Doc Eason Magic

Doc Eason is one of the best loved magicians.  From his performances at the Magic Castle to the Tower Bar, Doc Eason Magic is a study in great routining and audience management.  In this video we look at some of the vert best of Doc Eason Magic.  Enjoy!


Doc Eason Magic (Transcript)

Hello, everybody. Welcome to afternoon astonishments. And today it’s myself and Steve, Barcelona, and everybody.

Today we’re going to get into something that will be great, Doc Eason Magic… I had been anxious to get into it. He’s one of our favorites. Today we’re going to look at a little bit of the magic of Doc Eason. So I’m pretty excited. Doc was definitely one of my early influences. He was I was telling Steve earlier that he was one of the first magicians that I really saw on video. Like, I’d read a bunch of books. I’d met a couple guys that did tricks, but he was the first like pro guy that I saw, like doing a show with close up magic. And that just blew my mind that first of all, that that was even possible that you could like have a show and be doing close up magic with card tricks and coins and so forth that that was a mind blower to me. It was like wow, that’s it. What it’s like a dream. Mm hmm. I mean, everything you hear about the tower, it all sounds like a dream.

You know, it just sounds like you know, the most unbelievable circumstance of luck in ever Everything come together at the right time and opportunity. You know, you know, everyone says opportunity is when luck meets preparation. Yeah, like I think in doc story, I don’t think there was any preparation. There was just luck. Because the mission

is early Bob right. It was Bob was working on bob is like he’s like he’s like almost like Forrest Gump. He was like, they’re all these big moments. And

it’s Right, right.

And in this case, he was at the tower. He was working there. And he was like, well, there we go. I’m going to go start my own. And for those that don’t know, the tower bar where doc was, that was john Denver’s club, the famous musician, the Rocky Mountain High fame musician. He took some of his music money and invested in had a bar that was making money for him until he until he Well,

I was I’ve, I’ve been pretty lucky because like, I’ve actually hung out with doc I know quite a few occasions in circumstances that weren’t really magic. You know what I’m saying like where it was just like a few people, right? And he tells that story about how that happened. And I will, I won’t tell the story. But the interesting thing about it was, they all knew john john didn’t have the bar, right? And they were just john made a bunch of money. And he was like, What do you guys want to do? And they’re like, we want a bar. And so he bought the bar. That’s like, and then that they took it kind of from there. There’s a lot more to the story than that. But that’s the general gist. I should. But what do we got? I mean, let’s dial up some of this. This Yeah,

yeah, let’s let’s get into this thing. Let’s have some fun here. So let me easily

my favorite. Well, you know, my favorite close up. Bar guy for sure. I mean, if not, top 10 close up magicians, right?

Yeah, right. Right. So let’s, uh

oh, this is Oh,

yeah, this is this is like late 80s donkeys and so this is a super fun. This is super fun. All right, let’s just get into gray. He’s not great. He’s like he’s like, you know, he’s a he’s a younger man. Youngest 35 maybe you Maybe even early 40s Yeah, around there.

Yeah. Joining us this evening. All right. Let’s get on with something. We’re gonna do a little trick. We’re gonna get to kind of broaden out here a little bit. Get some more people involved here. I’m Ed. Dan. I’m sorry, Ted. Yeah. Do me a favor if you would, sir. Would you reach in take out a card anyone’s just picked?

I don’t want to influence your choice in any way. I just take out a card.

anyone you want? Seriously anyway, get one. This is the boring part. Okay, that’s

Bernie, Bernie.

Well, you said I could call you Bernie. You can call anything you want All right. Let’s up late for dinner. I know Bernie, Richard if you gotta go, get Kyla, go ahead. Get one. That’s good. eautiful All right. Now take a look at them. Show them around. Don’t show them to me. I’ve seen this trick before.

A couple of times.

All right. Ready? now. Here we go. Ted, you ready? Doctor in any way you’d like to drop it back into

it right in here. It’ll be a good good spot.

