Magician Fails: They Happen to the Best of Us!

magician fails interview

Magician fails do happen! Have you ever looked at a magician you admire and thought ‘Seriously… do they EVER have an off night?!” The truth is: absolutely, 100%, yes! The best professionals in the world admit there is no such thing as a perfect show every time. Between different audiences, different locations and different circumstances…

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Magic Lessons: The REAL Kind

magic lessons

Magic lessons find us anywhere if we look. In this 35 minute pure content video interview with Aaron Fisher, you’ll find funny, profound and bizarre  magic lessons you could only learn from a lifetime spent in the company of master magicians. In this uncensored interview, you’ll get stories that have never been revealed to anyone…

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Jamy Ian Swiss: Books Every Serious Magician Should Read… and Why!

jamy ian swiss

Share Jamy Ian Swiss is a connector! We know this because… connecting the best magicians in the world with their fans is something we strive to do here at Conjuror.Community. Whether it’s through guest appearances during our Live Coaching Calls or contributing ideas in group posts like One Non-Magic Book Every Magician Should Read. As…

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How David Williamson Handles a Very Unreasonable Client

David Williamson

We hear a lot of legitimately ‘out of this world’ adventures from our CC members… in our private Conjuror.Community Facebook group, but what this client expected David to do was a new one for all of us. Check it out, in David’s words: “Years ago I was working for a client in New York City for an…

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The Best Magicians in the World Recommend One Non-Magic Book

best magicians in the world

It’s easy to find magician’s recommendations for the best books to pick up when we want to learn a certain type of magic. But what about when we want to know more about how and why the best magicians in the world think the way they do. Or how they view the world in such…

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Magician Business Cards – How to make your business card lead to gigs!

How to make your business card lead to gigs! If you have been doing magic for some time you’ve probably already been asked for your business card. If not, you will. And when it happens you want to be prepared! There are countless designs and creative ideas that you can put on your card, but…

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