Salt ShakerSalt magic is an interesting area of magic that not many magicians have a lot of experience in. But you shouldn’t underestimate how powerful salt magic tricks can be when used correctly.

The issue with salt magic is that it’s hard to know where to start. What tricks can you even do with salt? And where do you learn them?

Well, in this blog post we’re going to answer both of those questions.

Let’s get into it…


Best Salt Magic Trick Pick No.3: Separate Salt and Pepper

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and relies more on science than sleight of hand. That said, it’s still cool to see.

You place some salt on a plate, and add pepper. Then you take a comb and run it through your hair a couple of times. When you hold the comb over the plate, the pepper will ‘magically’ jump up from the plate and onto the comb.

It’s not as astonishing as some of the other tricks in this list, but it’s still a fun experiment to try at home!

Here’s the explanation and full tutorial of this effect:


Best Salt Magic Trick Pick No.2: The Vanishing Salt Shaker

This trick is often done using a glass, but it works equally well with a salt shaker.

Imagine this…

You place a coin on a table, and tell your audience you’re going to make it vanish. However, you need the help of a salt shaker to do so. You pick up a salt shaker, and cover it with a paper napkin (claiming the magic will only happen if it is hidden).

You place the napkin-covered salt shaker on top of the coin, and make a magical gesture. When you pick up the salt shaker, the coin is still there. You try again, but the coin again doesn’t disappear.

You put the salt shaker on top of the coin a third time, and say that THIS time will be the one. When you lift up the salt shaker, the coin is STILL there. But then, suddenly, you slam your hand down on the napkin-covered salt shaker and the napkin crumples up – revealing that the salt shaker itself has disappeared!

For the method behind this trick, check out the great training detailed here:


Best Salt Magic Trick Pick No.1: Salt Vanish and Reproduction

We think this is definitely the best salt magic trick. The others on this list are fun tricks, but this one is a truly astonishing one that will leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Imagine this…

You’re at a dinner party with friends. You ask someone to pass you the salt shaker. You proceed to pour the contents of the shaker into your fist.

With a magical gesture, you open your fist to reveal that the salt has totally disappeared.

This in itself is an impressive feat, but the magic isn’t over yet.

Next, you reach up into the air with your other hand, which is clearly empty, and make a ‘pouring’ motion. To the surprise of everyone present, salt comes pouring out of your hand (which they just saw was empty!)

You can then repeat this if you want, again leaving your audience with no clue as to how you did it.

This is a great trick for a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s very visual and makes for a perfect ‘opener.’ You don’t need to tell a story to your audience, or win them over with words. All they need to do is watch for a few seconds to be amazed. Once you’ve got them hooked with the salt vanish, they’ll definitely be eager for more.

Another reason we love this trick is because it can be done ‘off the cuff.’ Maybe you’re out for a meal with friends, or you’re having a big family get together. In the middle of the conversation, you can grab the salt and perform this trick, then go back to your food like nothing happened. It makes for an awesome party trick!

How do you perform the salt vanish?

There’s two things you’ll need to be able to do this trick.

First, you’ll need a prop called a ‘thumb tip’. You can buy them from the official CC Store using the link below. (And if you’re interested in learning more routines that use a thumb tip, check out this blog post.)

But just having the prop isn’t enough – you need to know how to use it. So you’ll also need training on how to use the thumb tip to perform the salt vanish.

As it happens, we can actually provide that too. At Conjuror Community we have a dedicated training plan for the salt vanish, with complete instructions on the details of the method.


However, this training is just for CC Members. If you’re not a CC Member, join us here.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top salt magic tricks available. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for other tricks that deserve a place on this list!