Drinking all the way on the bus from New York here. I don’t care. All right. All right now you won’t forget Chicago you keep this going here, the more they drink the hit, you know, it’s hard. You know. I’d like to encourage you to drink heavily tip big and leave early. That’s our slogan tonight. This crowd is locked in, they’re not going anywhere. They’re gonna be for a while. Bernie is still there. Drop your credit anyway. All right. That’ll be easy to find. Let’s put it this way. Okay, that’s good. All right. It’ll be my job to try and find these cards. That’s the way these things usually work. Right? You guys take them out. I try and find them and that’s the way they usually work. I gotta check sometimes the procedures different than other things. So a lot of folks are in from out of town. Now, since Ted put his card in first let it take in like fish over here. I think that’s good. Next has been here since three o’clock. I can’t get rid of the guy here, right? Oh, yeah, I’m gonna find your card first. And if I’ve done this correctly, how’s the All clubs look good one down. When they go Bernie remember yours? Oh yeah, here it is Bernie right here, five of diamonds. I’m sorry, I’m sorry the Queen of Hearts. Don’t make a big deal about it. There it is. I see it talking. Hey, we’re gonna find your card by a method which is known as the flying swivel cut. The cards will actually fly and swivel around my hands. Your card ends up on top here it is right here. the aid of of

this one over here Is that yours there?

this crowd is gonna be easy to

find me it is a little hard a scan. It might be a little hard to follow these these tricks. So maybe one card would be easier do you think?

Can you do me a favor if you would? Would you cut the cut? You know

here. Here’s what’s so great. Okay, is that That’s a pretty straightforward cartridge. Yeah, right. It’s it’s pretty straightforward. But I don’t know what it is about

being behind a bar that changes the way you perform, right? It just seems very loose. Very, like we’re just going with the flow. It’s not. But it feels that way. And the people are losing everything feels really bad. It just happens. Right? The thing just happened. Yeah. And, and that’s what I just, I just love about it when you see that effect. I mean, I mean, you can look at that. I mean, we all know how that was accomplished. It’s pretty straightforward, you know? But it’s so strong. I mean, everybody’s scream, you know, because it seems so like, we’re not doing any

one. It’s going beyond just being like a close up thing. Like if you were doing it like in a restaurant or walk around situation, you know, you have a handful of people. But with that you have that whole room, the alcohols cranking up the energy, they’re there to party, and all of them have permission to cheer and it’s like a comedy club, but it’s just the guy standing behind a bar. It’s just a different atmosphere and a different energy and it becomes that right? It becomes like a party, even though it’s a guy just doing card tricks. It’s really amazing.

What’s it? Yeah, it becomes a party. That’s the thing. That’s the thing. What’s interesting too, is the way he has mats set up around the bar. Right, which later on he moved to the big long mat.

That’s right, you know,

but here, he’s got one in front of this guy, one here, one there. So he’s like, Well, I think we can put it down. doc eason magic

And I think the other thing about this is that we’ve seen this situation that dogs performing in in a couple different videos where we get to see what the venue is, but we’re seeing it through the camera I that’s looking at the bar. And I think that in reality, it’s not always super packed, right? A bars open all day long. They’re serving drinks all day long. Sometimes it’s four or five in the afternoon, and it might just be 234 people that are sitting there at the bar, and they’re at the other end of the bar. That’s why there’s a close up, Matt down there, right? Yeah, in all those stations so that he can just basically meet the people where they’re at I’m just saying this because I, you know, I’ve inquired and asked about, like, Why were there so many clubs close on that. And that’s really what it was about is that, you know, they’re doing that all day long. And we’re just getting to see when they set up the cameras and they get everybody in there and give them free alcohol so they can make a good video. Right? Yeah, you know, it’s different. It’s a stilted version of that thing that really exists, right? organically? Right. All right, let’s get back into this thing.

