Chan Canasta was a pioneer of modern mentalism, and the performance you’re about to watch is one of the greatest magic performances ever recorded. Seriously, it’s that good.

Watch the video below to watch us react to this performance and discuss exactly what made it so powerful (and how YOU can implement these hidden techniques in your own magic.)







Speaker 1 (00:04):

Alright. Hello everybody. Welcome. I’m Aaron. Uh, I mean,

Speaker 2 (00:14):

Oh no, I’m Erin. No, I’m Erin. That’s Aaron.

Speaker 1 (00:20):

Uh, my name is Adam grace. I’m here with Alexander slammer, Steve Barcelona, and we are from conjure community, the world’s best magic club. In today’s video, you’re going to get a taste of what a great magic club can offer you, real secrets for passionate magicians, impossible tricks and professional training, and you’re not going to see in any other magic site. So please do us a favor real quick. If you like what you see, hit the like button below. Also, subscribe to this channel please. So you’ll be notified every time we go live. Okay, Aaron, what are we going to do today?

Speaker 2 (00:50):

Today we’re literally going to see one of my favorite and our favorite performances of card magic of all time. We’re going to react and respond in real time. I want to give you guys a little background of what we’re going to see. Uh, there was a time before the internet and you couldn’t even find this anywhere. It didn’t even exist. One day when I was living in Los Angeles and my middle twenties, I was called on the phone by max Maven, and I was told that max Maven, perhaps the world’s a preeminent mentalist mind reader, was having a sleepover party with Eugene burger at his apartment, which was four blocks away from mine. And the two of them wanted to invite me over to watch a magic show. And then they played for me the tape we’re about to see, which was clearly one of their favorite examples of magic ever created.

Speaker 2 (01:37):

And they literally loved it so much. They wanted me to see it so that they could watch my face as I got to see what real magic looks like. So bear with us because you’re dealing with a black and white recording from a television program, I think in the early sixties, I think 64 or so, uh, no later than 66. And we’re going to break it down, effect by effect, uh, and talk about our favorite moments and really share with you one of the best examples of magic we’ve ever seen. Let’s do it. Chan Canasta I ever got


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 3 (02:18):


Speaker 4 (02:19):

good evening again. My name is John Freeman. Come for the last time to another series of remarkable demonstrations by Chan Canasta. Uh, let me just say very briefly and Ellison said it because it is for the last time that none of us who have anything to do with presenting this performance, uh, in league with mr Canasta, the BBC quite simply.

Speaker 2 (02:47):

All right. Yeah, we’re not in league with mr Canasta either. We’re going to skip that. Skip a bit, brother. May not.

Speaker 4 (02:53):


Speaker 3 (02:58):


Speaker 4 (02:58):

especially well known today as you live in Wales.

Speaker 3 (03:08):


Speaker 5 (03:10):

all right.

Speaker 3 (03:14):


Speaker 4 (03:15):

but do you think Verizon jumbled the panel? Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Once again, everybody for viewing again at the SAB occasion for me because of this the last time. And I still miss you all. Love you. I haven’t seen you before. And of course you sir. When you set the photos, you’re not in the league for the last time. You said it with a smile. Why is it that is that it truly is. And 11 times, 10 times, 10 times [inaudible] smile. However we are nothing. They didn’t tell them. Without further ado, Matt, first of all, tell you that tonight I would like to do several experiments with cotton books perhaps that you’ve seen before. So the recap of one of the very early one of the first shows I think that I did on BBC last year.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 2 (04:08):

May I ask what is his, where’s he from? Where’s changqing at? What accent is this? I don’t know. We could spend a year worrying about it. He’s Polish, he’s Polish lessen.

Speaker 4 (04:17):

But the difference is after three or four experiments, Lucian do I should ask you, members of my panel, is it representative of the public that will speak to us? Any question? And if pertaining question that you wish to ask, I promise on my part, uh, pertaining to one of the tricks or experiment that you saw the fall, you know, you’ll see three or four of them and then I should be very happy after a suggestion. I think also by mr [inaudible], sometimes I go to explain it to you in detail, sort of analyze the whole thing, the whole experiment from the beginning until the end. So would you first pay very close attention to the expenses we about to do right now? The first one we built a few, three or four experiments we’ll be done with playing cards and then one experiments perhaps with books, with cards.

Speaker 4 (05:09):

I think we’ve got a couple of facts here and the first experiment I used to term it an experiment in memory in the memory with 52 playing cards minus the jokers with all the members of the pilot in the following way, the red pack doesn’t matter on television because we can’t see the difference between red and blue. However, they have two different packs. One is the red one is blue from the pack, which consists of 52 different cards. As you can see, see closer you, you’ll have to believe in me however I should ask you, but a quick flash over a tweet. They are 52 different guy. I should ask most of you to take few cards each from the pack in the following fashion. Ma’am, you be first. I stepped up to you and from the fact that you please take let’s say five, six, seven cards, eight cards from the pack, whatever you may wish to take them from.

