NewspaperNewspaper magic tricks are a great type of trick to add into your show. They make for a nice change from card magic, using an object your audience can really relate with. After all, we’ve all read a newspaper at some point or other, right?

The problem is, how do you decide WHICH newspaper magic tricks you include in your show?

Well, in this blog post we’re going to talk about our top three favorite effects you can do with a newspaper.

Let’s get into it…


Best Newspaper Magic Trick Pick No.3: Headline Prediction

BanachekThe ‘headline prediction’ effect is used by professional mentalists all over the world. It’s a ‘classic’ of mentalism, and definitely deserves to be on this list.

After all, what could be more impressive than predicting the headlines of a newspaper?

There are many different methods for pulling off a headline prediction. One of our favorites is included in mentalist Banachek’s great book, Psychological Subtleties 3. Read more about great mentalism books here!

Banachek (see picture to the right) is one of the world’s greatest mentalists, and an expert on headline predictions. By getting this book, you’ll be learning from the best on how to master this incredible effect. As Banachek often says, the headline prediction is a great way to generate publicity for yourself, and it’s hard to disagree when you see how powerful this trick is!

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Best Newspaper Magic Trick Pick No.2: ‘Book’ test

The book test is another classic of mentalism, but you can actually perform a very similar effect using a newspaper.

Imagine this…

You have two newspapers in your hand. Your spectator chooses one, and you proceed to get them to select a page number by saying ‘stop’ at any time. You read out the page number they’ve selected, and ask them to turn to that number in the newspaper they’re holding. They turn to that page, and simply read the first word on the page.

Without doing anything sneaky, you’re able to tell them the exact word they’re thinking of.

That’s pretty powerful magic!

The method for this trick is called the ‘Boldest Book Test’

Did you know?

You can actually do this trick ‘impromptu’ with two borrowed newspapers! That’s the beauty of the method.

Our ‘Boldest Book Test’ method is taught as used on books, but the method works just as well on newspapers as it does on books, so if you would like to learn this trick, check out the training below.

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Best Newspaper Magic Trick Pick No.1: Torn and Restored Newspaper

This is the typical effect most magicians think of when they hear the words ‘newspaper magic’, and that’s for good reason. Done right, this is a spectacular effect that can entertain audiences of any size.

Imagine this…

The magician picks up a newspaper, displaying it to the audience. It really is just a regular newspaper. Next, he unfolds the newspaper and holds it up. Then, he rips the newspaper in half. Next, he takes both half and rips them in half too, leaving him with four pieces. The magicians carries on ripping up the newspaper until he has a whole bunch of ripped up pieces of newspaper in his hand. At this point, the newspaper has been well and truly taken apart.

The magicians crumples the torn up pieces of newspaper into a ball in his hand and makes a magical gesture over them. To the astonishment of everyone watching, when the magician pulls the pall apart, it unfolds in one piece. The magician is left holding the same newspaper he first displayed, with not a single piece of it missing.

This is a great effect, and best of all – it’s easy to do.

How do you learn this trick?

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We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the best newspaper magic tricks. Let us know if you have any questions or alternate suggestions for what should make the list.