Let me ask before you jump in. Let me just ask in the chat. Is everyone here seeing cookies and before? I would imagine that the answer put a one if you’ve seen them before. I’m sure a lot of people have I mean, I’m sure a lot of people have Yeah, unknown person. doc eason magic

Yeah, exactly. Oh, yeah.

Least Yeah, quite a few. Okay, cool.

Let’s get back into this thing here. Where did we go?

No, I’m sorry. I’ve lost it here. Oh, yeah, I’ve lost my mind here. Give me one second here, Steve.

Actually, I while you’re doing that, I asked the wrong question. Okay, uh, put a one in chat. If you’ve never seen it not if you’ve seen him if you’ve never seen him

because that would be the pertinent thing to know. Where’s it

eat I might have to pull this thing up again. I’m not sure what zoom did to my window here. Crash and

burn the crash and burn. Yeah, we’ll just do this one more time. We’ll do like that’s okay. I’m sure.

Thanks for joining us this evening.

Oh, I think this is it right here. Okay, I think we can get back into this thing. Okay,


When they call learning Remember, you’re okay, actually fly and swivel around.

This one over here.

This is gonna be easy to follow.

That’s not good. Let me see what’s happening here.


we’re having, we’re having technical difficulties, please stand by. That’s right.

All right. How about this one? Let’s try this again. Do you see that picture? I do. Good. All right. doc eason magic

Now, it is a battle hardest and it might be a little hard to follow these these tricks. So maybe one card would be easier do you think? Yeah, I don’t know about this crowd here. Can you do me a favor if you would? Would you cut the cards in half antastic. Okay, you done this kind of work before. Okay.

Get your union card. I would like you to read And take out one card just take out one.

Take a look at it showed around don’t show it to me.

What do you mean wait a minute?

Well, there’s a certain coincidence.

We use a card.

That’s the same card that

maybe all four ought to get together and have some fun. It

might be No, no. Okay, all right, see the pictures or jump around. gotta see if I want to do a trick with a different card. I’ll run my finger through I want you to say stop whenever you want to stop some motor skill. Try and coordinate with me if you can.

go slower last call. Let’s wrap it up.

right there right below the Queen take the car take a look at it show it around.

Look, there’s no TV magic cards. Okay, they’re all different unbeli I don’t know how you keep getting that card. I’ll tell you what I think your name was sign up show up better on this three of hearts. So I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll take the three of hearts and if you would take the magic marker and sign

All right, well have you have you co signed a

check Joe can’t do those much anymore. Right.

Signing him up.

Jeannie. All right, I just so we keep going. We keep burning out. You buy what you put your name on there this is gonna be like a group thing I know it is

and we want you to be happy all right yeah later

all right here we go. Genie and vernita his name on this three of hearts identifies this three hearts so you don’t think I have a whole deck full of three hearts right

rhetorical questions was like it used the feedback.

I can hear you breathing now.

Watch closely. This will knock your socks off.

Are you wearing socks? pantyhose, I love

three hearts. three hearts goes down here like so. doc eason magic

pushed back on top.

forgot you do that too. You do it makes it more fun. Believe it or not your card like an elevator comes right up to the top of the deck like

somebody call security.

Halfway down Go ahead push the button.

I’ll do it again. I’m gonna keep doing it. Do you like it?

Like time to

tell you what we’ll do. I’m going to out jog the three that means make it stick out so you don’t think I’m doing something funny. See? Now if I take Bernie and genius card and put that card in the middle of these cards, these cards in the middle of those cards, I’d say we’re talking heavy metal right?

They’re all doing it tonight.

Every night.

But believe it or not, it works. Okay.

It’s a it’s read.

This is what I do late at night after I get my kids to bed. I entertain myself with this one.

sick man. I’m a stickler.

I’m gonna drop the tree down here like so. I’ll dribble the cards. Your card comes back to the top. See, though

Wayman, if you thought that was good, this next part is to convince her.

To convince you I need professional help.

All the animals is here.