Speaker 4 (05:58):

That’s enough for a minute. Like any quarter you wish and one bondsman, one go take several cards. Take motor. Was think more than that. Well, holding your hand. Don’t look at the man from the back. The you like to please take a few from one of the new Krish. As many as you wish. Thinking despite a lot of that from the pack anywhere you wish as men, as you wish. No two minutes I have supposed to and it had been taken. However, no, just no movement. I left. But the point is to see, I have to remember every single cup did you take? So if you take two minutes, I probably missed one or two. However, continue man from the back, whatever he was to take the law.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 1 (06:47):

All right. I just want to say something right away. Okay. So they, in the old days, uh, audiences had a lot more patients, uh, waiting for the first effect to happen. Am I correct in saying that, that this kind of thing maybe you know, doesn’t fly today?

Speaker 2 (07:05):

Well, certainly not on television and certainly not for a cold audience that you’re costing them as a stranger in a cocktail party. But I think if someone introduces you and you’ve got a real crowd, you can open in any engaging way. Steve, I was going to say, and you might know more about this than me, but I think this was a special, you know, it came on TV and he did three of them, I think. Well they, but they just said 11 right? So there were, they say 11 so they’re really, that’s what he said here is 10 but they have an, I assume that they just filmed a couple of them, but they had, you know, he had a special on 63, you know, and another one. And it was always varying the same core act. Yeah. So we’re five minutes, almost six minutes in and we haven’t seen anything yet. And that’s, you know, that wouldn’t fly today I don’t think.

Speaker 4 (07:57):

Thank you. So mag of you have to talk to him. It’s up to me to tell you exactly who has taken what cock and I should do it very quick. So starting with you ma’am, how many cars have you selected? How many cars did you take it please mixed them all up and costing your hands. Religion. If you wish, please look at your age car. Look at the mall and one by one I’ll tell you what you have now please hold them higher so I cannot peek. You see I should tell you one by one what you have. Come on please. I must look at you because the hundreds, a monitor and on the monitor are the cards, right? Did you know this? So I must look at you, but I said if she’s looking at a card, I’m looking away from us.

Speaker 1 (08:35):

That’s what it’s like to perform on a zoom show by the way. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (08:39):

I think you’ve got the polling cards in your hand and I each got just say yes or no or whatever the case might be. Are you ready? Here we go. The six of hearts, the eight of clubs, Jacob’s States, three parks, demo space, and the two clubs.

Speaker 1 (09:00):

Okay. So guys, David Blaine just did this, uh, special, uh, his, his latest special where his daughter, his seven or eight year old daughter does this trick via FaceTime. Uh, it’s pretty amazing, but uh, but it’s pretty funny because, uh, it’s, it’s relevant again today as featured on the latest Blaine special.

Speaker 2 (09:26):

It’s also relevant if you take a look at these cards, a lot of modern cards, uh, it’s is just as easy to tell what the red cards are as it is on here.

Speaker 1 (09:37):

That’s funny

Speaker 4 (09:39):

because if I’m wrong next time you’ll have to boo. How many customers should be fed as fast as quick as I possibly can be? Are you ready or are you pretty quick? You ready? Here we go. The following seven Carto in your hand. The four posses will stay to the clubs. [inaudible] clubs. Absolutely right. Did wrong

Speaker 1 (10:05):

notice there too, that Chan did two effects where we’re exactly the same and he’s smart enough to know how to vary the second, uh, performance of that, uh, effect, right? So that it appears to be slightly different than the first. So how did he do that? He decided to go through them in lightening speed, which would vary the performance style between the first effect and the second effect, even though they were really exactly the same effect.

Speaker 4 (10:34):

Come on.

Speaker 2 (10:36):

And for those of you who are thinking about what’s happening here, you probably understand that the, what we’re dealing with is a prearrangement. Might as well just get that out of the way. Uh, he’s using a really easy prearrangement. He’s using an eight Keynes, but you’ll notice that the way he manipulates it and works it, he’s, he’s going that fast with any, anything is really quite a challenge, right? So let’s see how he varies it on the third round.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 4 (11:04):

Well, welcome. However, I think that falling God, the old quote got a red queen of hearts mistaken have you and the ACE of flops. Pork, steak, six of diamonds, eight of spades took apart King of clubs, 10 of hearts, toothpaste, none of them. Some of the fiber of say no. Wait a minute. See I missed one. Got to abuse it blows up to six. Six. Well, I’m sorry if I forget one or two of yours, would you forgive me? Suddenly? I think I did. However, I think you have certain let eight of diamonds have you. The black Jagger pups. Yes. And I think you’ve go to the King spades. Eight of hearts and a three of clubs. I’m going to kill those phase three clubs.

Speaker 4 (12:00):

No. What is, what is it? The tennis club PCM minimum stake in how many cards with you matter, the fact that you own the fuel card? No. One more than the thing. Yes, that’s true. Well, as we progress, you see I’m left threaded with about six cars. I don’t think I can do it, but seven carts. If you, and I think you’ve got the rec far apart, have you? I don’t think it have. I think you’ve got, let me do, I think you had black seven. No red seven seven of diamonds have you see, let me think again. One second please.

