to the spectator on stage, simply turn the pad over. Now it’s back to the numbers you already prepared:

Now the ‘prepared’ side of the pad is face-up. Ask the spectator to add up the numbers to create a truly random 7 digit number. They can do use the calculator on their phone if they like. Of course, the spectator never knows the numbers they’ve added aren’t the same numbers that were written by the audience members!

This method allows you to get many people involved, and really creates the impression that ANY person you call can tell the audience the name of ANY card they’ve thought of.

It’s as easy as that. But to your audience, the effect is staggering. It’s no longer your phone number. Now it’s a  RANDOM person.

The method is simplicity itself.

In MANY ways, this effect really IS the perfect trick. Everyone participates and the effect is IMPOSSIBLE.

Author’s Note:

Since creating this method, I’ve developed many more secret methods that are easy to do and perfect for every situation. These are professional methods only for serious magicians. Get my 4 favorite methods here:


Enter the Stranger

Right now you may be saying, “I see the power of this… I’ve always wanted a routine like this in my repertoire… BUT… “I still have one big problem that’s keeping me from performing this right now.” Like…

“I don’t have A FRIEND that I can depend on to be my WIZARD.”

Or maybe you’re thinking:

“What happens when my friend forgets the method?”


“What happens when my friend goes out to dinner and misses my call?”

“Or what if he doesn’t have any cell service?”

“Or what if their phone battery dies and I’m left standing on stage looking like a fool?”

“Or maybe I want to do this trick for one or two people—not 6 or 7 or more?”

“Or maybe I don’t have a deck of cards?”

“Or maybe I don’t have a pen and pad?”


If you are thinking about those things, and they ARE good things to think about,  I can understand why you would hesitate to perform this amazing trick.

Unless your Wizard is 100% dependable in every situation and circumstance, you will want to do this trick, but you’ll hesitate at show time, and simply perform something else.

I know this because I’ve been there. 

Fortunately—there’s an extremely good answer!

I’ve just released my effect THE STRANGER.  It’s my ultimate solution for performing the perfect miracle trick.

This new release is the culmination of years of searching for The Perfect Trick. It’s The final piece of the puzzle.

Imagine performing The Perfect Trick with:

* No force card. You don’t even need a DECK.

* No force pad. No Force of any kind.

* No “add a number” method.

…And no friends!

In fact, as you’ll see, to perform the Stranger, you don’t even need another person! You can perform this trick, this miracle, anywhere, anytime, for any audience, it’s instantly repeatable, 100% dependable and it will kill, every…single…time.



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