Right here. I gotta go on.

GD and Bernina now watch closely I’m gonna make this significantly easier for you to follow. I’m gonna I’m gonna put a crimp in the car. But we have any folks from Texas in the crowd and it will call this a crayon.

Y’all, y’all see that?

That’s a two syllable word meaning bendin card Grail. Thank you very much. All right. Now if I take the cranium, table, do we just put this right in there like so you see it, but the cranium up in the middle like that. Do me a favor, push the button right on top. That’s good.m doc eason magic

Women if you thought

this next part is gonna kick your

Not here.

You’re gonna like this a lot. Okay? never lets me have any fun at all. Okay. I’ll tell you what we’ll do. Jeannie, do you know how to cut cards? Yeah, do me a favor, cut the cards in him. doc eason magic beautiful and see what drop it right in there like that. Okay. All right, push the button on top and say, Oh, that’s good. Not only has your card come to the top, it’s also changed now into the ace of spades.

They’re not buying.

Genie, let me ask you this. Would it be a better trick if I were to have somehow gotten your card under my drink?

Why now right there. That’s

I don’t think I’ve seen him do it that way. Like from going from the bent card, ambitious card thing to the glass, so that when you pick up the glass, the card jumps up

right before you even turn it over. They know it’s it. I mean, it’s like right there. They’re freaked

out. You’d have to turn it over. doc eason magic

That’s right. It’s just great. It’s really great. Yeah, he does the card under the drink a lot more in the act now than he did then. But then it was just like a crime. She was almost like doing card to wallet. Right. Right. Right. Final. One final thing. Yeah. It’s really good. So this next one is pretty interesting. This is his handling. Well, it’s his handling of a popular gambling theme. And let’s let me do this. Let me make sure I get this. We don’t have a technical difficulty. I think I realized what happened there. Let me make sure I’m doing the right thing. One of the

guys in chat are saying the only thing wrong with Doc’s assets act is that he’s missing the comedy horn.

Seeing we miss judge the comedy horn to query said

well I said it was my favorite said it was my favorite.

You did say it was your favorite.

Alright, so let’s take a look at this now. This is the three card Monte

bigger to the screen. Okay,

we’re gonna get into this gambling thing here.

Doc Eason – Continued

All right last

game is being played in the streets of the big cities all over the country. A little fun just now and then is relished by the best of men. You may have nerve you may have plenty. I will get you 10 tandel get your attention given I’ll show you how the doctor hides the peekaboo selected card the one you choose if right you in. If not, you lose. The game itself is lots of fun. My chances are two to one. A little game of hanky poo two cards for me one card for you. He did a little the twos in the middle. That’s the money card. Keep your eye on the two. That’s the way the Rhine goes. And this is the way they play a little game called three card Monte Watch closely. The idea, of course is to follow the two. You get the idea as we toss it around like so. All right, Ted, you from New York City. You probably know this one here. All right. Are you watching? Where’s the two?

Oh, you are?

Jeannie, you’re doing a great job. Let me try and confuse you just a little bit here. Okay. All right. We toss it around like so. All right. Kenny. Are you watching now? Or is it No? Oh, you’re good. You wanna play for money?

Let me show you how they do it on the streets. Watch close to the two black cars. The one red card we toss it around like so. Right? It used to follow the two.

You’re watching. Where’s it now?


bummer, man.

I’ll do it. But slower play because people think when I speed up, that’s when it happens. It will do. Alright, toss it around like so. Okay, I’m going to show you what we tossed it to. I’m going to show you a Black King. I’m going to show you the other Black King, right?

You’re watching now, where’s it now?