Speaker 3 (12:44):


Speaker 4 (12:44):

diamond black, seven of spades, black, nine of clubs and the queen of hearts, queen of spectra. See that all is missing. Let’s see, I have the nasal diamond and the black part

Speaker 3 (13:22):


Speaker 2 (13:22):

Oh man, that’s a startling effect, man. Yeah, that’s beautiful. So you see, he’s not afraid of making mistakes, right? And so one of the things he does is he’s not doing any passes or anything, right? He’s, he’s cutting the deck and he’s peaking. Right? And so that’s putting, there’s big leaps by the time he gets to the end, there’s big leaps from here to there and it really seems like a, he doesn’t let it bother him. He just misses when he misses and then finds a way to justify it. Steve, I was going to say that’s an 80% about, they say about mentalism, right? You can only be 80% right. Otherwise, it’s a magic act. And so you know, if you miss a couple there, it’s just part of the whole fabric, like of like of the performance, you know? Yeah. And he totally doesn’t mind that.

Speaker 2 (14:07):

My favorite part of this entire trick, and this is the thing that really, I don’t know if anyone know this cause it took me, Oh, I hate to admit how long it took me to notice. He says when he starts this trick, I’m going to show you an experiment in memory. I’m going to show you a memory demonstration. Then he starts having people take out big groups of cards that he can’t see, that he hasn’t looked at in depth that’s been shuffled. And then he starts telling you which ones he took. So there’s a total extra painting happening there where he’s saying it’s a memory demonstration and he’s about to get into a discussion where he’s going to analyze, remember how he promised. He’s going to explain how everything works. Yeah. Right on the knee panel. How on earth is that a memory demonstration? Did you notice as it was happening?

Speaker 2 (14:59):

I did not notice that, but no, I didn’t notice that either. And I’ve seen this a bunch of times. I never thought of that. Right. So it bit challenges what we’ll talk about. Clarity of effect because, and, and it’s best taught by an example because there’s no law to apply to that, right? He says, I’m going to show you a memory demonstration. Hey, got a bunch of cards. You’ve got the this, that, that, the other, it’s a divination. Let me ask you this. Do you think it was maybe a Freudian slip? No, not in the slightest. I think it’s the presentation.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 2 (15:33):

He is literally a conflating. It’s a pseudoscientific explanation, but it doesn’t even bother to go all the way there. He gives you enough of a framework. You think you understand what’s about to happen. Then he just comes at you with something that just can’t, isn’t even a demonstration of that. Right? It’s a divination, pure and simple. But now I think when you watch his explanation, wait, he promised to explain everything, right? You promise to expose all his secrets because it’s not magic. It’s science. Watch this. And yes he did. He’s, he’s over hand shuffling all the time with the, you know, seven package shuffle, a simple overhand shuffle.

Speaker 4 (16:17):

This is another really good one. Don’t like very much this, you know, just want to do experiments. It was always waters. However, the next one slept, selected the experiment and sought off transmission of thought. As you know, perhaps by now they just in gentlemen everywhere. I do love a relay and believe in some suspicion of possible not on the show business basis. However, this looks like transmission of thought. We should take PEPs, two gentlemen of the jury, you two gentlemen, two packs of pain cards and the following of the experiment. This back for you sir, please hold them with blue pack for you sir. And the following is the experiment. Both of you will take one cut teach you from the blue facts sir, which is also 52 cards minus the joker and you serve from the red pack. If by some sort of coincidence, I’m sorry, both of you will take one car, teach you from here and you from that yet by some sort of coincidence, both of you will take exactly the same car.

Speaker 6 (17:14):

Did he just tell us the plot of the trick he was about to do?

Speaker 2 (17:19):

[inaudible] and he doesn’t know the rules. He does it in each case. He tells you exactly what he’s going to do before he does it.

Speaker 6 (17:27):

Yeah. I mean, modern just modern day thinking on that is that we never tell the spectator what to expect, what’s going to happen. Uh, or we very rarely do that. But, uh, that’s interesting. Interesting choice. Okay.

Speaker 2 (17:40):

Well it certainly puts him in a situation where if he doesn’t deliver and this is going to happen over and over and an increasingly messed up ways, if he doesn’t deliver miracle right, it, it’s not gonna be good cause because he’s promising something so impossible that you’re really all right. Prove it hot shot, you know, and, and so this is a great example and there’s another one later that, uh, I think makes the point beautifully.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 4 (18:10):

I dunno how you will do it. I don’t know if you will do it. All I know is does one of you do do it? It does not reflect on me. Since seeing the now sir, most of the people posting like make you take a cart. You see, but this is not sir because right now sir, from the fact I should ask you to take any card that you wish pumps selecting places into your pocket sight and see, but really exercise your own free choice to the utmost. Will you take your time, hesitated as much as you wish. Take obstacle and the card into your pockets. I don’t see you. All right. Thank you. Anyone. It’s your pockets. I don’t see change. You want to do it? No. I’ll send you a Paulo. Do you or do you not know the cut and piece? Take it.

