The Three Card Monte Magic Trick: Our Top 5 Versions for 2020

The three card monte magic trick is one of THE most famous card tricks in history. It’s definitely a trick that every magician should learn sooner or later. But there’s so many different versions of the three card monte that it’s hard to know where to begin. In this blog post, we’re going to share…

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How To Become A Mentalist: The ULTIMATE Guide In 2020

In this post you’re going to learn how to become a mentalist, even if you have ZERO experience in magic. Mentalism is seriously powerful. You can fool hundreds of people into believing you have crazy mental abilities with the simplest of tricks—and trust us, we have!   In this blog post we’re going to teach you…

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asher twist

The Elmsley Count: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

The Elmsley Count is one of the most useful sleights in all of card magic. It was invented by Scottish magician Alex Elmsley, and the good news is—it’s much easier than it looks. In fact, within a few minutes of focused practice I’m sure you’ll start to get the hang of it—and once you do,…

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Twisting The Aces: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Twisting the Aces is one of card magic’s original and most classic packet effects. Best of all, it’s completely impromptu, extremely visual, and relatively simple to learn. Let’s face it… You can only do so many “pick a card” tricks before your audience gets bored. Once you’ve mastered some of the basics of card magic…

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Our 3 Favorite Card Stacks: how to master them…EASILY!

  There are so many card stacks, it’s hard to know where to start. What are the BEST card stacks? And even more importantly…how do you even learn them??     That’s exactly what we’re going to reveal in this blog post… Card stacks are an advanced card magic technique that enable you to perform…

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Best Magic Tricks On Phone

Best Magic Tricks on Phone: The PERFECT Magic Trick

  Hey, Jonathan Levit here. I wrote this blog to help you discover one of the best magic tricks YOU can perform using a phone. If you like this, you’ll LOVE my brand new trick THE STRANGER. Click here to learn more!  Okay… enjoy this article!   The greatest miracles start with ancient ideas. And…

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master of misdirection techniques

Misdirection Techniques: 5 Simple Steps To Incredible Magic

Tommy Wonder’s Top Five Misdirection Techniques Would you believe us if we told you that over 90% of magicians get their misdirection techniques wrong? In this blog post we’re going to explain how you can become one of the OTHER 10%… NOTE: The secrets of powerful misdirection techniques we’re about to share come directly from…

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steve barcellona magician

Steve Barcellona Teaches You How To Energize Any Audience

Steve Barcellona Teaches You How To Energize Any Audience Through Conjuror Community we get to share the magicians that excite me our members. It’s one of the best parts of the job! In this video interview, you’ll meet one of our favorite magicians. And unless you’re a Conjuror Community Member, it’s likely that you’ve never…

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Turn Your Magic Tricks Into Routines

  How To Turn Your Magic Tricks Into Routines With The Strategic Astonishment System If you love magic tricks and astonished audiences, you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for… This Guidebook is designed for anyone who’s new to magic tricks, Conjuror Community (CC for short) — and for those seasoned magicians who want a…

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10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic performance

10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic

Sometimes it can be tough to know whether or not the magic you’re sharing with the world is any good – and how you can improve it. So, just for you, we created this chart: 10 Easy Ways to Measure Your Magic. We hope it will help magicians everywhere be able to tell whether or…

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