Again? Well I don’t know what

let me explain something folks. This game. See? See this game is a swindle.

really see there’s always three or four guys, you’re always working together against you the Mark s3 jargon for sucker. Now. This next little thing I’m about to show you actually happened to me it’s a true story. As at the Oakland Coliseum in California many years ago there for a rock and roll concert. I went to the men’s room to take care of some other business and get it roped into a game. I should never have been involved in other things. A lot of dealerships are paying off one of his partners. Another guy in the crowd, which is out puts a crimp in the corner of the two. Now it’s easy to tell where the two is. He’s got the crimp in it. So the dealer conveyances All right, let’s play cards. He says Keep your eye on that too. He moves it around like so. Now I didn’t have any money with me. I had to go borrow 20 bucks from my pal because he had the cash. I got the 20 from him laid it down on the to you guessed it ended up losers.


I hate it. Because I still love the guy. 20 bucks.

Yeah, but I’ll tell you what, as I said, this game is a swindle. It had its origins in the river boats in the Mississippi River many years ago and there quite frankly hasn’t been a winner since but I’ll tell you what, Jeannie, I’m going to give you a chance to win some money. Are you ready?

You should be excited.

Watch close. I’m going to show you a blacking. I’m going to show you the Second blacking. Then I show you the two. Ooh. Okay, now no sleight of hand involved. Let’s put the cards out like that. Genie if you point to any card, but the two in other words point to a king, I’ll give you 20 bucks. Go ahead, give it your best shot on.

No, I should point to a king I gave you $20

you get it? I’ll give you a couple more just because

I’m a sucker for a

point to a king.

Could I go through these? Well?

Wait a minute.

Let me ask you this. If your card is here at the top of the deck, where do you suppose the kings are? The bottom Music

I mean,

how awesome is that,

to me was so influential watching this as a kid like, wow,

Alex, just think about this. How would you like to hold court every night and do that? for 30 years? He’s still doing. He’s still doing it. Yeah. You know what, probably not now. Not now. But yeah, he was really good.

He was still doing.

Yeah, I mean, just, it just seems like the most gigantic party in the world.

Yeah. Yeah. And the guys that work there, when I talked to them about it, that’s what they say about it is that every night it was just a big party. And they basically just got to be, you know, the person that was running the party.

being the best.

Yeah, it’s really cool.

So when we watch tomfoolery, right? Yeah, yeah, again, fantastic, but it’s different. It’s just a little different. I think of

the doc stuff is more

rambunctious more like, you know, I don’t know what the word I’m looking for is

well the other thing about the tower is that it wasn’t just doc right? It was several several other guys and you weren’t necessarily just getting doc and with the tomfoolery, it was mollica, right? It was just mollica you were there in that venue to see that guy do his comedy act, basically. Right. And these guys that were working at the tower for them, it was like jazz as much as it was magic, right? Like, yeah, huge repertoire, and they’re just, you know, they have their killers and other things they’re gonna do, but, you know, we’re seeing a compressed version of what their what their work really is, too, right. We’re seeing it in, you know, this stilted format of being a filmed version of what they’re doing or a recorded version of what they’re doing. But, you know, the show that you see it might take An hour, hour and a half of that full show to happen because they’re serving drinks, right? They’re doing a trick. They’re going, Hey, how you doing? Where are you from, and they’re getting to know the people and making them feel happy that they’re in this world famous bar as much as they’re doing the magic forum. And it’s about creating that ambience for each couple that comes in or each person or group of people that comes in. And then they’re slowly building that doing little tricks for all these people until they’re all sort of acquainted. They’re all drinking enough that now Hey, let’s lay it on. Let’s do the show and get everybody involved and do one thing for everybody you know, and then it’s it becomes that thing. But it’s a it’s definitely different.

I think to a garden said the bartender was one sell more drinks, you know, Doc was always really tuned into that into making sure that you get a big bar ring because that’s what it’s all about. And so you don’t you don’t get to be the bartender at the tower for 30 years or however long it was. If every time you do tricks, no one drinks, you know. I think what’s going on here though, is that I think that They’re shooting this, you know? And so it’s not like exactly like a fly on the wall of what it would be like, right? You’re trying to complete things in

a hyper version of that reality. Yeah, yeah. It’s like a big like I said, stilted right? It’s like a it’s like the idyllic version of what it would be.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. I happened to be there. Like, yeah, like a sitcom. You know, we’re like, they pull out the fourth wall. And you’re just, you know, it’s not quite like that.

Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. They had to do a day of shooting demand, you know, a couple crowds and make sure they get the right one that’s on the video. Because this video that we’re pulling this, this is actually from Doc’s demo video that he used for corporate. No, really? Yeah, yeah. So then, he eventually released it to magicians because it was sort of had cert circulated. The Underground of magicians all these people had found their way into getting Doc’s demo video and watching it just because it’s entertaining. Actually just put it out on the market and start selling it to magicians too, because you realize that there was another audience for another shoot before.

So I don’t remember what year it was okay, right. Yeah, new town. We had like a one day convention kind of thing. And doc was one of the people. So in the first night of the convention, we found a bar that was basically about to go out of business. So they do anything. You know what I mean? So we take doctor, we’re like, Doc, well we want to do is we want to have everybody come to this bar and you do your thing. And then tomorrow, you’ll lecture you know what I mean? That kind of thing. And he, you know, we got a lesson that afternoon in bar geography.

Wow, tell me about that. That’s awesome.

You know about how that the tower was set up to do that, you know, cuz, because it was like, Whatever had to happen to make it happen. They’re like, move the cooler do this, do that. But when you just go behind any bar, if you’ve ever been a bartender bartender for 10 years, you know, the space behind a bar is not set up to do magic in most places. If this is the bar top like right here, sometimes you can’t get any closer than this, right? There’s like a sink over, you know, yellers and all kinds of syncs and all kinds of stuff. So, so long story short, he gave us a whole geography about why this doesn’t work. And this and that was very, very interesting about the fact that you can’t get close enough to the bar. You can’t get people you know, you can’t. You can’t command the corner, which is what he’s doing there. He didn’t always do that, because I think a lot of time you play that long, straight time. But you get in that corner, right? Where you got people going this way, and people go in this way, and then you’re playing to the bigger crowd up there, you know, but he just did it on a long table. And there was probably about 30 people there. And he basically did the tower act, and it was amazing. I mean, it was just

so was it similar to like that that mollica footage that we were watching where you just basically had like a table set up into the studio with a tablecloth on it acting as a bar, is that is that what you mean? So what he did was what kind

of Yeah, so he had PVC pipes, okay, that he had specially he brings them with him, and you take like a regular long banquet table. Okay, and then you stick these on the bottom and then it brings the banquet table. Look the bar.

Oh, nice,

right? Because that’s what he’s accustomed to working with, right? If you’re accustomed to working with something this high, then all of a sudden you’re on a table like this. It changes every

right. every angle is different, right? Yeah,

it changes the rhythm of everything. It just changes stuff, especially when you’ve been doing it so long. So he brought it up. And then it was, you know, a clot, put a tablecloth on it. And then we put stools on this side, and then a couple on the other side for people that were helping him and then he just kind of stood in the middle. It was amazing. It was a really a great, great, great night. And so yeah, and then the next day, we did a show, he emcee the show for us. It was pretty awesome.

It’s really cool.

Yeah. Well, what do you think your heroes Dude, you get to that’s what’s great about magic it is.

You get to hang out with all the guys. Yeah,

you get to meet your heroes, because they’re just regular people. But we just elevate them to start them. That’s right.

Regular guys,

it’s true. We’re gonna jump into another one here. Let’s do it. Alright, so this one’s a more recent clip. Let me do this let me pull this up and again I want to make sure I’m I don’t have as powerful the computer is Adam so I’m I’m doing the best I can here with what I’ve got. You may give me a moment. I think this is that and

perfect. Here we go.

There’s that. Okay.

Oh yeah.