Speaker 4 (19:00):

I talked to him. He knows exactly what card he’s taken from the blue pack up to you to take exactly the same car. Could you do it? Possibly. I doubt it very much. How would you try? You don’t even know how to try. Like, look now, 52 Katya, as you see, once again, everyone is looking at one different car. You wouldn’t take any kinds of Jewish and it wouldn’t be the same Pat as he has on one condition. The condition is that you can think like this. I am going to take the same cock. I must take the same sort of auto suggestion, but you must take the car. Then you will be, your socks are the first one to be surprised because no matter what part you take will be his. However, after you take it, if you do not, didn’t, didn’t want to, or you didn’t wish to, you won’t have it. You know? Should we try that? Thank you. Must they exempt the same thought? [inaudible] no sir. No sir. But by no means think that you must take Hiscock whatever this cut is. I read it.

Speaker 7 (20:03):

Is he being, uh, is he being really vague on purpose there? Well, is he being really vague or really specific? What do you mean, Steve? It didn’t seem vague to me. What he’s saying there. Okay. Adam, what do you, what do you mean? Yeah. What do you mean? If you want it to be the same card, it will be.

Speaker 2 (20:21):

I really want it to be. It won’t be and it’s not on me. That’s on you.

Speaker 7 (20:25):

Right. All right. But then the guy, but then the guy seemed confused and asked another question and he had to say, no, no, no. That’s not it at all. You actually, maybe, maybe I just misunderstood. There is an element of what you might do might

Speaker 2 (20:38):

call double talk in this Adam. Like when, just that example of him, he hasn’t done it yet, but he’s going to go, now that we’ve done some stuff, we’re going to talk about exactly how we do it. And when you watch him do that and you see how he managed to say absolutely nothing at all over a period of two minutes and everyone goes, ah, science [inaudible] you know, I think, uh, it’ll come into a fuller. I explain it. I love how either cooperative or naive these people are one or the other. Well, they do get their blood up over time. Oh, do they? A little bit. Yeah. All right. Let’s get back to it then.

Speaker 4 (21:16):

It’s just one of them. Doesn’t matter what you take into your pocket. So did you or did you know who to take this card? Because if you did, I assure you it’s the same part. If you didn’t have ever tell us the truth because the car does not percent

Speaker 3 (21:37):


Speaker 4 (21:37):

yes, cause I’m standing here going may always change it at any moment. The Jewish, and it’s very important word today after right now, however you wish that, what’s your thoughts on is you’re still training as a pilot, fiber pots. Could you show it to us and let’s read to come at us. Everybody can see it’s five pots I think. And y’all sir.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 3 (22:06):


Speaker 2 (22:09):

well what do you think of that?

Speaker 8 (22:12):

Right when you claim it’s so big and so bombastic and then you succeed, you can’t help but have them burst into applause. Right? But otherwise it’s, I think it’s rubbing, rubbing people wrong. Like, like Adam was feeling like, you know, like is this guy, what’s, what’s up with this guys? He’s is he messing with me? Cause you just said he so almost like bordering on arrogant, right?

Speaker 2 (22:32):

Well I think he is, I mean he’s definitely, if he doesn’t engage those people to care and play for or against, he can’t push him one way or the other. Right, right. I mean I, I, it’s a very difficult thing and sometimes he’s, they’ve giving him a chance to change your mind, but you feel like maybe as a magician you feel like maybe is he really giving them a chance to change your mind or does he want to be the audience to feel like he is?

Speaker 8 (23:03):

Well, I feel like, I feel like that Canasta is an onion and there’s a lot of layers for us.

Speaker 2 (23:10):

I had a new, a new layer occurred to me in this last moment, which occurred to me before, which is that he became aware at a certain point in his life that his English as a second language type thing that’s happening with him. Right. It works to his advantage. So, so in addition to doing whatever he’s doing, the fact that there’s a little bit of confusion about what he’s trying to communicate probably in general allows probably opened up a contributed to opening up this entire line of magic for him. You know, probably when he got started he would say something to people and they would go, huh, what are you trying to say? And there’s a big space in there.

Speaker 3 (23:54):


Speaker 2 (23:56):

Yeah. I mean, so is there a new question from the, uh, is the magician who learned magic while he was in a concentrate? Uh, no. Okay. He’s not. And is he a train, let’s say? And to answer Steve’s question, is he trying to elicit cooperation? I think so. I think he’s trying to elicit engagement and cooperation. He wants them to get into it and feel like they can really do whatever they want and at the same time do what he wants him to do.

Speaker 8 (24:26):

Yeah. I think there’s a lot of that pushing too. Like, Hey, you’re gonna do what I tell you to do in a moment. Even though you don’t think it’s possible. Right. I think it’s a lot of, you know, just like making them, trying to, you know, come on, stand up to me. I get the, you know, it’s like a real push and pull that’s going on there with those spectators. He’s like work in their minds in addition to what’s happening with the effects

Speaker 2 (24:47):

and, and that’s important, right? Cause if he’s not working their minds, if their minds aren’t, you know, flexing in order to get in there with them. That’s the sort of alchemy that allows him to make them have a great experience. You know, as first as to make them put some fight into it.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 8 (25:06):

He’s got to make them invest emotionally. That’s what’s happening. Right. Once they invest emotionally, once that effect happens, now they get the pay off and they really react because they’re emotionally invested in the thing.

