Coin magic is a fascinating art form that has captivated audiences for centuries. From the earliest days of street magic to the modern-day performances of world-class magicians, the world’s greatest coin magicians and creators continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with sleight-of-hand it’s an exciting time to be a fan of coin magic.


Michael Gallo is a magician who has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of practical creative magic—and to those ‘in the know’ Michael’s coin magic stands in a class all of its own. This Magic Masters Confidential Limited Lecture Series will be the rarest kind of opportunity: to sit in the home with a TRUE master as he shares his most treasured miracles and methods, and candid, secret stories that haven’t been revealed ANYWHERE before now.

Michael Gallo’s journey to becoming the greatest living master of practical, creative coin magic began at the young age of three, when he performed his first show on the bar of Eddie Fechter’s Forks Hotel (a precursor to the Hollywood Magic Castle). He was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the greatest names in magic, including Eddie Fechter himself, Lou Gallo (Michael’s father and inventor of the Gallo Pitch), Scotty York, Dingle, and the other greats of the East Coast in the 1980s.

But to understand what you will see when Gallo comes to CC, let’s take a moment to introduce you to the key miracle workers who made the magic of Michael Gallo possible.  To understand the significance of Gallo,  it’s important to first understand the lineage from which he came. And it all starts with Nelson Downs, the father of modern coin magic.

T. Nelson Downs – The Father of Modern Coin Magic

Nelson Downs was a vaudeville performer who, in the late 1800s, changed the way coin magic was performed and perceived. Prior to Downs, coin magic was often seen as nothing more than a cheap party trick. But Downs elevated the craft, performing sophisticated sleight-of-hand routines that dazzled audiences and elevated coin magic to the level of high art. His innovative techniques, such as the “Downs Palm”, are still widely used by magicians today, and his legacy continues to inspire and influence coin magicians around the world.

Dai Vernon

Next in the line of great coin magicians was Dai Vernon, a Canadian magician who dedicated his life to studying and perfecting the art of sleight-of-hand. Vernon was a true master of misdirection, and his innovations in the field of coin magic continue to shape the way the art is performed. Vernon’s work on the Retention Vanish paved the way for David Roth—one of Gallos best friends and important influences.


David Roth 

A generation (or two) later, David Roth made a name as the next true ‘titan’ of coin magic.  Roth is widely regarded as the greatest coin magician of his era—and many would say—of all time. His contributions to the art of coin magic are immeasurable. His signature routines, such as the one coin flurry, The Black Hole and The Tuning Fork have become classics of the art, and his sleight-of-hand approaches to the retention vanish, the shuttle pass, the edge grip and more—made an influence on the coin magic community that continues to be felt to this day.

Geoffrey Latta

Latta was a master creative coin magician who was less widely seen than roth—but equally inspirational to many who knew them both in the ‘small world’ of NYC Coin Magic in the 1980’s. He was an inventor and creator of many elegant, subtle and incredibly deceptive coin routines—and thanks to The Long Goodbye, a recent hardcover book collecting latta’s coin magic sleights and routines in one place—and revealing many of Latta’s incredible ideas for the first time—a whole new generation have the chance to discover the work of a master.





And Now…Michael Gallo in Focus.

And now, we come back to Michael Gallo. When Gallo left his home in Buffalo New York and went down to the city—he met Roth, Latta and they became fast friends. From the very beginning, Gallo’s magic set him apart: Thanks to his early training at the hands of his father, Lou Gallo, and Eddie Fechter himself (one of the all-time great close-up ENTERTAINERS) Gallo always approached creative coin magic with a practical, real-work approach. Michael’s coin magic is visionary—and he’ll fool you and astonish you OVER and OVER again. But unlike most of the geniuses in this articles, Gallo ONLY builds practical routines that work in the real world.

* When Galllo does magic, he doesn’t perform only for 1 or 2 people at a time.

* The audience can and does surround Michael, and watch from every angle.

*The magic is simple in effect, practical in method—and ASTONISHING in effect.

Gallo’s magic is a fusion of the creative force and originality of Roth and Latta, with the practical, real-world approach he learned from the likes of Eddie Fechter and Lou Gallo. He is the last of the three friends who revolutionized coin magic in the 80s, and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

So, don’t miss your chance to see the greatest living master of practical, creative coin magic in action!