So this is more recent donkeys and

we’re gonna go along we’re gonna have everyone sitting at the rim and a few people loitering and back. Look at a car in fact, everyone in the room all 300 I’m gonna take a nap. I got to find a car. You’re ready. All right. All right. All right. Got the

team over here. Okay.

What’s what’s interesting here is that and you don’t see it here. Is that above him on the ceiling. Okay, is Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. And so he’s got like a, kind of like a triangle type of a situation like this that’s bolted to the ceiling and the mirrors here. So you can tilted. And so the people in the back can see the bar top. That’s what he’s that’s what he’s, that’s what again

do that again. So

so there’s the ceiling and it’s got a brackets like a triangle kind of a thing bolted to the ceiling and the mirror goes between them. And then he can end you know it gets angled I imagine it’s bolted in the correct angle. Sure. right but it’s kind of like that. So if you sit in the back, you can watch the show, but then you can also look in the mirror and see the bar top. You see the tabletop. You see what’s happening on the bar close up, Matt? Yeah, yeah. Good. So if you see some stuff here and you’re like, how could the people see in the backlinks because, you know, there’s the big giant mirror crank brackets.

Okay, let me do this again. pull this back up here.

I keep stopping you

know, it’s okay, man. It’s okay. It’s good practice for me getting better.

areas. areas, okay,

though, man.

Boom. All right. All right.

Tell you what, we could have these cards selected like one at a time put back in, but boy, that is. Oh my god. Can you believe you got it again? All right. Okay. All right. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna run my fingers at the deck, man. You tell me to stop whenever you want. Well, let me get in the cards first. Doc Eason magic Well, you pal. I okay. All right. Hey, Bill. Have a seat here. Bill. What a guy All right. But a guy from Oregon bill.

River forest Illinois. Hell is that I’m right about

Arlington Heights. Oh, okay. Oh, good. The rich section a nice day. That’s it. You guys are here. All right. Okay. All right. Here we go. We’re gonna go out Matt. You ready? No, I’m gonna run. Just say Stop. Stop. Right Matt? That’ll be your card. You got it. You won’t forget it. Well, yeah, I’m counting. Hopefully not Dan say stop. Oh, stop. Yeah, you guys there Dan. Hey, Dan, check it out, man. All right. Okay. All right. Ray, Ray say stop, sir. Yeah, that Ray Yeah. celebrators. You won’t forget Bernie is it? Bernie say stop, sir. Yeah, Bernie. Beautiful. All right, Patti. How are you doing and say stop. Stop there. You got a pretty good Hello. Go back here to Glen Glen say stops, sir. Stop. You’re there. Beautiful. Doc Eason magic Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone stopped me at the same card? No, maybe not. I Rebecca help me. Stop. Rebecca. There’s your card. Okay. All right. All right, it’ll work out say stop bill. The other bill, that’ll be your card you won’t forget. All right, what’s your first name again? Gail with a y le er ay ay. Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay you Gail says please. You guys are Gail. That’ll be your card. You won’t forget why I’m counting on you. All right. All Derek wants to remember of you bad Who can forget out Eric say stop out Eric. Yes. Mr. Leader your first name says Forrest Wheeler say stop forest. hear their voice. How do you got this waiter? What’s your first name? match That’s a man say stop, man.

All right, Gary. Gary says stop. Gather Gary. That will be your card. You won’t forget what? I’m counting on you, pal. I’ll tell you what. We’re moving down the front row. Jeff say stop. Jeff. Stop. Beautiful. Jeff. You got it. I will back with this. We’re just gonna draw lines all everybody’s gonna get a card as a stop. I’m gonna run out of cards before I get to the 301. But I’ll tell you what. All right. Hey, Tom say stop, sir. You got it. That’ll be your card. You won’t forget. I’m counting on you.

Doc, sure, Doc. No.