Speaker 2 (25:16):

Do you guys think he’s likable?

Speaker 8 (25:19):

I think he’s, I can’t tell yet. I always, I always go back and forth. You know, sometimes I really like him but, but it’s my magic mind admiring how clever he is and how skillful he has been. Then there’s other times I look at it from the point of view of if I was a spectator sitting there, I don’t know. I mean, I would, I would probably get the reaction that he’s trying to get out of these folks, which is, you know, that push and pull. He’s trying to get them to be right there with them and you know, it’s effective. Right.

Speaker 7 (25:45):

Newell had a great comment here in chat and you were saying about are ready at this point. He was a legendary personality, so I can totally read on these people that they feel in some way. Uh, I wouldn’t say lucky, but they’re happy to be there that they get to experience this, that, so they’re definitely not with a giant wall up. They know what’s gonna happen and they, they’re there for the ride, you know, and it’s the 60s too, right? I mean, that’s when it really was true that like you would probably see

Speaker 8 (26:14):

a magician in your lifetime in person. So for them that in that sense, that’s a special occasion. Right? That’s like a celebration that they’re, they’re actually able to be invited to. Right.

Speaker 7 (26:23):

I mean, and they’re all big stars. These people there, they’re not big stars. They’re probably like be stars. I would imagine. I think they’re like dancing with the stars, you know, they might be like that kind of level. That seems like a good analogy. Yeah, I like that kind of level in a lot of ways where, how David Blaine handles his specials, where he always has celebrities appear, his specialist so that

Speaker 6 (26:44):

we can watch big celebrities reacting to David Blaine doing magic. That’s sort of a, one of the thing that moves things at Blaine has always been really successful at having in his specials and makes them really cool. I guess this is where it came from.

Speaker 2 (26:58):

Well, there’s absolutely no doubt that when it comes to, uh, uh, Blaine and, and all of our modern greats, right. Darren Brown, they were definitely deeply influenced by this material. Right. And right down to the effects and the methods as you’re gonna see,


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 4 (27:17):

it’s for moment, this moment that maps with the circle, but especially the men in our ODM at heroine, ours are more, I should say skeptical perhaps in the ladies men play cards more. No cards more than the ladies. Or am I right or wrong in saying that men probably have more high level, however, men are more up to spot or you know, suspect something, play or assault. I think perhaps they made you take a car to find myself forced the issue on, you know, cause I own you. Absolutely. Are you suspicious legally to now represent the suspicious lady? No. Don’t be amazed. He said the drug skeptical, but for the sake of the game say yes. Right. So here we go. I should ask you now to select let’s say three cards together from the pack. Three together from anywhere you wish. Please do so. Take your time and take all the effort to take any part of you wish. Anything.

Speaker 4 (28:34):

Oh four doesn’t matter. Three connect one car out of the three you please take it out of the fleet or put all the three away. Let’s say second in your mind. Put them up behind you someplace so nobody can see. You don’t have fucking slick at three five from the tax right. Are you thinking of one? Do you think I know what you’re feeding off? Do you have suspicion? The sneaking suspicion? No, from the other pack. The red pack mad would experiment with you man. They bring this forward, this little table. Will you bring his right kid? I hope to come out some David for follow us and may I place focus in 40 from this other path and would you please stand to think of your car if you have any at any moment. The suspicion that I know to cut it, you’re thinking on my own is changing. You have three constants. I don’t care what’s going to take just one in your mind. Ready movies for different positions like for and place them like this before you want them to need a toilet. The full Cox was able to pour it. Would you please take what we’re talking about here now? Would you be surprised to know that the cottage are pointing to is none other than the car that she thinks so because of this about him, unless you can still change my mind if she wishes. What is your problem open, please open this space. It is.

Speaker 2 (30:13):

What about that? Well at this point she may still change her mind if she does remember that car beat over that card right. At this point she may still change her mind if she wishes is different then at this point she can still change your mind if she wishes turn over that car, like even turn over that car. Like was there even a space, it felt like a space

Speaker 6 (30:45):

that was really cleverly handled, wasn’t it that that whole construction there and how that or that that really was clever and well thought out.

Speaker 2 (30:55):

Well and they’re largely the same method for everything, you know, although there is one risk. Do you think that he does that? I’ve, you know, if you guys want to get to the great riddles and start thinking about him, uh, he certainly has a forcing method, which we all know is not 100%. And yet he certainly, that’s when the whole announcing what you’re gonna do thing and advance as a professional entertainer gets a little bit weird and becomes rather remarkable and strange because he’s saying you took a card, I’m going to ask you to take any car, take the one she took, right? But then he’s doing a method which is not foolproof, right. He’s an, and he’s inciting, like for example, sometimes we tell the specter of what we’re going to do, but we rarely say I’m about to do a classic force and, uh, you can change your mind or stop me or anything. And then, you know, we all know that those things, like Steve said, maybe 80%, you know, I mean, you can track back, but he’s the King himself. Any place to track back from Adam.

Speaker 6 (32:07):

Yeah. And that psychological force there.

