Tommy Wonder Magic: The Greatest Magician Ever?

Tommy Wonder is one of the greatest magicians of all time. In this video, Aaron Fisher and the Conjuror Community team react to Tommy Wonder’s best magic. If you’ve a fan of Tommy Wonder magic, this video is a homage to his incredible work (and we throw in a few ‘secrets’ from the pros that…

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Rubber Band Magic Tricks

Rubber band magic tricks are easy, visual, and best of all, you can take them everywhere you go! Every magician should know at least ONE rubber band effect. But where do you learn rubber band magic? Most of the rubber band magic online is either too easy or WAY too hard. In this video, we…

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How To Do The Color Changing Deck Trick

The Color Changing Deck Trick The color changing deck trick is one of the most powerful card effects ever created. But which method is the best, and how do you perform it? In this video, the Conjuror Community team share one of the BEST color changing deck tricks we’ve ever seen, and show you exactly…

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best impromptu magic

Best Impromptu Magic Tricks

Impromptu magic tricks are some of the most powerful magic there is. But there are so many different impromptu effects out there that it can be hard to know where to start. So here’s the BIG question: which effects are the BEST impromptu magic tricks? In this blog post, you’ll discover the best impromptu magic…

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Twisting The Aces: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Twisting the Aces is one of card magic’s original and most classic packet effects. Best of all, it’s completely impromptu, extremely visual, and relatively simple to learn. Let’s face it… You can only do so many “pick a card” tricks before your audience gets bored. Once you’ve mastered some of the basics of card magic…

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10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic performance

10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic

Sometimes it can be tough to know whether or not the magic you’re sharing with the world is any good – and how you can improve it. So, just for you, we created this chart: 10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic. We hope it will help magicians everywhere be able to tell whether or…

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John Guastaferro: 2 Killer Close Up Strategies

  There are countless magic theory books available in the world, and almost as many theories as there are magicians. Often, the same theory, concept or idea is published by different people, with a few minor changes, or even no changes at all. So when we heard about the work John Guastaferro was publishing – specifically…

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professional magician steve barcellona

Professional Magician Steve Barcellona Takes Us BACKSTAGE!

Unless you’ve done it yourself, it can be almost impossible to imagine the amount of work that goes into preparing a Stand-Up Magic Show! Our friend, top magician Steve Barcellona, recently shot an AMAZING video to share the experience with you: Steve has decades of experience as a professional stage entertainer – and he’s got his…

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trick decks

6 Must-Have Trick Decks for Every Magician

  Trick decks are NOT a replacement for essential sleight of hand skills. Phew! Glad we got that out of the way. That being said… Did you know that pretty much every professional magician – even the ones famous for sleight of hand – use a ‘special’ deck every now and again? And contrary to popular…

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magician fails interview

Magician Fails: They Happen to the Best of Us!

Magician fails do happen! Have you ever looked at a magician you admire and thought ‘Seriously… do they EVER have an off night?!” The truth is: absolutely, 100%, yes! The best professionals in the world admit there is no such thing as a perfect show every time. Between different audiences, different locations and different circumstances…

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