Dominique Duvivier is one of the most creative magicians we’ve ever met. His genius with cards has resulted in some of the best releases of the last few decades.

Here are our top THREE Dominique Duvivier effects…


No.3 – Printing 2.0

Most audiences have NEVER seen anything like Printing 2.0—an effect where the magician literally ‘prints’ the faces onto blank playing cards in a mind-melting display of visual magic (and ends completely examinable!)

During a beautiful evening in Paris, Conjuror Community Co-founder Aaron Fisher was lucky enough to watch Dominique Duvivier (the creator of Printing 2.0) perform this miracle in person—there was so much visual magic packed into such a short time, he had no idea that ‘Printing 2.0’ requires practically NO sleight-of-hand! 

Top professionals have made this incredible variation of Wild Card a ‘go-to’ staple of their acts for over 30 years for this simple reason…

No matter how many card tricks you perform, your audience will NEVER see anything like this! 

Watch Dominique perform Printing 2.0 here: (audio in French but the effect is just as enjoyable!)



No.2 – Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown is Dominique’s unique take on the plot that also includes effects like B’wave and Twisted Sisters. It’s astonishing and direct mentlaism. Here’s what happens:

The magician shows a small plastic wallet. He explains that one side of the wallet are four kings, the other side is a prediction card. The spectator is asked to choose any king. The kings and prediction card are removed and placed on the table. With absolutely no sleight of hand, the kings are spread to show the reversed king is the one chosen. Not only was it reversed, it was the only one with a red back! The prediction card is turned over to reveal an ace of the same suit and color. Furthermore, the other cards weren’t kings at all, but aces! That’s how sure the magician was to guess the prediction!



No.1 – Cards In Bag (Jerry’s Nuggets edition)

While we LOVE Printing 2.0 and Nervous Breakdown, our No.1 pick has to be…

Cards in Bag, Jerry’s Nuggets edition. 

Imagine a Triumph routine where the spectator shuffles face-up cards with face-down, and the cards that remain face up match a prediction made BEFORE the effect began. This (and so much more) is what you’ll get in Cards in Bag. The revolutionary secret behind this effect (a closely guarded secret for over 40 YEARS) fooled Penn and Teller and stunned magicians worldwide when it was released. 

Here are just a few reasons we love it so much…

  • The spectator can shuffle the cards
  • The bag can be examined
  • The prediction is fully customizable
  • Easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • NEW FOR 2020—perform using Jerry’s Nuggets with the Cards in Bag: Jerry’s Nuggets edition! 

Still not sure?

Watch our in-depth review of Cards In Bag here:



CLICK HERE to get your Cards In Bag: Jerry’s Nuggets edition.

“The great Dominique Duvivier first showed me CIB back in 2002, in Madrid. I was more than fooled! The truth is the impossibility of this miracle haunted me for years. I simply had no explanation. It was MAGIC. And it is MAGIC!”

Christian Engblom