Speaker 2 (32:10):


Speaker 6 (32:13):

Um, all right. Let me press on. Let’s, let’s press on. Here we go.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 3 (32:26):


Speaker 4 (32:27):

why didn’t you change your mind at the last minute and go, you’re holding your on it.

Speaker 2 (32:40):

I was going to change my mind but I didn’t. You see, there you are. [inaudible]

Speaker 4 (32:46):

I think we actually lost the camera at that moment. If I’m not mistaken looking at the monitor, but she changed her mind. Actually, I would be wrong. People don’t change their mind. Not well. They changed their mind. If I want them to finally come here and you, I think it’s a wonderful chair. Now the following is the next experiments which you also saw. I think I did in the rest of Mr. Freeman. Mr. Freeman and nobody would suspect you’re flirting with me sir. Well I’m sure please hold it in your hand. Listen, listen. [inaudible] we left before you’re making it up right now. The following experiment I usually term an experiment or remote control, which may for some odd, you know, remote control and all that, but actually it is because from now on I shouldn’t have to touch the car. I shouldn’t look at the car. I should not even look at you sir, with your permission. Thank you.

Speaker 4 (34:20):

Thank you. Would you please look at the cards in your hand to us? Obtain that? All different ones together. And would you not please listen behind your back. Don’t count them because they may be 53 though. Now when I asked you before, would you please just do this? When I asked me and I snapped my fingers like this, would you please and just touch the Cox once, like hold them together. Would you please take the first car from the top of the pack, place it in your right hand, pocket the site, and see have you please take the first car from the top of the pack. And I’d now in sight unseen, placed into left-hand pocket. The next wall.

Speaker 4 (35:08):

Looking at the car, do you know the two cars that you’ve selected? One of them [inaudible] look at the cards together and your hand. Look at the cars that you hold in the trunk. The oldest one comes here, right? So nobody could know what the car is off. But of course I know immuno, why was they expect me to. So I know the two guys that you’ve selected and I will tell you the two cards that you have in your pocket, you’re the user on your own and by yourself with us exactly which you have which car and you will do so without looking at your pocket and what small. You remember the experiment from before, no matter how he decides, no matter what he says, whatever he says will be. And then after he decided and told us we should give you sir seven or eight seconds to change your mind.

Speaker 4 (36:07):

If you change your mind to cargo change as you asked before, if you don’t change your mind to will not change to do anything you wish pertaining to your question. So here we go, ladies and gentleman, I think the phone got a took off in your pockets. One is a rec cart, one is a black card. The black one is a three of clubs. Did not want the 10 of diamonds, the 10 of diamonds, the three of clubs. Whatever you decide, sir, tell us in which property you would like to have, which card it would be, so then we’ll give you time to train your mind if you wish or not or whatever. Am I confusing glue? No. Do you remember the two clubs? Three of them decided that from the old decision risks, the whole thing here. Whatever you say. Say, I’m going to guess. No, no, no. Decide. Whatever you say will be. I see you can then change your guests decision.

Speaker 7 (37:08):

This is beautiful. Wow. That was genius right there when the guy repeated the right cards, but he jumped on him as if he might’ve made a mistake. It really, it just inserts that little bit of doubt. You know that you need the the whole, in fact, I’m just watching the whole construct of this unfold and how the mechanics are so well hidden. Uh, this is a real lesson in magic right here in mentalism.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 4 (37:42):

[inaudible] is on you and you were, you’re nice. All right. Then the 10 of Darvon this way leftover, right? Doesn’t it doesn’t matter. Yes. My rod. My right pocket. Wonderful. Please remember what you said. 10 of diamonds, ladies and gentlemen, 10 of diamonds, right pocket and the three of clubs, sir, in your left, please remember that 10 of diamonds, right? Pocket three of clubs who are wonderful. Now I know that you remember BA, I just reminded myself once again, kennel, diamond sweat the right pocket drug. So therefore, ladies and gentlemen, now I announced this exactly as he said because as we said before, I’d have to give him at least seven seconds to change his mind. Amazing.

Speaker 7 (38:33):

Okay. This part makes me

Speaker 6 (38:36):

nervous. Just say I’m getting a little nervous watching this right now. Okay, let’s see what happens. What’s that?

Speaker 2 (38:48):

Are you nervous as a magician or nervous as a spectator?

Speaker 6 (38:51):

Uh, no. As a magician, I’m nervous cause I know how things are right now. I know what the, what the setup is. I know where, where everything is, but how is he handling this moment? He’s about to give him a chance to change his mind.

Speaker 4 (39:05):

Did you change your mind? You don’t have to change it. By the way, if you do change your mind, however, the cards will change. If you do not change your mind, the cars will stay as they are and you don’t have to change your mind. Therefore, I have to give you the seven seconds. So here we go. One, two, three. I’ll tell you your mind foot. We’ll take it out. Take it out.

Speaker 9 (39:42):


Speaker 6 (39:43):

what the were, remember it’s 10 Kings thread tinned, right? I was reversed. They were actually in the opposite pockets. What did I just watch?

