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Learn easy magic tricks with cards, coins, and other items. Perfect for the beginner magician.

card packet tricks

Card Packet Tricks: Our Top 5 (of all time)

  Card packet tricks are not only some of the easiest effects you can learn, but also some of the most impressive! Today we’re going to look at a few of the best card packet tricks in all of magic… Chances are, you already know a card packet trick or two. If you do, then…

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How To Do The Double Lift: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Once you’ve learned how to do The Double Lift, you’ll be able to perform countless card miracles with ease! It’s an essential sleight in card magic—but it’s not easy. It can be tough to figure out how to do this sleight by yourself, which is why we created this resource. In today’s post we’re going…

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Transient Three Fly Special Sale

  This candid performance was taken from a CC Club Member Training where Adam Grace shared his amazing approach to the Classic Visual Coins Across Routine known commonly as 3 Fly. Adam uses the Transient 3 Fly Coin Set—made with silver dollar coins especially for Conjuror Community.  Not only will you see the Transient 3…

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Our 3 Favorite Card Stacks: how to master them…EASILY!

  There are so many card stacks, it’s hard to know where to start. What are the BEST card stacks? And even more importantly…how do you even learn them??     That’s exactly what we’re going to reveal in this blog post… Card stacks are an advanced card magic technique that enable you to perform…

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Best Magic Tricks On Phone

Best Magic Tricks on Phone: The PERFECT Magic Trick

  Hey, Jonathan Levit here. I wrote this blog to help you discover one of the best magic tricks YOU can perform using a phone. If you like this, you’ll LOVE my brand new trick THE STRANGER. Click here to learn more!  Okay… enjoy this article!   The greatest miracles start with ancient ideas. And…

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Incredible Ricky Jay Card Trick: Thought of Cards Across!

    This Ricky Jay card trick is astonishing and direct. But more importantly, I love the method—and watching Ricky perform the devious secret behind it like a master is inspirational. What’s the secret? For years, I had NO idea. Until I finally got my hands on a copy of The Card Magic of Edward G.…

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trick decks

6 Must-Have Trick Decks for Every Magician

  Trick decks are NOT a replacement for essential sleight of hand skills. Phew! Glad we got that out of the way. That being said… Did you know that pretty much every professional magician – even the ones famous for sleight of hand – use a ‘special’ deck every now and again? And contrary to popular…

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easy card tricks

Easy Card Tricks: Learn the Break

– PART ONE – How to Get An Invisible Break Near the Center of the Deck Easy card tricks are sometimes not that easy! Many of my students start out hoping to master the perfect Pass, only to discover their goal is impossible to achieve. In fact, you won’t be able to master ANY advanced sleight of…

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3 Self Working Miracles to Amaze and Empower Any Audience

You’ll discover 3 self-working miracles, ranging from easy to easier, that can astonish and empower your audience. Scott Hammell is here to show you how!

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False Shuffles

False Shuffles – Our Favorite Easy Full Deck Version

Too Many Full Deck False Shuffles to Count! Note: if you’d like to see the false shuffles first, scroll down and watch this amazing two-minute tutorial right now! Don’t worry..I’ll wait here 😉 Many of the most powerful card tricks require either a partial or full deck set-up. Even when stacked deck tricks are ‘self-working’,…

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