David, David. David. David, you won’t forget we’re I’m counting on you. David and Jill, jack and Jill went up the hill. He made a buck and a quarter. Joe came down with two and a half didn’t go up for water. Hey. Jenny say stop honey money. Yeah, they’re jacked up money. All right. Okay. Doc Eason magic All right. Well, we’re in the back, Michael. Tastes beautiful. Yeah, one you won’t forget. Well, yeah, I’m counting on you, pal. I’m counting on you. Remember a lot of cards in your life Louis a stop. Yeah, Louis. All right. You got one move over here. Eric say Stop. Stop. Get there. Eric beautiful. You got one. And what’s your name? Petey? I knew that I’m gonna do this video say stop Patty. All right, you got a patty.

You can say stop. I don’t know. Maybe you can at this point.

Visit Larry. Leonard, of course. But I’m sorry. I knew was an L name. I was told to say stop, sir. Beautiful. You got it. You won’t forget. Well, yeah, I’m counting on you, pal. I really am. Okay. Now, many times when I get to this point, a lot of folks wonder what in the world I’m doing here. Doc Eason magic But that’s a good idea, but I don’t know what I’m doing here. Now we’re gonna try and find your card. All the cards, but we’re also gonna try and get all the names as we go back through all 2300

All right now, many times they do this. I hear them they think that somehow I’ve got these cards in the bottom at the top. I hear them talking. So let’s check the bottom card lenders is your card in the bottom. How about this card? The top hundred. That’s okay. It’s a long way away from Leonard err, okay? It’s a long way to from start with as but Oh, here we go. Letter we’re gonna try and find your card by a method which is done is only a few people got that joke. That’s good. All right, okay. All right. Yes, Uncle john. All right. Okay. All right. The lender, we’re going to find your card by a method which is known as a double cut. We cut them once we cut them twice, hence the name double cut. How to do seven hearts. Is that your card? Damn good. All right. Now, that brings up an interesting point, folks, no one else in the room knows what your particular card is. Well, what’s the possible session because of Rebecca. So if we get to your card, I turn the card over and it does indeed happen to be your specific card. He would be especially helpful to the rest of us in the room if you would say yes, that’s my card. Not a hard part, but it’s a big part. Okay? Otherwise, the guys in the back won’t know what’s going on. Think they much care what’s going on? Do you think? Right okay. All right, Jane. Jane. Patti. I got him on like a steel trap. It’s nothing. It’s not petty, Petty, we’re gonna find your card by a triple cut. We cut them once, twice, three times. Petty force clubs. Yes, that’s my card. Doc Eason magic Not a hard part. Okay, I know we’re gonna skip around a little bit here to throw off the theorists in the crowd. Yeah. Are you kidding? We’re lucky to sitting up straight look at these guys in the back. They’re barely able to night we’re gonna skip over here a pass Julie over here to David David. I got a card in my pocket might be your card. three hearts. How do we do? That’s not your credit Julie’s car. That’s Julie’s card. I was oh, I was one off. I’ll tell you what, Julie. I’m gonna try it if I take Julie’s card and over the top of my beer glass. Takes 30 Jenny. No, that’s not your deal. Is that David But of course that’s your card. I knew that I knew that. Doc Eason magic All right. Okay. I will go back over. We’ll get Michael’s card. Check this. I’m going to Michael’s card popping out just like so. Paul. Hey, just like that. Yeah. All right. All right. We’ll get the Louis Louis. I’m gonna get your card to pop out just like the lowest boy he’s hitting. He’s hitting him tonight. Tonight. All right. Now I’ll tell you what, we could get Eric’s card or we could get all my things. Or we could get Let me see. I think it went back over here, Chris. Eric or Chris’s car. Let’s get them both. I’ll get them both. Let’s speed this up, Eric. Yes, Chris. Yeah. Beautiful. Oh, yes.

Can you believe this?

All right, thank you very much. We’re gonna cleanse hard to fly out to a clinic we’re gonna go right up to kind of a gentle art. Alright, and if we catch you, we’ll buy you a drink. Okay.

Always motivated looking at

the trash can out there. You

Thank you Doc Eason!

doc eason magic

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