Speaker 2 (39:58):

Well, that’s what we’ve all been leading up to, right? That’s it. That’s our best documented, uh, that, look, there’s a little bit more of the show. You feel free to look it up. There’s going to be a book test, but that’s really the climax of the card set in this moment that you know, we should talk about. What did you witness, Adam? Tell us what the effect was that you saw. Well,

Speaker 6 (40:18):

so just forget about all the, the, the, the stuff leading up to it. I mean that, that all is fine. Uh, you, you know, he is, he’s his masterful work of, of a memorized deck. Could they built T uh, for him that, that, that quick move he did where he, he just took the cards back for a moment, looked for one moment just to make sure he knew which two cards he was pretty sure he knew which two cards but then then the fact that he knew which pockets they were in and then gave the person a chance to change their mind. And that was the defining moment there because I did not think that God was going to change his mind. I personally didn’t after all that confusion, remember there was a ton of confusion there, making sure he knew what was where or what was where I w he, he rehearsed it with the guy, made him repeat it. All that stuff happened in poking him the whole time, poking him wherever you say it’s going to be, that’s where it’s going to be. And then that moment where he lets him change his mind, he counts the seven, I don’t know why, seven seconds but seven seconds and the guy changes his mind

Speaker 2 (41:30):

[inaudible] at the last minute. And then he says, immediately reach in your pocket. And pull out the card and it’s instant.

Speaker 8 (41:38):

I’m not going to give you a chance to go back, check it.

Speaker 2 (41:42):

It doesn’t seem like anything else could have happened. Right. It doesn’t, it doesn’t feel to us as though there was any possible UN like that was what was supposed to happen. Right.

Speaker 8 (41:52):

And then the concrete hardened. And that’s the story we tell forever.

Speaker 6 (41:57):

So what, so may I ask what, what do you guys think? What would have happened? Okay. Knowing I don’t know a lot about chin Canasta I’ve never seen this footage first time. What do you think would’ve happened if the guy wouldn’t have changed his mind?

Speaker 2 (42:12):

It’s one of the great mysteries. I mean, the truth of it, Adam, is it’s, uh, so much fun for us to have. We’ve got our theories, right? We can share plenty of theories right here. But the fun part is, is that it’s one of the most educational card tricks I’ve ever seen because trying to figure out what our answer would be to that very question, right? A how to make it happened, what happened, but what on earth is the way out? What on earth do you do if he doesn’t change his mind? Right. I don’t know,

Speaker 8 (42:48):

and you have to imagine that he had something equally as compelling so that when the concrete hearted after the, you know, going the other way, it would’ve seemed like the only way it could have gone. I think it just comes down to having presentation skills and being able to convince someone at the end of it that that’s exactly the way it was supposed to go.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 2 (43:04):

Yeah. He may well have been counting quickly. He may, he and we were certainly know that he’s been working this act for a long time and he’s making it as much space and time as he wants. Right. It seems clear that there’s an element of psychology in making the man do what he wants him to do. He clearly, I think it’s safe to say wanted him to change his mind. Right. Clearly. However, he obviously has to have some sense of whether or not this is a situation where he’s going to have it go his own way. He clearly wants it to go his own way. It clearly would like it to go his own way. It clearly would be wonderful to be went its own way. But all I know is if it did not go his own way, the folk that was nothing is no. So if it didn’t look, I can give you answers. But honestly the question is the most interesting part because the question is, is there an out one thing you said Adam, is that all of the stuff before it is fine, but I think embedded within what he’s done before him somewhere is the answer to what happens if any of it goes wrong

Speaker 8 (44:14):

and remember that, that there’s a path that is chosen. The moment he says where is it? And when that guy says what’s in either pocket, that’s what’s going to determine what happens next. Right? Cause if you would’ve said that they were the right ones, I would imagine that that’ll whole change in your mind thing would have been handled much differently. Right? If you would’ve just said the right thing, begin with now it’s going to be, you could have changed your mind, but I know you don’t want to change your mind or do you want to change your mind? Seeing him and he would have, you know, verbiage that would allow that man to feel confident that that’s the way you needed to stay. And there was no reason to change his mind. But because he said the other way, he was instantly poking him. Right. And are you sure? I mean it’s whatever you say, that’s where it’s going to be. I would imagine that sort of language would not have been as strong. Right. If he chose the other way, if he said that they were the, they were what they were supposed to be. Right. That’s where, that’s where the path diverge is. I think

Speaker 2 (45:01):

furthermore, he’s saying right now, right now, I win right now. [inaudible] he’s saying you win, but he’s saying right now I win. It’s done. I’m the King. Of course. Well, all the time saying I’m not the King. You’re the King. But that actually leads a person to believe that right now you have it by the teeth. You have it by the hair, you’ve got it, you’ve won. So being poked at that point, changing your mind might be the best way to throw a monkey wrench into your plans.

Speaker 1 (45:34):

You know, our, our, we have very, very smart members here at conjure community. So Dan was saying that he, he says, I ask Aussie the same question that I ask, right? What would have happened if he changed his mind? He smiled and gave me three very good options. Well, Dan, why don’t you put one in chat, let us know what it would be. Uh, ed ed says, psychological. Did he plant the idea of changes his mind earlier in the discussion when they ask if anyone ever changed their mind? That’s a great question. Um, and John makes a good point. John Gasman says in the end, he’s right about the cards, no matter which pocket they’re in. So that in itself is a bit telling cause he deals, he still did get the two cards correct, even if they were in the wrong pockets. Uh, Newell says here, Newell always knows the right answer usually. So Newell says he has put the spectator under pressure by counting seven seconds. You have seven seconds to change your mind. There may be a lot in that statement.

Speaker 2 (46:34):

Well, there is, but here’s the thing, and Alex, it has got a sensational point. But what? Look, at the end of the day, we don’t know. And that’s one of the beauties of it. But once he’s doing it, once it was done, say say they’re wrong. Say it’s only going to work if they change their mind right at that point he doubles down. This is when most magicians in the world wisely hedge there. That’s right. So he doesn’t do that. He says right now it’s this way, but whatever happens next, it’s gonna be the way it is. If you want him to change, then they’re going to change. When it’s very much in doubt, we can all talk about the seven seconds. Whether they go faster than they should, whether they go slower than they should. But you only need to do with Hayden Chicago opener to know that you can work in

Speaker 7 (47:30):

a thousand different ways. Sometimes they change your mind, sometimes they don’t. So full stop. Yeah. Did you notice in the very beginning he gave the guide the deck? He said put it behind your back and the guy was fiddling with the cards, right? I don’t know if he took something out or whatever. And so then the first thing can ask to do was cut the cards. So now he’s got he and then it’s take the top card. So now he’s back to the stack in that top part there. Right. To make sure that he didn’t lose a key and that that Saturday that goes, he knows the first card goes to the right pocket. Right, right. And he knows the second card goes to the left, so he knows the cards and knows where they’re at. So he’s got to have an out, he’s got the cards right.

Speaker 7 (48:12):

There’s gotta be an out for why it’s there, not the right pockets. But he’s got like a, a pretty strong win either way. Really it because I don’t think it’s that big. A deal becomes a lot less strong after he doubles down on being right. Like it’d be killer strong if he didn’t do that, it would be stronger. Well, you tell me if guys, what you guys think about this. Okay. He comes in, he hits it. It’s a mindblower. Okay. If he misses it and he has the cards right, but not the right pockets, it strengthens the whole thing because it’s a mentalism act. Right? It’s like, Hey, I might not be right. Right. Which gets you more going on the edge of your seat. Like he got the cards, but you didn’t get it. How did they even do that? You know, because the whole thing seems impossible, so I don’t know that it matters.


We hope you’re enjoying this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above. 


Speaker 7 (49:03):

He’s going to get the cards right. He’s gonna get the cards and if he doesn’t get the pockets it, you know, it’s one of those deals where we’ve all done this, right? Where you’re just playing for the big, you know, your stand in front of people. You know, you got an opportunity. It’s a 50, 50 shot, you know, if you do it, you’re going to knock it out of the park and pupils jaws are going to drop. Or you might be doing some clean up on aisle four, you know, so I don’t know. I think that might, that’s my thought. I mean, and I certainly, you know, it’s just my guess. Yeah, I’ve got to think about that.

Speaker 1 (49:36):

I think that’s a great, Steve, that’s a, that’s a really, really great observation. I think you’re, you’re exactly right. We, we can’t know, like we cannot at the end of the day really know what would have happened, but you’re right. I mean, there would have, it would’ve changed. There would have been less emphasis put on the pockets. The fact that he missed wouldn’t have been a big deal because he would have probably put more emphasis on the revelations of the cards themselves when there’s just so many things that could have happened there. And your ride, he’s just a, in some ways, he’s just riding, uh, he’s riding the wave that the drum rests on, right? He’s riding that sound wave and he’s uh, jazzing his way through it and he’s feeling his way through in a, in a way that only, um, you know, a masterful, uh, a true guide can do it. Uh, amazing dude, this finding this footage. Thank you guys. Uh, this, this footage is really incredible to watch. I’d

Speaker 2 (50:38):

so everybody, quick, quick note for those of you who are interested in doing this stuff, you don’t need a memorize stack. You just need any old stack. We’ll do, you just need to know, be able to look at one card and be able to figure out what the next one is, right? So you actually just need to be able to perform magic. So don’t let anything hanging up there or start thinking that you need the greatest, uh, memorize deck in the universe or the best arrangement in the universe because Chank and Assa is definitely showing that the arrangement is not the issue here, man. Right? It’s not about that at all.

Speaker 1 (51:18):

Hey guys, uh, we hope you had fun today on a, on the show. Take a moment. Do us a favor. Hit the like button on this video and that tells YouTube that we’re doing a good job with these videos at Chondra community, we do these live member jams every day. We do special lectures several times a week, and if you’ve never tried out a proper magic club, there’s a link in the description where you can learn more about why we are the best magic club in the world. And listen, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, smash the subscribe button right now. We’re launching these new videos every day. You do not want to miss what’s coming out next. So thanks for joining us guys. We will see you next time on the afternoon. Astonishment.


We hope you enjoyed this discussion of Chan Canasta magic. Remember, you can see exactly what we’re discussing in the video above.